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The most important feature of any USB audio device (USB DAC, USB Amplifier and USB Speaker etc.) is the power supply. The USB system as well as audio, carries its own power. Perfectly adequate to power anything from USB memory sticks to tablet computers; it falls far short from being a suitable noise-free power supply for high-quality music reproduction.

To improve all USB audio devices out there, we wanted to develop not just a better power supply, but the best power supply for all audio devices. With the iUSB, quiet passages are whisper quiet. The climaxes are fiercer, and everything in between is richer, more vibrant and no longer grainy.

iDAC_text_1_l iDAC_text_1_r
USB audio without iUSBPower USB audio WITH iUSBPower



To create a USB power supply that is ultra-quiet is an engineering feat in its own right. We went several steps further. The Super Regulator technology encompasses; multi-stage and multi-order power purifying with filtering. We even commissioned a special, audio-grade USB power supply unit. The iUSB with an excellent voltage accuracy of 0.5% is even quieter than a 9V dry cell battery.

To put it into perspective, if the DC power supply voltage from the iUSBPower was taken as equivalent to the sound level of a large calibre gun fired right next to you (painfully loud, usually taken as around 140dB), the noise produced by the iUSBPower would be completely inaudible to the human ear.

Power Supply Noise




The IsoPower system is a completely new way to connect your USB audio device. There is the standard USB connection option; but with the upcoming iFi dual-path Gemini USB cable, our engineers developed the IsoPower system which offers the option to run separate power and audio data lines. You wouldn’t place interconnects and power cables together so why should the USB connection do it?

IsoPower eliminates any pollution between data and power lines. It keeps your USB audio data free from contamination and removes the USB Signal noise from the power supply lines, to enjoy the maximum performance from your USB audio device, unhindered.



Our engineers developed the advanced IsoEarth technology specifically for the iUSBPower. By breaking the noisy DC ground connection between the computer and your USB audio device, this further reduces the ground noise by a factor of 10. Your USB audio device can now operate in the cleanest environment possible; allowing your music to flow.




Output Voltage: 5V±0.5%
Output Current: 1A
Output Noise: 0.1uV(0.0000001V)
High-Speed USB 2.0: 480Mbps
Input Voltage: AC 100 – 240V, 50/60Hz
(Ultra Low-Noise Power Supply included)
Power Consumption: < 9W (includes powered USB device)
Dimensions: 158(l)x68(w)x28(h)mm
Weight: 195(0.43lbs)

User Manual

Please click the below icon to view the FAQs.

If you do not see solution to your query, then please do not hesitate to open a support ticket here: http://support.ifi-audio.com/open.php


iUSBPower reviewed in WHAT HI*FI magazine!


Qvinta Audio (iFi:Russia) sends through the ‘What HI*FI’ edition where the iUSBpower has been reviewed and we’re over the moon!

Get on down to your nearest store and collect a copy!

Specials thanks to What HI*FI magazine and Qvinta audio (iFi:Russia)!


iUSBPower: ‘created to resolve problems’

“The miniature device is wedged in the path of electricity from a computer USB-ports to the USB-port external DAC to repeatedly reduce the level of noise and interference. For this purpose it is equipped with a host of proprietary technologies. For example, the system IsoEarth, break ground on the electrical circuit between the computer and audio system. IsoEarth function is activated by pressing a special key and ability to reduce background noise about tenfold. Another powerful tool for cleaning contaminated electricity – a proprietary filtration system Super Regulator.When working in conjunction with each other these two technologies reduce the noise level of the computer USB-powered almost a thousand times, making it cleaner than power from the internal battery.”

Thank you Artem from ‘doctorhead’, borisov and Qvinta-audio (iFi:Russia)



Richardo of Flickr says “Once you’ve tried iFi, there’s no going back”

“After adding a dac to my system, it’s impossible to go back, for some years I was trying to add one. Finely brought one. iFi iRack completes the setup, iFi iDSD, transforms a not bad sound in Harman Kardon GLA-55 in an Audiophile computer heaven, I did not even believed that the GLA-55 could be so much better, but believe me, the iFi iDSD, iFi Dac, are something amazing. You need a good hi resolution audio like the studio masters from linn, chesky or HD Tracks to listen real hi res sound in pure nirvana. It can also listen to acc from iTunes with better quality, but acc or mp3 show all limitations after listen studio masters, there is no going back. iUSB takes the noise from the usb signal, interesting as this really works, more precise sound. iRack is only cosmetic for me, but beautiful.”

Thanks Richardo!

Check out Richardo’s profile here! https://www.flickr.com/photos/macdesktops/


Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee! iDAC & iUSBPower packs a punch!

