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PowerStation by iFi audio — extension block with in-built active noise cancellation
Clean power in a block

The iFi PowerStation is an audiophile grade extension block with in-built active noise cancellation to bring super quiet mains power to your entire set-up.

Combat unwanted noise interference.

Combat unwanted system noise with the iFi audio DC iPurifier. This actively kills noise to ensure your musical enjoyment remains as top-notch as its components.

Power up your system.

Upgrade your existing power supply to the iFi iPower to flood your system with quiet, noise free audiophile-grade clean power.

ifi Audio AC iPurifier
Clean up ‘dirty’ power with the iFi AC iPurifier

The iFi audio AC iPurifier is a multi-talented noise buster. It actively cleans up dirty mains power, detects polarity and ground/earth connections plus prevents ground loops.