4 wheels moves your body…..iDSD Nano moves your soul!


” One of the brands creating a stir has been iFi – particularly with its iDSD range…..Before I go any further I’d like to tell you that I came into this review expecting to be slightly underwhelmed…..Well the good news is that the Nano ticks all of my boxes for a great DAC. It is musical, but without losing detail. It is smooth, but not too warm and the overall sound has a nice sense of spaciousness for the price and size of the Nano…..Given that the DAC was already very good, an overly warm amp stage could have sunk the Nano’s performance, but iFi nailed the balance here and the end results are smooth, musical, detailed and enjoyable. In short, the Nano is an amazing auditory package as a stand-alone device…..Overall, the Nano has wowed me. It looks great, it’s tiny for what it is and does, and the fact that it offers native DSD playback, variable line-out USB to SPDIF conversion, and a great in-built amp all make it a hands-down winner in my book. I was expecting to be underwhelmed by the Nano, but I absolutely love it and will be sad to see it go… so much so that I might be $300 poorer after this exercise (but musically richer for owning an iFi Nano iDSD).”

Thanks Passion for Sound & MaxMedia (iFi:Australia)!