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From vinyl all the way to Smart Phones –
your music, your way

Class A bewitching tonality and realism

Octa-DSD512 and PCM/768KHz. Ultimate audio and fully future-proofed

Starting with the Stereo 50, the iFi Retro is a completely new range that has one objective: to include everyone who loves music regardless of age, gender or technology.

The Retro Stereo 50 is an all-in-one tube stereo system: from Bluetooth aptx (phone/pad) to High-res digital (computer) to vinyl (turntable). Everyone can bring their music and be able to connect to the Stereo 50 and produce music that simply astounds. There really is nothing like the Retro Stereo 50.


Music is in the air


Smart devices capable of Bluetooth, aptX (best mode of wireless transmission) and NFC (extreme ease) can be “wirelessly paired” to the Stereo 50. From there, it is a simple case of opening your music app, be it your music collection on your music player, Spotify or Tidal and hit play!

The aptX option offers CD-like-quality wireless audio beyond normal Bluetooth. This means the Stereo 50 is future-proofed for Smart devices for many years to come.

USB & SPDIF for streaming/computer audio


Nowadays, nearly every home is streaming, be it from the set top box, smart device or computer via SPDIF coaxial or the USB 3.0 port. Irrespective of your preferred listening method – from Spotify to J. River; connect to the Stereo 50 and enjoy your favourite tunes at a whole new level!

High-resolution audio (DSD512, PCM768kHz, 2xDXD) via USB, Coaxial and Optical are all catered for. Just connect, sit back and enjoy your music your way.

Space-age digital and classic valve technology


AMR and iFi are renowned for combining classic valve technology with state-of-the-art digital technology such as in the prestigious AMR DP-777 Digital Processor. The Stereo 50 is the latest from a long line of outstanding products. It features 4xEL84X and 2xECF82 tubes with a stunningly advanced ground-up circuit that has DNA from the best of classic amplifiers such as Telefunken, Marantz and Leak.

Running primarily in Class A, its 25W+25W is and sounds astonishingly realistic. This all means a sonic performance that reflects the superb design and implementation.

Burr-Brown brightest chipset + AMR unorthodox technology


At iFi, ‘the best format’ is not the focus. Rather, we care for replaying each format at the pinnacle.

The Burr-Brown DAC chip used was developed by BB Japan (as opposed to BB/TI) though the product introduction was after the merger. Being Burr-Brown’s swan song chipset, it featured their ultimate converter technology and even to this day, is held in the highest esteem.

Having a chipset able to play all formats would count for little if this was not all executed natively, which means no conversion from one format to another. Using trickle-down technology from AMR (who wrote the chipset’s unorthodox control software) to drive this Burr-Brown chipset means preservation of the original music format which is essential for reaching the zenith in high-end audio reproduction.

High-Resolution on PCM768/DSD512/2xDXD

LOGO ver1 8

Computer-audio playback is advancing at breakneck speed. The Stereo 50 on the outside exudes classic retro styling, but on the inside, is at the cutting-edge.

It is able to play all formats to the highest level:
– PCM, from 16/44kHz all the way up to 32/768kHz
– DSD up to Octa-DSD512 (22.6/24.6MHz)
– DXD, 2x to 768kHz

Not only the hyper-advanced formats/sampling rates, but the filters employed also ensure the most analogue and life-like reproduction. The Minimum Phase filter for PCM and Bit-Perfect filter for DXD/DSD ensure maximum enjoyment. These filters ensure the typical “metallic edginess” to standard digital playback is not present, leaving a smooth and organic tonality.


In-Ear & Headphone lovers in for a treat

Got headphones? The Stereo 50 with separate 3.5mm and 6.3mm inputs is just for you. Each headphone input has its own dedicated gain and sensitivity to perfectly match high-sensitivity In-Ear-Monitors and low-sensitivity Over-the-Ear headphones respectively. The 6.3mm output pumps out a “turbo-charged” 7,000mW. So even the most demanding of headphones such as the HiFi Man HE-6 has met its match.

