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The iFi nano iCAN is the battery-powered, half-sized version of the multiple-award winning micro series.

For many, enjoying music requires the component to excel in both a ‘static’ high-end system as well as a ‘dynamic’ portable system. The nano iCAN fits this bill perfectly. Able to take RCA or 3.5mm inputs, running on lithium-polymer battery power, enjoy music wherever, whenever, whatever.

The nano iCAN maintains the iFi tradition of excellent sonics with canyon-deep bass. Its supreme circuit design uses DirectDrive® technology; without the need for output capacitors.

A truly remarkable headphone amplifier must also be user-adjustable. First, to suit each type of recording, the nano iCAN features the original 3D HolographicSound® for Headphones to take the sound ‘back out of the head. Second, to suit different headphones, XBass® and user-selectable gain unlock the maximum potential of each and every type of headphone, whether at home or on the move.

Superlative sonics. To go.



The nano iCAN’s power supply options offer two major benefits. First, it provides portable music enjoyment, simply by connecting a source such as iPhone/iPad/Android via the 3.5mm output. Second, at home, via the 9V mains power, it offers the drive to push headphones to their maximum potential with consumate ease.

The onboard lithium-polymer battery allows the user to enjoy over 70 hours of high-end music wherever, whenever, whatever.



There are portable headphone amps and there is the nano iCAN. Its DirectDrive® technology means no output coupling capacitors to provide the most direct signal path to retain the essence of the music.

The DirectDrive® technology is one of the core reasons why the iFi range of components has garnered such rave reviews.



The 3D HolographicSound® system for Headphones has become so universally-acclaimed that others have attempted to replicate this technology which to us, is the ultimate compliment.

By placing the recoding back outside of the head (and not using just generic crossfeed), the nano iCAN is in a field of its own.

It has no competition, literally.



All headphones and recordings perform differently.

XBass® has been ‘trickled-down’ from the micro iCAN to ensure that nano iCAN users also benefit from the amazing, canyon-deep bass this circuit extracts from headphones.

Once tried, there is no going back.



Power Source: Battery / external 9V
Battery Life: ~ 70 Hours*
Input: RCA Stereo
Output 6.3mm Headphone
3.5mm adapter included
Analogue Processing X-Bass
3D Sound
Gain: 8dB/18dB (selectable)
Input Impedance: 100k
Output Impedance: <1 ohm
SNR: 112dB(A)
THD &N (100mW) < 0.02%
Output Power(32R): 150mW (external power)#
Dimensions: 106(l) x 67(w) x 28(h) mm
Weight: 160g (0.35lbs)

* depends on volume setting
# requires Camera Connection Kit or OTG adapter. Cable sold separately.

User Manual


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Noobandroid reviews the iCan nano!


Pros: “Portable high power amp, battery powered”
Bass: “Bass is lightweight, just sufficient and accurate. Not much bloat and with good drum kicks heard. Bass guitars can be heard striking heavily, giving the song a little mood that it needs.”
Mid/Vocals: ” Totally love them with the iFi iCan if you love guitar ripping the **** out and head bang to it.Not to say that the vocals are muffled though, dont get me wrong, speech wise it is very clear, i can follow lyrics exactly on point, although strong guitars.”
High notes: “The treble of the iCan is cripsy and sharp”
Sound Stage: “You wouldnt get a grand hall symphonic feeling, but a small audiotorium housing say.. 300 people? You will be positioned roughly in the best seat of a cinema, with even the slight left and rights being accurate as it is.”

Thank you Noobandroid!

TheTechAudiophile of Youtube reviews the iCan nano!
Some comments from the review – “adds a bit of thump and pump…….this is a really nice feature to include……this amplifier is slow powerful, its unbelievable and its compact too”

Thanks Matthew and TheTechAudiophile!

Bbsemeniuk shows off the nano series with Momentums!


Great snap BB! Keep on rocking the Momentums!
Thanks from iFi

Zococity reviews the nano series!
For all you Spanish viewers, Zococity (iFi;Spain) sheds more light on the iFi nano series, the portable range…..enjoy!
Gracias Zococity! – iCan nano


Personal audio reviews the iCan nano!

The first of them – the function X-Bass – engaged in correcting failures in the low frequency range, because of which many headphones inferior bulky speakers in a variety of musical genres from hip-hop to hard rock and techno to symphonic music….To hear the sound of headphones is far beyond the skull and make more believable stereo image, 3D Holographic Sound uses a mixing of channels and other manipulations implemented purely analog means in full compliance with the course iFi to minimize the digital audio signal processing…..Due to their availability amplifier able to reveal any potential headphone music, regardless of their dimensions, such as sound emitters impedance and sensitivity. With such abilities amplifier coupled with its low weight of it did not expect outstanding autonomy, but engineers iFi and then managed a pleasant surprise: the built-in lithium-polymer battery with 1400 mAh capacity is enough for a staggering 70 hours of battery life without additional charge! Suffice it once to feed the battery electricity – and the next date with the socket, you can forget for a week. And even as much as two weeks!”

