“iDSD Micro Black Label is a terrific bang for your buck DAC/Amp combo!” shouts miceblue on Head Fi.

“Product Score Summary:
Value: 5/5
Audio Quality: 4.5/%
Quality: 4/5”

“Pros: Octa-speed DSD, femto clocks, overall sound quality gain options, digital filter options, discrete XBass + and 3D+ sections, battery powered…”

“Most people don’t know this, but the orange paint on the Micro iDSD Black Label fluoresces under UV light..Like most, if not all, iFi products, you will be equipped with all of the items you would ever need for the product inside of the box…One of the things that sets the Micro iDSD Black Label apart from other DAC/amps is its design….If you want to use the Micro iDSD Black Label as a truly portable DAC/amp, there is a battery inside of it that lasts 6-12 hours depending on usage….The whole concept of the Micro iDSD BL being the ‘Swiss Army knife of audio’ is really exciting to see…”I really, really, really like the Micro iDSD BL, and especially for the price…Seriously, this is one beast of a device…I’d whole heartily give the Micro iDSD BL two thumbs up!”

Thank you miceblue for your excellent review.