The Stereo 50 features iFi’s widely-regarded 3D Holographic for Headphones® and XBass® technologies. They have garnered a following with their mesmerizing ability to perfectly match each and every type of recording and headphone. The 3D Holographic for Headphones® technology uses pure analogue signal processing which delivers a wide open and spatially correct sound stage for headphones that places the sound field “back outside of the head” to enhance the listening experience. The XBass® technology creates the finest bass and dynamically corrects the bass response to perfectly suit the way we hear.

Vinyl oozes verve


iFi’s iPhono has already become a modern classic and the Stereo 50’s phono stage is set to emulate this feat. It has adjustable ultra-wide gain MM/MC from 38-62dB and its tone control system harks back to classic equalisation technology. With 6 different EQ curves (via the precision tone control), every stereophonic record is catered for. From the default RIAA through to EMI and Decca, as the legion of iPhono users can attest, once dialed-in, each and every record has “a kind of vinyl magic”.

The astonishing EQ feature would count for little if the actual sonic ability of the phono stage was not executed with finesse. Well, just like the iPhono, the Stereo 50 is one of only a handful of phono stages whose noise floor is below (as opposed to above) that of the record. With its superb dynamics and resolution, the Stereo 50 comfortably plays in the big league of vinyl.


Analogue Tone, Volume and Remote Controls

Digital volume controls truncate the delicate audio signal so iFi avoids this at all costs. The Tone Controls, Volume Control (with remote control) are all of extreme high-quality. The critical analogue volume control is by Alps (Japan) motorised potentiometer (< 3dB tracking error).

Audio equipment up to four times the price do not possess a volume control as high-quality as the Stereo 50’s. It is this fastidious attention to detail and highest-quality composition that sets iFi apart: in our sonic mission, we leave no stone unturned.

Retro Stereo 50 + LS3.5, a magical match for audio heaven


The Stereo 50 “full system” including the Retro LS 3.5 is a match made in audio heaven.

The LS3.5 is iFi’s 21st century take on the legendary BBC LS3/5a. To create the LS3.5 speaker, iFi scoured the globe for the very latest technologies and ideal materials. The result is a deep, wide and open sonic signature with spine-tingling tonality.

Swimming completely against the tide, the LS 3.5 (see LS3.5 product page for full details) was designed by iFi for iFi, so you won’t find its drivers or features on any other speaker, regardless of price.

The silk-dome, horn-loaded tweeter (1.1”) and coated natural paper wideband driver (4.5”) were developed in-house. Both drivers were design by iFi and used by iFi which is unprecedented for a mass market speaker.

Its non-resonant bamboo cabinet is both environmentally-friendly and uncompromising in its sonic performance. The cabinet is 3x stronger than wood and yet only half its weight thus not over-damped.

It is perfectly time-aligned and has internal acoustic technology that leaves other speakers lagging behind. Even the internal structure has been finely tuned (sound bar/braces) using musical instrument manufacturing methods.

All this coupled with the Stereo 50’s XBass® and 3D Holographic for Speakers® technologies creates a sonic synergy that is simply out of this world.

Wireless Input
Bluetooth (aptX) 1
Digital Input
USB (DSD512/768kHz/2xDXD) 1
Coaxial (192kHz) 1
Optical (192kHz) 1
Analogue Input
Phono(MM/MC Low/MC High/Line 3) 1
Line 1 1
Line 2 1
3.5mm (share with Line 2) 1
Loudspeaker Output 1
3.5mm Headphone Output 1 (Output impedance 3.5mm < 3 Ohm)
6.3mm Headphone Output 1 (Output impedance 6.3mm < 6 Ohm)
Audio Section
Power output (Music) > 25W(majority Class A)
Total Harmonic Distortion(THD) < 0.2% (@ 2.83V/1W)
Output bandwidth 10Hz ~ 60kHz
Frequency Response 10Hz ~ 80kHz
Signal-to-Noise Ratio > Amplifier 101dB (@ max output)
> Phono MM: 90dB(A)
> Phono MC: 80dB(A)
DAC Dynamic Range > 113dB(A)
Tone Control Bass(100Hz) +/-8dB
Treble(10KHz) +/-8dB
Analogue Signal Processing (ASP) XBass, 3D Holographic
Phono Gain 38, 50, 62dB
MM 220pF//47k
MC 200pF//330R
RIAA Accuracy <0.5dB
Tubes 2 x ECF82; 4 x EL84X
Digital Section
PCM 768/705.6/384/352.8/192/176.4/96/88.2/48/44.1kHz
DSD 512/256/128/64 24.6/22.6/12.4/11.2/6.2/5.6/3.1/2.8MHz
DXD 768/705.6/384/352.8kHz
Filters Minimum Phase (PCM 192/176.4/96/88.2/48/44.1kHz)
Bit Perfect (DXD/PCM 768/705.6/384/352.8)
Analogue (DSD)
Power Supply AC 100V-240V
Power consumption 75W
~0.1W (Standard mode)
Dimensions (W x H x D) 300 x 153 x 226mm
Weight 5.8kg