Thank you Artem from ‘doctorhead’, borisov and Qvinta-audio (iFi:Russia)


In-Ear Magazine says iCan Nano is Excellent!

“I can say confidently this is an inspirational product: the clever concept offers both “on the road” can “at home” uses and sounded really great. And keeps up with other more expensive equipment and its price is certainly more than fair. Rating: Upper Class: 1:1. Price/Performance: Excellent”

Thank you to In-Ear (Germany), Martin Mertens and WOD (iFi: Germany)!


iCan Nano impresses David of!

“iCAN Nano is damn solidly built…One turns on bass boost, and the second extends the stereo image. These supplements are patented Audio iFi analog filters, known as XBASS and 3DHolographicSound. Names are perhaps much marketing, but really work, they can improve a lot for headphones, which lack the bottom, or those who play too narrow. iCAN Nano is not the exception, for seven and a half stówki get an amplifier that is versatile, dynamic, working many hours without papu and, most importantly, with built-in filters can effectively mask some flaws sound headphones or skip their limits. What do you want more? I’m impressed.”

Thanks David “Violator” Mushroom of and MojeAudio (iFi: Poland)!



ClieOS pens a very technically proficient review of the nano iDSD/iCAN/iPurifier

It is not every day that one comes across a reviewer who knows what he/she is measuring as well as being able to pen an exceptionally thorough review. Well ClieOS from has done just that.

In addition to the very nice review on the sonics and features, we do like reading about the technical measurements and the fact that the nano series measure just fine.

“On the nano iDSD however, I’ll say you are getting a hell lot more of a DAC than an amp…

How did iFi do it then? Well, they were able to dig up some hidden features that are designed into the chip but not officially documented. Then they develop a custom XMOS solution to enable all those extra stuffs that you won’t find on any other DSD1793 implementation outside of iFi. The result is a sub$200 USB DAC that has features than usually belong to DAC that is priced in the thousands….

The degree of refinement is something I haven’t experienced on EQ from another brand of portable amp…

…. iFi Audio has managed to pack in some unique features to both nano iDSD and iCAN to make them stand out from the sea of portable amps and DAC in the market, while still makes sure they stay competitively priced. That’s no small feat on its own.”

We would like to thank ClieOS for taking the time to listen, measure and dig deep down into what the nano iDSD, nano iCAN and iPurifier all do. A big thank you. We will definitely refer to you if we need independent measurements on any iFi or non-iFi products!



Nano series & iRack at CanMania (Capital Audiofest 2014)!

“The iFi iRack was so cute and beautifully manufactured. It housed the iDSD Nano and the iCAN Nano. The iDSD ‘is the world’s smallest, portable (only 163g), battery-powered, serious DAC that plays all high-resolution formats: PCM/DSD/DXD natively’. The The iFi iCAN Nano is the battery-powered headphone amplifier. The sound through Sennheiser headphones was lively and dynamic. Not as refined as some of the multi thousand dollar headphone amplifiers you will read about later in the report, but damn fine for the low price. Add the iRack and you have a really good personal home system.”

Thanks Audiophilia Staff!



iCAN Nano: Packed full of goodness says HiFi+!

“The prospect of achieving very similar sound quality from a unit that’s smaller, less expensive, and portable to boot can only be considered a good thing…the iFi folks somehow managed to endow the Nano iCAN with almost all of the features of the bigger amp….the minute I added the Nano iCAN to the signal path, everything got better in a big, big way. Suddenly, the presentation sounded appropriately full-bodied, full of natural and organic weight and warmth, while dynamics became markedly more expressive and, when the music warranted, downright powerful….does wonderfully well and with such good-natured grace and exuberance, refinement, and sophistication, that you may find yourself wondering how iFi managed to pack so much goodness into such a small case”

Thanks Chris Martens of HiFi+



iCAN Nano: Announcement of the test

Louis Hegel of Stereoikolorowo has previously reviewed the iCAN Micro and is now reviewing the Nano version!

