Fi Nano iDSD LE “… portable DAC and headphone amplifier for beginners!” A review by MacTechNews.

“The Nano iDSD LE aims to significantly improve the headphone sound on the Mac?PC or even smart devices such as the iPhone and iPad….it offers an excellent price/performance ratio…The Nano iDSD LE is a digital/analog converter that is connected to the source via USB….the iDSD has a built-in 1,000Ah battery. In mobile operation, this relieves the battery of the connected smartphone and allows for periods of over 8 hours at a time with proper performance….it has a positive sound effect…the iDSD can shine with switching features that are not normally found in components of this price class, such as an output without coupling capacitors in the signal path. All this is housed in a solid aluminium case and costs a very tolerable 149 euros with extensive accessories….Overall the iDSD LE has impressed with its powerful, natural and never exhausting style…the Nano iDSD LE is highly recommended.”

Thank you MacTechNews for your excellent review.

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