User Manual

Please click the below icon to view the FAQs.

If you do not see solution to your query, then please do not hesitate to open a support ticket here:


“iFi Retro Stereo 50 is the only tube amp you’ll ever need!” A review by Steven on MajorHiFi.
“iFi has been on a roll lately with some amazing audio products…From everyday music lovers to audiophiles, the iFi Retro 50 is well equipped to please everyone with its ample features and phenomenal sound…The bottom line is the Retro 50 is a compelling and powerful headphone and speaker amplifier.”

Many thanks Steven for your excellent review!


Retro 50 featured in Haute Fidelité (French) magazine!
“Verdict: iFi Audio managed a great achievement, both for aesthetics as for the technical design. Rarely will a boombox played at this point the role of bridge between the hi-tech and vintage, with admirable relevance, as ergonomics and audio performance. A try!”

French customers, head on over to Haute Fidelité to download your digital copy today!

Translated with Google

Thanks Philippe David, Haute Fidelité and Elite Diffusion (iFi:France)!


“Retro coolness at vintage pricing” says!
“my first tube experience in many years!……Hour after hour, day after day, the combo of the Stereo 50 and LS3.5 speakers provided me with clear and balanced sound……So what is my overall sound impression of the Stereo 50 and LS3.5 system? Balanced, controlled, and neutral……What do you want to plug in? Your PC or Mac? No problem! Stream music from your phone via Bluetooth? Done! CD player, DVD player, or Blu-ray player? Check, Check and Check. What about pure analog? You know who you are. Dusting off your old turntable and record collection? The iFi Audio Stereo 50 has an extensive collection of refinements for virtually any turntable you choose to connect……So how do I wrap up my experience with the iFi Audio Stereo 50 and LS3.5 speakers? Well, I was sad to return them and miss having the ability to listen to virtually any source, in any format, at any time.”

Special thanks to Dwayne Carter, Steven and Enjoy the music!


The Retro Stereo 50: ‘olde + new fusion, iFi just knocked it outta the park’
Sean Fowler of Zero Fidelity kindly made a very comprehensive overview/review of the Stereo 50.

Hop skip and jump to 9.10 if you wish to get to the crux of the review. We can only concur the Stereo 50 is ‘fun, fun, fun.’ Listening to it just puts a smile on your face. J

Thank you Sean!

ps: we loved the fact that the headphone section was noted for being a big hit. Yes, the HE-1000 absolutely sings (swings?) with the Stereo 50

Retro 50 makes it into Pro High-End, Russia


“The product range of the company – many mobile accessories needed any self-respecting audiophiles for PC / smartphone / tablet and even a turntable. Most of them are used adapted AMR technology…….Conclusion: iFi Retro – one of the most unusual systems that I have met. She has such a strong personality that it is difficult to compare it to anything. And at the same time it shows the functionality that is not a souvenir and that its creators to work hard to meet the most demanding needs of the future owner… seems to me that, in spite of its appearance, it is particularly interested in this young music lovers. Those who are able to appreciate not only the technical level of the product, but also its music data.”

Thank you Pro High-End (Russia), Victor Serebryakov and Qvinta-Audio (iFi:Russia)

Translated by Google.


iFi Retro 50 featured inside Russia’s, What Hi*Fi magazine, last edition of 2015!


