iDAC 2 Micro “Burr Brown chip is utililized for DSD native playback.” says Ates Berberoglu on Headphone.Guru.

Introduction: If you did not know already, “iFi Audio is a co-brand of AMR Audio that is known for its famous audio gears such as DP-777. They produce many different audio components – digital audio converters, amplifications, speakers, cables and active noise cancellation units.”

Comments: “On the iDAC2, there are coax/USB digital inputs and RCA/3.5mm outputs…Overall build quality is quite satisfactory and the volume potentiometer works well; there is no unbalanced problem. In addition, as a DAC/Amp combo, iDAC2 supports all popular formats including DSD 256, PCM 384 and DXD.”

Thank you Ates Berberoglu for your short review.