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iFi audio micro iPhono2

Vinyl is back – and it’s about time.

But vinyl has changed… Where once, as a record began, crackle and hiss sent shivers down a listener’s spine, they now expect crystal-clear audio as soon as the needle hits the groove. Enter the micro iPhono2.

Believe in better.

The micro iPhono2 changes the way you listen to vinyl recordings.

Listen to your record without it. Then plug in the iPhono2 and notice the difference.

Hiss and background noise are replaced with unmistakable clear sound that digs right into the heart of the groove. Makes it hard to believe you’re listening to the same LP.

What noise floor?

Ifi Audio micro iPhono2.0

The mighty boost.

Most phono stages amplify the signal AND noise (hiss).

The micro iPhono2 amplifies the signal but not the noise. No other phono stage has this kind of finesse. A testament to it superior performance.

And with multiple curve options, your vinyl will sound even more natural, just as the artist intended.

Old becomes new.

The micro iPhono2.0 is a high-end phono stage that changes the way you listen to your LP collection – for both vinyl experts and newcomers alike.

Make vinyl hiss a thing of the past with the micro iPhono2

We guarantee you’ll never look back.

Ifi Audio micro iPhono2.0

The tech spec.

The micro iPhono2 includes:

  • DirectDrive – To create accurate sound and sonic transparency.
  • Class A TubeState – To amplify the signal with the tonality of valves.

Music becomes clearer and more life-like.

In the iPhono3 Black Label the unique DC-Infinity circuit boosts the circuits DC gain to approach infinity (it is approximately 1 trillion one million times one million; 1012).

Once the feedback loop is closed, this near-infinite DC gain cancels all offset voltages to deliver a direct-coupled output with 0V DC offset. The key to the DC-Infinity circuit is that it only changes the gain below approx. 0.01Hz, while leaving the AC behaviour of the circuit at higher frequencies unchanged, injecting neither noise nor distortion into the audio signal.

Any noise and distortion of the DC-Infinity circuit happens at the same signal level as the output signal and is by design around 100 times less than the noise and distortion of the actual amplifier circuit, so compared to the actual phono stage noise and distortion it effectively disappears.

Discover more.

The ‘magic’ of tubes from solid-state.

Our Class A TubeState® technology is the result of nearly four decades of research of our Chief Designer, Thorsten Loesch, on tube and transistor gear.

The key is not to add distortion, but to avoid certain types of distortion. Once it is understood that specific distortions are endemic to solid-state circuitry and are pernicious with respect to subjective sound quality, we eliminate these from solid-state circuitry, without adding on tube-like distortion and noise.

Read more in our Tech Note.


AVstore.ro (Qube Net SRL)

Freq. Resp.10Hz – 100KHz (±0.6dB)
20Hz – 20kHz (±0.3dB)
Dynamic RangeMM (36dB): > 103dB (A-weighted)
MC (60dB): > 102dB (A-weighted)
Signal-to-Noise RatioMM (36dB): > 82dB (A-weighted re. 5mV)
MC (60dB): > 82dB (A-weighted re. 0.5mV)
Overload MarginMM (36dB): > 26dB (re. 5mV, @ 1% THD)
MC (60dB): > 22dB (re 0.5mV, @ 1% THD)
Maximum undistorted output6V (Load >= 600 Ohm, THD <=1%)
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)<0.008% (MM 36dB 1V out 600R Load)
Output Impedance<100Ω
Input VoltageAC 100 – 240V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption< 5W (ships with iPOWER 15v – do NOT use any other power supply)
Dimensions6.2′ x 2.3′ x 1.1′
Weight0.44 lbs.

Quality and Value

If this Phonograph Stage was 9,000.00 it would still be worth it. Virtually no noise floor that I noticed, settings galore even on the gain side, can run any cartridge. This as a game changer in this price range. Features RIAA and others are found in the high end gear. I was saving for that high end gear.

Now I can put well earned money into other things. You must marry the Micro 2 Pre Amp Buffer together and it makes these components a force to be recon with. You will not notice major difference in sound break in for at least a 2 weeks, leave on all the time.


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IFi Audio micro iPhono2 phono preamp test: modest size and sound balance

“The sound is clear, detailed, without noticeable distortions of tonal balance. And what I liked separately – without losing quality on complex recordings. The feed is neat, maybe even emphatically neat, slightly formally mechanistic in details and nuances, but on the whole it is more pleasant and more natural to listen than the sound of many other phono stages on operational amplifiers.”

Stereo & Video

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I highly recommend it

The Micro iPhono2 has attributes formerly found only in high-priced phono stages. I highly recommend the iFi Micro iPhono2. It’s a great-sounding, versatile phono stage that should satisfy the desires of discriminating vinylphiles. It’s fairly priced, beautifully built and a fitting accompaniment to any high-quality audio system.

Soundstage Access

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Sounded above all to charm

Overall, the iPhono 2 is still a bit more mature and larger than the previous model and has finally left behind the then still existing technical-analytical approach.

hifitest.de and Werner

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iPhono 2 is reviewed on Audio.com

iFi Audio iPhono 2 is the record holder in the diversity of settings…It is really hard to imaging a configuration that your iPhono 2 would not be able to handle.

Audio.com and iFi:Poland

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iPhono 2 receives Best Buy award from the-ear.net

The iFi iPhono 2 is a remarkable phono stage for the money, not only does it have more loading options than you can shake a stick at but it sounds remarkably sophisticated for something so small and affordable. It also has enough gain for pretty well any cartridge you are likely to use……If you want to enjoy the timing skills of your turntable alongside decent bass power and an open mid and top this is one of the best options at the price, and it’s amazingly small. What more do you want?

Jason Kennedy and the-ear.net

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Michael Fremer reviews the iPhono 2

Michael’s comments regarding the previously reviewed iFi iPhono 1:

While the new iPhono 2 appears on the outside to be identical to the original iPhono, reviewed back in 2012 on analogplanet.com, don’t let the similar appearance fool you: the iPhono 2 is a completely new and vastly improved phono preamplifier—and the original was already plenty good”Out of the box: “While the iPhono 2 sounds very good out of the box, to fully appreciate its sonic flower it must be given a chance to warm up and break in. At first I thought it sounded very much like the original but with clearly better bass. After an extended break in time, the differences between the original and the new iPhono became major and even profound.

Conclusion: A really good and versatile phono preamplifier has given way to one that’s ridiculously good. The price has gone up $100 but the new iPhono 2 is easily more than twice as good as the original. A major achievement in budget priced phono gear. If you have an original iPhono should you sell and upgrade to the iPhono 2? Definitely, unless you’re looking to seriously upgrade, in which case you’ll be spending well more than $499 and even then, if you’re not careful you may spend much more and not get something better than the iPhone 2! Highly recommended!

Michael Fremer and Analogueplanet

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GREAT NEWS! SPDIF iPurifier receives Gold Award & iPhono 2 receives Bronze Award from Fujiya AVIC!

Bronze Analogue Award – iPhono2

Valuable equipment here is also where you can enjoy the maniac the world of analog of the popular re-revival.

Fujiya AVIC

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Latest releases, iCan Pro and iPhono 2, listed upon On-Mag.fr

The iPhono was known for its value for money in the series of devices now sold at around € 500 . The circuit of its iPhono 2 version has been completely revised. TubeState technology owner, he works in class A and provides a gain range from – 36 dB to 72 dB to remain compatible with the widest range of possible phono cartridges. Its SNR is mounted to 89 dB or 10 dB more than its predecessor. The capacitors were chosen among the Japanese manufacturer Elna, as for iCan Pro…

Nicanor Haon and On-Mag

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