What Hi*Fi has recently reviewed the Retro 50 and we are thrilled to see it make the last edition of 2015 but first of 2016!
Get on down and grab a copy or subscribe to the digital version!
Thanks What Hi*Fi and Qvinta Audio (iFi:Russia)

unnamed (1) 1

Liam from Ireland enjoying the Retro 50!


“Got mine recently as Livingroom system. Very happy indeed. Playing Qobuz mainly via a Kokkia Apt-X Bluetooth adapter from my IPad 2. Very musical. No listening fatigue. No gripes at all in fact.”
Thanks Liam!

“Stereo50 brings out the beauty of the music being played”


“I could immediately hear Dee-dee of Dexter Laboratory say her catch-phrase “Oooooooh, what does this button do?”. So many buttons and switches. Cool! The overall finish is excellent. The cover gives you a peek at the tubes. My first tube amplifier…..The iFi website mentions a study done on the effects of adding tubes to your hifi system. With the Stereo50 I feel I was part of the study and belong to the group where the music invites you to listen longer and influenced your movements such as tapping your feet. I am enjoying my music independent if it is coming from a LP, CD or radio. The amplifier is my introduction to tubes…..somehow it attracts your attention, because the music it makes sounds beautiful. There is definitely a sweetness in the sound…..The amp is very well balanced. You notice this with everything. It is a well thought out all-in-one concept. Everything is not just added and put on top of each other, which maybe would have doubled its price. It is integrated in the real sense of the word. The end result is a very beautiful, sweet pure natural sounding amplifier that successfully combines old and new technologies and offers an extravaganza of music sources to listen to.”

Pros: Sweet pure natural sounding amplifier that successfully combines old and new technologies and offers an extravaganza of music sources to listen to
Cons: it’s hard to think of cons with this kind of performance and high value for money

Thanks XjunkieNL!

Retro 50: “iFI-Audio is awesome to have commercialized this amplifier”


“Japan was released Retro Stereo 50 literally, pre-main amplifier was drifted Retrospective atmosphere. Simultaneous release has been Retro LS3.5 This also’s a bookshelf speaker of classic looks……Similarly, in the development of Retro LS3.5, BBC monitor that is conscious, LS 3 / 5A also a deep speakers familiar to me…..It’s manufacturers like iFI-Audio is awesome to have commercialized this amplifier but, as it were the most thought, background of iFI-Audio’s high-end audio manufacturer called AMR (Abbingdon Music Research).AMR is making exclusive vacuum tube amplifier from the previous…..Retro LS3.5 is to have several rivals in the same price range, depending on the taste, even a combination of different speaker, Retro Stereo 50 would fully demonstrate their abilities….”

Thanks Kentaro Takahashi!

Translated by Google

Turkish Movie Star, Ece Uslu, shows her love to iFi by auditioning the Retro 50 and iDSD micro!


Ece Uslu is a very talented Turkish movie star and dropped by DukkanHiFi, our distributor for Turkey, to demo the Retro 50 and iDSD micro.
Camera’s at the ready……least we know she’s not camera shy 🙂
Thanks Ece Uslu and DukkanHiFi (iFi:Turkey)!
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iFi Retro 50: From the past, to the future!


Zococity (iFi:Spain) has just submitted a review of the Retro 50 from the On Of magazine, here are a few comments;

“….the IFI 50 is equipped with the latest technology in terms of connectivity and digital-analog decoding. The APTX system, beyond conventional Bluetooth ensures reproduction quality equivalent to that of a CD. It is obviously the best deal from our wireless device files flac or wav or even streaming from a provider that offers high resolution (or Spotify Tidal). The built-in DAC prestigious Burr-Brown PCM supports, or DXD, DSD (22.6 / 24.6MHz). To make matters worse, vinyl lovers will also enjoy The IFI Retro 50 thanks to its phono input MM / MC. In short, we face a multidisciplinary unit that from the past, look to the future without complexes.”

Translated with Google

Muchas gracias On Off magazine and Zococity (iFi:Spain)!

Stereo 50 & LS3.5: Reinvents the classic sound!