“I find it hard to believe that the IFI has recently prepared another headphone amplifier, this time the battery – and even smaller (and cheaper!) He received the name of the IFI iCAN Nano…although small, it is equipped with a number of features derived from the model iCAN. There is a sound spatialization “Holografic 3D Sound”, is to deepen the bass “XBass” (admittedly single, and not as a two-stage Micro) is to regulate the dynamics (6 and 16 dB) are two line inputs (RCA and plug 3.5 mm) headphone jack is finally on the big jack 6.3 mm, and most importantly – the Nano on a built-in internal battery that is fully charged “hold” until 70 hours…Today I start listening”

Thanks Louis Hegel! Looking forwards to your review!


iFiAudioiCanNano(Stereo Life)

iCAN nano keeps wooing Polish audiophiles

With many thanks to StereoLife’s Mr Filo (and iFi: Poland, Moje Audio) who waxed: “Devices in this price range have not met yet with such smoothness and detail. Resolution and tonality makes it difficult to take off my headphones during calm, evening listening sessions. For me it is also a great example of maintaining a balance between medium and high frequencies, without flattening the frequency range or exaggerating the frequency extremes. A big plus is the tonal versatility of the iCAN amplifier, both in terms of repertoire, as well as related equipment. Irrespective of connected headphones with iCAN-I was always a gripping spectacle.

Verdict: Very good, extremely functional device offering outstanding opportunities for its price. A tid bit of the high-end for any lover of headphones on a limited budget.”



Perfect timing! Customer Bert tries out the Nano iCAN!

“Give it to me, because the little amp promised adequate reinforcement of the prestigious pieces…The great advantage of iCAN nano concept is the easy handling….Considerably more power, a bigger stage and more details in the treble characterize the presentation by Roberta via ifi iCAN nano….The small headphone amplifier iCAN nano evaluates the headphone jacks on our mobile gadgets understandable. The performance has much more substance and a fine structured resolution.And at the request conjures “3D Holographic Sound” a spacious, yet believable space. In addition, the power of the little boxes in the grid-free operation is sufficient to provide sophisticated headphone with enough power.”

Dankeschön Bert Seidenstücker and! Great images also!



iCan Nano wows Poland’s Hifi Philosophy!

30 March 2014, ” Value for money here is very inflated , because look, and sound, and the price – everything is extremely attractive…After a few minutes of listening I came to the conclusion that the 3D effect is acutely exam in virtually all circumstances , because listening to his interference resulted undoubtedly the spectacular increase as a result, increase the involvement of the listener…plugging nano radically changed the situation . There was a characteristic of these small price and great music Grado very pleasant sound with high density and smoothness , but appeared much more. Sounds warm, very natural , and at the full operating range , in principle, audiophile qualities….So good that we do not believe it….He can really magnify the scene”
Special Thanks to Hifi philosophy! Translated by Google.



nano iCAN is given the warm and fuzzy by Seika-san of Blu-Billion Japan

9 March 2014, “I thought I had me a good setup with the iPhone/iDSD, but with the iFi nano iCAN, the sound changes to an analog warm sound field that is spread out……..The sound of this portable setup is serious; (‘Д `) Bruno ♪ When you go out it becomes a larger setup but I hid it all in a bag. ”
“It is a portable device and can be connected in the manner described above, but I can listen music with Kan Yabe sound! (^ _ ^ 😉 It does not sound like IEMs from the iPhone direct. It brings good music to life!!”
Yoroshiku Seika-san and Ryo-san of iFi-Japan!



STOP THE PRESS! The Absolute Sound: Wowed by the iDSD+iCAN

20 February 2014, The Absolute Sound/HiFi+ gets their mitts on the nano iDSD and nano iCAN. As standalone and as a magical combination.
“Let me just jump right in and say that the iDSD nano sounds ridiculously good for the money—more than competitive with other portable DACs I’ve heard thus far”
“If you weren’t able to hold the compact device in the palm of your hand (with room left over) and if you judged it purely on sound quality, you might easily think the iCAN was one of today’s nicer desktop headphone amps. Yes, really.”
Thanks Mr Chris Martens!



World’s first nano iCAN preview? You betcha! Is it good? Sure is!

3 January 2014, TAS/HiFi+ dedicated headphone reviewer Chris Martens took the nano iCAN for a test spin… “…If that is so, then iFi will surely have a winner on their hands as the pre-production iCAN Nano sounds terrific (a lot like the original iCAN, but slightly less powerful). If asked to supply a two-word description of the iCAN Nano’s sound, the two words I would pick are “vibrant” and “robust.” If you drive headphones directly from a iPod, smartphone, tablet, or desktop PC and then insert the iCAN Nano in the signal path things immediately get better—a lot better. It’s as if the music has been suffering from anemia and then suddenly receives much needed transfusions of energy, dynamic muscularity, and natural, organic-sounding warmth. What is more, the 3D Holographic Sound and Xbass settings seem at once simpler than, but also more sonically subtle and usable than their equivalent settings in the original iCan. ‘Works for us. In short, we can’t wait to hear the final production unit. Watch for a full review in Hi-Fi+. Until then, happy listening.”
Thank you Chris Martens!