“iFi Audio ‘Micro iDSD BL’ listened to by a worldwide engineer, Tomoo Suzuki.” A review by Yosuke Asada on Phileweb.

“I get this sound at this price! And I am addicted to iFi Audio.”

“Mr Suzuki is actually a heavy user of iFi Audio…Mr Suzuki was surprised at the quality when he listened to the Micro iDSD BL for the first time..Mr Suzuki favourite micro iDSD has evolved into a Micro iDSD BL wearing a black body…When I listened to the sound of the Micro iDSD BL this time, the sound was clear and the turbidity of the space remarkably decreased, and various places were upgrading, burt especially the sound of the analog output was heard as a very good feeling anyway. I think that this is the biggest difference with the old Micro iDSD…Fundamentally firmly makes iFi Audio’s big appeal…”

Thank you Yosuke Asada for your review.