“The company has released a new series of iFi Retro which includes tube stereo amplifier Stereo50 and bookshelf speakers LS3.5.Tube stereo power amplifier 50 Stereo speakers and new LS3.5 are single complete system. The design of the tube amplifier is not only remarkable sound qualities, but also the flexibility of the modern connections enclosed in a retro way. It supports connection Bluetooth, USB, digital and network sources, and it is also possible to connect a turntable, and that we particularly like separate section headphone amplifier. The classic design of the speaker LS3.5 full of the latest technology of the 21st century, completely reinvents the classic sound studio BBC.The classic design of the speaker LS3.5 full of the latest technology of the 21st century, completely reinvents the classic sound studio BBC.”Thank you Tomas Karasiński and StereoLife!

Thanks and Qvinta audio (iFi:Russia)

Translated with Google

Retro 50: ‘Very good game’


“Okay, time to look at the English a gem. The first one goes a central unit, known as Retro Stereo 50. This integration full fledged, seriously. In one case closed stereo power amplifier, pre-amplifier, D / A converter, headphone amplifier and pre-amplifier again, this time a gramophone. Retro Stereo 50 as it looks, you can see. Here, you do not have much to write, pictures would give more than the entire avalanche of words…..Retro Kit is a product of timeless and unique, in my opinion excellent……The English did not go for shortcuts, in one case they put a great converter D / A, phonostage, headphone amplifier, lamps in track and weight of connectivity options. When to Throw in a superb quality, be only one conclusion: it must cost so much. In my opinion purchase a set Retro is in any case will not be money down the drain, because it is very good game, regardless of the currently used transport. Although some might think that this toy is exactly the opposite. This equipment enthusiast, in addition deliberate and considerable advantage is also that it provides mass fun. And once again I emphasize, retro game.And here is the whole point.”

Thank you Dawid Grzyb!

Translated with Google,525


Retro 50 inside High & Style Autumn 2015


iFi Stereo 50 amplifier is interesting fusion between retro design and latest technologies. On one hand it is a tube amp which takes maximum care of good old vinyl records reproduction and on the other hand it enables quality reproduction from portable sources via Bluetooth and exceptional quality of digital to analogue conversion. The most important is that the slogan of iFi – Sempre Fidelis Musica – was again kept.

Pros: Design, “tube sound”, manufacturing quality, phono inputs, exceptional AD converter!”

Get on down to purchase your copy today!

Special thanks to High & Style, Ján Antal and Exaudio (iFi:Czech Republic)!



RETRO 50 picks up a Qobuzissime award from!

“Retro look very successful, luxurious with a magnificent facade in brushed anodised aluminum or lined with four large buttons and toggle switches, and a wooden skin for the CPU 50 Stereo Audio System iFi Retro 50, all contrasting some bit with the other achievements of the brand whose appearance is modern….In conclusion, this iFi Retro Audio 50 system successfully combines modern digital technology, a comprehensive phono stage for lovers of vynile, and tube amplification, all under a delightfully vintage layout. With corrections and effective sound effects and small LS3.5 quality speakers, this system provides a devilishly exciting sound reproduction and we decided to give it our Qobuzissime reward.”

Special thanks to Philippe Daussin, and Elite Diffusion (iFi:France)!


Retro 50: “Proved so satisfying”

“A feature of the system the parent IFI retro minimalism and compatibility, and that means that because of the small size of both amplifier that columns can be set anywhere. In addition, thanks to the unprecedented flexibility to handle almost all kinds of digital and analog sources, IFI Retro turns out to be unique. The quality of the sound that I got from different signal sources, proved so satisfying that in order to get a similar effect with separate transmitter and it even supports DSD phono preamp or headphone amp, you have to book far larger amount than the total cost of the system. With unprecedented functionality and mature sound, this system does not despise even the audiophile. Retro Ifi has high value for money – unofficially admit him a six-star rating for opportunities, but our table is provided only five.”

Stereo 50 receives 5/5 stars and the LS 3.5 received 4.5/5!

Special thanks to Arkadiusz Ogrodnik, Hi-Fi Choice Poland and Moje Audio (iFi:Poland)



Stereo 50: Journey to the future

“IFI Audio introduces the entire product line with meaningful called Retro…..As soon as I opened the (beautifully prepared) cardboard, almost speechless…..The amplifier itself is also unique. A small, compact enclosure made of natural wood……The amplifier is cool, value for money, remarkable….

