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Proof is in the pudding say’s Solarrdadd of Blu-ray.com about the iDSD nano & iUSBPower!


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We received some kind comments from Archie aka Solarrdadd and we thought to share!

“i was looking for a good DAC, for not a lot of money and one that didn’t take up a lot of desk space….i purchased the iFi nano iDSD DAC & a companion product, the iFi micro iUSB Power….the ultimate proof was in the pudding. once i played that first song on the new setup in my office, i was sold….i have a wide variety of music on my system, everything from classic rock, big band, old world jazz, modern rock, R&B, classical music, i have everything. the DAC makes everything sound their best….when i’m at work, the good music helps me think and gets me through my day and get complicated projects done. i’m blessed to be able to have this kind of system in my office and listen to it without having to use headphones. i am able to have the same music i love and listen to at home, but, now, at work and it sounds good too.”

Thanks Archie!

Thor & Duke Nukem agrees too!


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