See. Hear.

iRack by Ifi Audio
Attaining maximum clarity in your music is a labour of love, it’s why you buy the micro and nano products we offer.

But don’t you wish you could stack your latest units and smarten up your listening station?

Problem solved.

Get smart.

Got a micro stack, a nano stack or a mixture of both? Do you want to show off your personalised desktop set-up?

What better way than with the iRack?

The iRack is tailored to fit every iFi unit perfectly, and it’s clever enough to enhance your listening experience.

Hearing is believing.

A shelving unit with the ability to improve the quality of your music?

iRack. Hearing is believing.

The tech spec.

Wait – it enhances your listening experience? How?

Easy… it’s made with some pretty neat stuff, including:

  • Non-magnetic stainless steel pillars
  • Micro vibration control
  • Resonance-dampened organic glass shelves
  • Natural rubber ‘O’ rings for sound dampening
  • Precision-machined spikes with matching cups

They help cut down vibration and reverb to provide an even smoother musical experience.

Each shelf is resonance-damped.

The slots offer not only exceptional form but fabulous function, minimising microphonics and also for securing each micro/nano unit.

Precision-machined spikes with matching cups for best isolation.

Developed with assistance from Track Audio, the precision-machined spikes and cups are adjustable to ensure perfect stability and mechanical drain.

Solid stainless-steel with natural rubber O-rings for aesthetics and damping.

Solid-stainless steel for timeless looks and minimum resonance.

The O-rings protect the columns and the iFi component from coming into contact with each other.

Copper RCA cable system. The iRack Premium ships with a cable pure copper loom for wiring the “Ultimate Big Rig.”

The RCA cable loom ships with 1 pair of RCA pure copper interconnects (length: 43cm) and 2 pairs of RCA pure copper interconnects (length: 20cm). There is also a ribbon 3.5mm > 3.5mm cable for connection to the headphone output of a smart device.



iRack Standard System

  • Shelves: 4
  • Dimensions: 150mm (l) x 95mm (w) x 139mm (h)
  • Weight: iRack: 0.48kg. Shipped: 0.87kg

iRack Premium System

As above but with additional OHFC continuous cast copper RCA cable set.

  • 1 pair of OFC Pure Copper RCA Interconnects (Length: 43cm)
  • 2 pair of OFC Pure Copper RCA Interconnects (Length: 20cm)
  • 1 audio signal cable 3.5mm > 3.5mm (Length: 15cm.)
  • Weight: iRack: 0.48kg. (Shipped: 0.99kg)

Tech notes:


We’re working on it — check back soon!


Overview of iFi Audio accessories and filters – does filtering matter?

This article was born in my head a long time ago, mainly due to repeated questions from time to time, whether I had contact with filtering devices like iSilencer, Jitterbug etc. But since I run my humble blog, I’ve probably got used to most people to a few maxims, which I am guided in total not only in the field of audio equipment, but generally in life…

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More reviews…

iRack from iFi Audio is reviewed by HiFi Knights

In this scribe’s eyes this item addresses one key issue. It helps to have several iFi Audio products based setup neat and tidy.

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Cotnijoe of Head-Fi reviews the entire iFi rack setup

The entire iFi rack setup consists of: iCAN SE, iTUBE, iDAC2, iUSB3.0, Gemini, and iRack

iRack: “The iRack is certainly a good home for the iFi components. Well, it was kind of designed for that. Each component of the Micro series is just slightly longer than the iRack, allowing for the front and back plates of the chassis to lock into place nicely on the rack, preventing it from slipping”

Gemini USB cable: “The basic principle of the Gemini cable and iFi’s iUSB3.0 is to separate the audio signal from the power source”

Micros: “Breaking it down, I think the iDAC2 and iCAN SE are strong performers with good value. These are products I can recommend with relative ease. At 650 for the combo, you get solid performance with some versatility in a small package. The iDAC2, especially, is a good DAC at the 350 price point, and the included headphone amplifier is just icing on the cake. The iUSB3.0 and iTUBE, on the other hand, are more sort of luxury add-on products. In comparison to the iDAC2 and iCAN SE, they don’t bring nearly as much bang-for-your-buck to the stack – especially when you realize the iUSB3.0 and iTUBE together constitutes over half of the cost of the iStack. However, they can do some good things to your sound, and I think pairing them with some reference level products will create very positive changes for a relatively affordable price.

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iUSB3.0 Micro, iRack, Gemini is knighted

Until recently it was thought that the transmission of the signal via the USB interface do something to improve it…..iUSB3.0 is a device that addresses many of the problems relating to transmission USB. Its main task is to fight against various sorts interference and regeneration of the signal via USB from the computer to the transmitter…..Well, well, here and she started riding. The message strongly changed, but in a peculiar direction…..iUSB3.0 civilized message in a clear manner.It improves the stereophony, there are new layers of smoothness in sound diversification plans before the listener is better, but above all improves the resolution. As a result, the background music becomes darker, so it is better to catch all the subtleties in sound and solid instruments are clearly outlined. It is not moved or color, or temperature, or dynamics…

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Once you’ve tried iFi, there’s no going back

After adding a dac to my system, it’s impossible to go back, for some years I was trying to add one. Finely brought one. iFi iRack completes the setup, iFi iDSD, transforms a not bad sound in Harman Kardon GLA-55 in an Audiophile computer heaven, I did not even believed that the GLA-55 could be so much better, but believe me, the iFi iDSD, iFi Dac, are something amazing. You need a good hi resolution audio like the studio masters from linn, chesky or HD Tracks to listen real hi res sound in pure nirvana. It can also listen to acc from iTunes with better quality, but acc or mp3 show all limitations after listen studio masters, there is no going back. iUSB takes the noise from the usb signal, interesting as this really works, more precise sound. iRack is only cosmetic for me, but beautiful.

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iFi and the stack of portable awesome

A short write up of iFi products at CanMania!

iFi Audio is a fascinating brand, focusing (almost) exclusively on portable personal audio….They are, in short, really nifty….The iFi lineup right now is rather robust. There are solutions for headphone amplifiers, portable DACs, preamplifiers, cables, USB converters and “scrubbers”, and more. Happily, not a single component falls anywhere near $1,000, so I suppose all of these components fall on the “high-value” side of the audiophile line, which give me a happy….They now sell a mini shelf system for keeping all these little dudes organized….iFi, FTW.

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