LS3 / 5 was small, but the monitor – designed specifically for small spaces as possible…. In LS3.5 there is almost no crossover – bass-midrange is connected “live bait”, without any filtering, and tweeter – by a single capacitor of low capacitance…..On the back you can see a gap opening bass-reflex, a housing divided into two chambers (lower slightly larger), leaving only a very narrow inlets in the vicinity of the front wall. In this way, additional internal resonance systems.

Combining the best of IFI Audio System – D / A converter, phono preamplifier, headphone amplifier with a vacuum tube power amplifier, stylish setting, fine materials…..He can absolutely everything and much more than a standard stereo amplifier.”

Special thanks to Radek Łabanowski, and Moje Audio (iFi:Poland)!



Cubic Cornucopias! So few boxes, so much sound! Says Tone audio of the Retro System

Regardless of speakers used from the $88,000/pair Dynaudio Evidence Platinums all the way down to my JBL L-100s, the extended high end and LF control is surprisingly good. ……..Like every other iFi product we’ve used or reviewed, the Retro 50 screams high performance and high value – more than worthy of one of our Exceptional Value Awards for 2015. Whether you use the speakers or give them to a friend, the Retro 50 is one of the greatest combinations in the audiophile world today. I can’t think of a better place to start your high end audio journey.

Thanks Tone Audio and Jeff Dorgay!

RETRO banner

“Retro” is fabulous!

“Trust me when I say that ifi’s “Retro Stereo 50” is the best all-in-one amplifier (plus speakers) I have heard in the price bracket of around $2000. It’s a system which utilizes valve technology and offers just about everything you need in the 21st century…..If you are in the market for a small system for your living room or elsewhere, this is really where you should start looking. Chances are that you won’t need to look any further. If I had to start over again, I would start here. The ifi “Retro” systems gets the highest recommendation I can think of! Do check it out.”



“I could not restrain my enthusiasm” says Marc of Hifigasten about the Retro System!

“I could not restrain my enthusiasm. So if you want the short version: the iFi Retro Stereo 50 is a ge-dig device!…..the iFi Retro Stereo 50 has a nice champagne-colored glow and is divided almost perfectly symmetrical. The front panel is therefore very clear and still radiates tranquility…..You can connect the Stereo 50 next to a computer and a turntable also other digital and analog devices…..But where to start? The iFi Retro set offers so many connection and adjustment options…..Morning of the album Beck Morning Phase (2014) resulting from the speakers – the guitar that opens the song has a full, warm sound but is also nicely detailed; every attack on the metal strings is perfect to follow and ‘presence’. The layer has a pleasant pressure at which the switch will be highlighted. The airy character of the Stereo 50 shows the overdubs Beck’s voice beautiful float between the speakers for the ethereal nature of this track added emphasis…..this headphone amplifier we still a shock in a positive way!…..As we said in the intro, “the iFi Retro Stereo 50 is a ge-dig machine!”

Thanks Marc Brekelmans and!

Don’t forget to check out the video too!

iFi Retro Stereo 50 headphone station

First Listen: iFi Retro Music System!

“We’ve been talking expectantly about iFi Audio’s Retro Audio System in our reports from the last several trade shows we’ve attended, but now the Retro System has finally arrived……The heart of the system is an impressively full-featured integrated amplifier called the RETRO Stereo 50……The speaker uses two iFi designed and manufactured drivers: a 4.5-inch paper cone mid/bass driver and a 1.1-inch, waveguide-loaded, silk dome tweeter……If you’ve ever wondered what an iFi Micro iDSD would sound like if it had effectively unlimited power for driving headphones, plus the ineffable harmonic rightness of valves, then the Stereo 50 is your answer……If you get a chance, do try to give this system a listen”

Thanks Chris Martens &!


Rapid Assessment: iFi Retro!

