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Present and Future: iDSD Micro!



“the iDSD DAC and headphone amp was launched in 2014 after a long period of crowd-based design that took place over on Head-Fi.Org. Crowd-based design, you ask? Yes — all features were discussed and put to a vote by the forum’s members while designer Thorsten Loesch and the rest of the AMR-iFi Audio team gave details about the various technical options and solutions that could be implemented on the iDSD…..The capabilities of this Swiss Army knife of a device do not end here. The SPDIF input works like an output too, so you can use the iDSD as an interface or S/PDIF converter for other digital sources. Not enough? The S/PDIF is a hybrid, and will take optical-in, too. Want even more? How about the possibility to use the iDSD to charge your cell phone? Yes, it can breathe new life into your smartphone from the internal 4800mAH battery through the side USB port…..Happily, iFi engineers know that many prefer in-ear monitors instead of classic headphones, and they have provided the possibility to adjust the output impedance…..Recommended.”

Thanks Panagiotis Karavitis & partimeaudiophile!


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