Audiophile Club of Athens – the President uses the iFi iDAC2 in his ultra-fi system!

Late last year when we were at the Athens Audio Show, we met Mr Kyriakos Kougioumtzoglou – President of the ACA since 2016.
Mr Kougioumtzoglou who also happens to be an EE, knows his onions, He has an ultra-fidelity system which is something to behold; including the Micro Seki RX-1500 and Tascam BR-20 Reel-to-Reel.

We were quite taken aback when Mr Kougioumtzoglou told us he bought an iDAC2 for digital duties fed by the Metronome C2A. It has stayed there ever since.

We are lost for words but thank you Mr Kougioumtzoglou for letting us know of your little iFi in your big system!

Here is the system:

Thank you ACA!