“Retro Stereo System IFI more than hi-fi system standards because it includes a tube amplifier Retro 50 has integrated advanced encoder and a pair of speakers called IFI LS3 class. Both have certainly bamboo shell…..The sound system is pretty small for demand is ideal for listening to music at the office, bedroom or living room has an area of approximately 15 square meters……Looking at the new amplifier, we understand immediately why the company chose IFI called Retro 50. That is because it is the old picture frame machine, the 1950 has been resized…..IFI Retro Stereo amplifier with loudspeaker LS3 50 Retro IFI sound quality does not surrender. Actual sound quality is always portrayed the true voice of each person “

Thanks Test lab & PCWorld!


iFi Retro: System of Dreams!

“Starting with IFI Retro Stereo 50 is a completely new product line, having only one goal: to make all music lovers, regardless of age, gender and technology. Retro Stereo 50 tube system “all in one”: from aptX Bluetooth (phone / pad) to high definition digital audio (computer) and vinyl (turntable). Anyone can bring your music and connect to the Stereo 50, creating a breathtaking spectacle. There really is no equipment similar to Retro Stereo 50 Music is in the air smart devices (eg. mobile phones or tablets) equipped with Bluetooth, aptX (best system for wireless transmission of music) and NFC can be paired with Stereo 50. From this point, it’s easy to open applications reproduction, regardless of whether the reproduction of music from your own collection, or Tidal Spotify and press Play! aptX offers quality similar to a CD for wireless transmission and is much better than normal Bluetooth. This means that the Stereo 50 is secured for the future and will be for many years worked with smart devices.”

Thanks Moje Audio (iFi:Poland)!


Germany’s prestigious AUDIO magazine rates Retro as Reference Class.

We must admit, this one took us by surprise.AUDIO test thoroughly and are one of the major authorities for comparative reviewing in Germany. In the history of AUDIO, the Retro is the first ‘realistically priced component’ to ever be awarded ‘Reference Class’. Jeremy Clarkson got nuffin on this reviewer, Stefan Schickedanz. The following is a translation of the most salient aspects from the review.

Test, tube complete system (summary)

Not only for Hipsters: For looks, the charming system from iFi could have come straight from the middle of the last century, but it is packed chock full with technology of our current Millennium.



High Fidelity delivers a stonking review about the iFi Retro!

We are thrilled to bits to read this in-depth review of the latest iFi Audio product line, Retro (Stereo 50 & LS3.5).

“It’s hard to take eyes off new iFi products….British company named its new line iFi Retro, and the design is simply great, eye-catching…Stereo 50 delivers a very good performance….The system under review was like a meteor that entered Earth’s atmosphere with a loud boom and filled the sky with light. You should really give it a listen….This system does a good job in everything it does. Both, together with LS3.5, and as a separate amplifier/DAC iFi provides its user with a lot of fun and joy. Whatever you think you need from your system – iFi’s got it.

Special thanks to High Fidelity, Marek, Wojciech, Bt/Piksel Studio and Moje Audio (iFi:Poland)!


iFi Retro makes front cover of Poland’s HiFi Choice & Home Cinema!

We just received the good news about the iFi Retro making front cover of Poland’s HiFi Choice followed with absolutely stonking review inside! Be sure to check it out!

Issue sampler:

HiFi Choice has also shared these few words;

“The offer IFI audio (a subsidiary of the well-known manufacturer AMR) stereo system appeared clearly different from the previous proposal of this manufacturer – talking about Retro Series. The kit includes: ls3.5 stand mount speakers and stereo tube amplifier 50. This set is sure to please the sensational devices, where a very successful manner combined the latest technology with design and style of a typical audio from the 60s and 70s Searching and original design is not everything, because IFI Audio Retro equipped with a number of features that make it is probably the only device on the market at this price, combining so many possibilities. “

Special thanks to HiFi Choice & Moje Audio (iFi:Poland) – This has made our day!

Retro Main Accessories (Without the valves inserted)
• Remote control
• 3M Rubber Feet
• Optical Adapter
• 3.5>3.5mm Sync Cord
• Bluetooth antenna
• USB Cable
• RCA Cable
• Power cord
• Speaker cables(For Retro Full System Only)
• Non-slip mat
• Retro box seal sticker
• white gloves
• Valves
• Warranty Card
• User Manual
• STS Card