“iFi Audio Pro iCAN balanced hybrid valve/solid state headphone amp/preamp!” A review by Chris Martens on hifi+

“The Pro iCAN is a half rack-width component in which is contained some very sophisticated circuitry, lending credence to iFi’s claim that the Pro iCAN is at once “a Professional Headphone Amplifier” and a “fully fledged, High-end Preamplifier”. The headphone amp/preamp is fully balanced, hybrid valve/solid state design that offers users a choice of three gain settings (0db, 9db, and 18db) and three front-end operational modes (Solid-State, Tube and Tube+)….The amp delivers hight power output….It consistently expresses the natural and I would say ‘organic’ warmth of live music, while at the same time delivering plenty of resolution…The Pro iCAN is, quite frankly, the accomplished and masterful headphone amp many have hoped iFi Audio might eventually build….The Pro iCAN is, then, a superb headphone amp in its own right, and one ready to serve as the centrepiece of one of the world’s finest personal audio electronic suites.”

Thank you Chris Martens for your excellent review.