micro iPhono2
micro iPhono2

micro iPhono2

Hit your groove.

iFi audio micro iPhono2
Vinyl is back – and it’s about time.

But vinyl has changed…

Where once, as a record began, crackle and hiss sent shivers down a listener’s spine, they now expect crystal-clear audio as soon as the needle hits the groove.

Enter the micro iPhono2.

Believe in better.

The micro iPhono2 changes the way you listen to vinyl recordings.

Listen to your record without it. Then plug in the iPhono2 and notice the difference.

Hiss and background noise are replaced with unmistakable clear sound that digs right into the heart of the groove. Makes it hard to believe you’re listening to the same LP.

What noise floor?

Ifi Audio micro iPhono2.0

The mighty boost.

Most phono stages amplify the signal AND noise (hiss).

The micro iPhono2 amplifies the signal but not the noise. No other phono stage has this kind of finesse. A testament to it superior performance.

And with multiple curve options, your vinyl will sound even more natural, just as the artist intended.

Old becomes new.

The micro iPhono2.0 is a high-end phono stage that changes the way you listen to your LP collection – for both vinyl experts and newcomers alike.

Make vinyl hiss a thing of the past with the micro iPhono2

We guarantee you’ll never look back.

Ifi Audio micro iPhono2.0

The tech spec.

The micro iPhono2 includes:

  • DirectDrive – To create accurate sound and sonic transparency.
  • Class A TubeState – To amplify the signal with the tonality of valves.

Music becomes clearer and more life-like.

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Freq. Resp.: 10Hz – 100KHz (±0.6dB)
20Hz – 20kHz (±0.3dB)
Dynamic Range: MM (36dB): > 103dB (A-weighted)
MC (60dB): > 102dB (A-weighted)
Signal-to-Noise Ratio: MM (36dB): > 82dB (A-weighted re. 5mV)
MC (60dB): > 82dB (A-weighted re. 0.5mV)
Overload Margin: MM (36dB): > 26dB (re. 5mV, @ 1% THD)
MC (60dB): > 22dB (re 0.5mV, @ 1% THD)
Crosstalk: <-70dB(1KHz)
Maximum undistorted output: 6V (Load >= 600 Ohm, THD <=1%)
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): <0.008% (MM 36dB 1V out 600R Load)
Output Impedance: <100Ω
Input Voltage: AC 100 – 240V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption: < 5W (ships with iPOWER 15v – do NOT use any other power supply)
Dimensions: 6.2′ x 2.3′ x 1.1′
Weight: 0.44 lbs.


Quality and Value

If this Phonograph Stage was 9,000.00 it would still be worth it. Virtually no noise floor that I noticed, settings galore even on the gain side, can run any cartridge. This as a game changer in this price range. Features RIAA and others are found in the high end gear. I was saving for that high end gear.

Now I can put well earned money into other things. You must marry the Micro 2 Pre Amp Buffer together and it makes these components a force to be recon with. You will not notice major difference in sound break in for at least a 2 weeks, leave on all the time.

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