“iFi iDAC – that’s what it was about. IFi Company strongly recommends to connect all its products through its proprietary power supply iFi iUSB Power…..The first track, which was launched by iDAC Allan Taylor Colour to the moon in a format flac. Then there was a whole set of Sting, Iron Maiden, Alessandro Safína and of course Duft Punk – Get Lucky (where the same without him). DAC handled excellently! All sounds very decent and nice. With good detail and portrayal. Good attack only stressed the detail when you feel the spinal cord, as the drums run around the room and Sting sings to you in the right then the left ear. In general, the evaluation is very good.”

Thanks Victor Kosteniuk & Avero.com.ua!



iUSBPower: Used and adored!

Steven over at Audiostream has reviewed the JCAT reference USB cable whilst using the iUSBPower!

“About half of my evaluation time was spent with the JCAT Reference plugged directly into my computer. But the performance of the cable can be elevated with a number of tweaks I have discussed in previous reviews. Using the iFi Audio micro iUSBPower powered by an HDPlex linear power supply, resulted in a substantial improvement when using the JCAT Reference, or for that matter, any USB cable. The sound became more relaxed and the soundstage opened up.”

Thanks Steven and Audiostream!



Jdlivestrong’s custom ‘AVC iRack’ for the iDSD Micro & iUSBPower!

We just had to share this….a custom ‘iRack’ built by Audiophile Vibration Control. While it is not the iFi iRack it sure is fine!

“After just over a week of owning the iFi Micro iDSD and iUSB Power combo (I’m calling that combo iDSD Stack ) I knew it was special and that it was in my system to stay for a very long time. I decided to pack up my iDSD, iUSB Power, and Gemini and send it to Mike over at Audiophile Vibration Control (AVC) so he could design and build a rack that was more stable and offered better isolation for the iDSD Stack. The reason for this is that it plays double duty for me – I use it for headphones as well as in my main 2 channel rig. After a couple of weeks of prototyping, he came up with something that far exceeded my expectations.”

Nice one Jdlivestrong!


j'ai teste? 2

iUSBPower: Rigorous USB power!

We received this PDF from our distributor for France, Elite Diffusion.

“We tested this month the iUSBPower supply and USB cable Gemini. Both are designed to improve the return via the USB input of the converter…. we have listened carefully to the effect of this accessory. When it is inserted, there may be several things. The soundstage wins first slightly in clarity, but also by definition no extra hardness. The character of the tested converters seems not altered, but simply enhanced by better transport. The silences are also taking body, the residual noise pretend as finely erased. The general impression rest of our multiple plays, is a gain finally bringing a bonus quality stamps and suggestive dynamics.”

Translated by Google.

Thanks Elite Diffusion! (iFi:France)



iDAC & iUSBPower: Beautiful musicality!

” For this, the British manufacturer has created a new brand by the name of iFi-audio, it does not take away the fact that they remain entirely designed by AMR….The iFi iDAC is really a nice surprise, which intelligently combines listening pleasure and good quality / price ratio. It offers a beautiful versatility, since we are talking of a self-powered DAC-compatible 192/24….A beautiful musicality and beautiful stamps…..Dynamic range, THD + N and cleanliness of amazing signal (with iUSB Power)….The price / quality ratio”

Thanks Pierre Dubarry & hdfever.fr!


office audio gear 2

Proof is in the pudding say’s Solarrdadd of Blu-ray.com about the iDSD nano & iUSBPower!

We received some kind comments from Archie aka Solarrdadd and we thought to share!

“i was looking for a good DAC, for not a lot of money and one that didn’t take up a lot of desk space….i purchased the iFi nano iDSD DAC & a companion product, the iFi micro iUSB Power….the ultimate proof was in the pudding. once i played that first song on the new setup in my office, i was sold….i have a wide variety of music on my system, everything from classic rock, big band, old world jazz, modern rock, R&B, classical music, i have everything. the DAC makes everything sound their best….when i’m at work, the good music helps me think and gets me through my day and get complicated projects done. i’m blessed to be able to have this kind of system in my office and listen to it without having to use headphones. i am able to have the same music i love and listen to at home, but, now, at work and it sounds good too.”

Thanks Archie!

Thor & Duke Nukem agrees too!



Bravo iFi! Petr of Svetaudia reviews the iDSD Micro, Gemini, iPurifier and iUSBPower!

“IFI iDSD Micro is one of the best equipped D / A converters, as regards support audio formats. Add to that the battery power, headphone amplifier, and suddenly we have a very interesting product for those seeking excellent cost to performance….Price performance ratio is excellent and IFI Micro iDSD becomes my references in the price range to 15,000…All three products from the portfolio of IFI deserve in their categories utmost attention. When you combine all three products together, to 25 000 CZK get enough quality reproductive system to play music on your PC or Mac that to subdue you have to dig into your pocket probably much deeper….IFI Bravo!”

Thanks Petr Štefek of svetaudia.cz and Exaudio.cz!

headphone guru

Headphone Guru finds iUSB/iPurifier makes digital more analogue and are a keeper!

Lee Scoggins of Headphone Guru penned the following very nice review of the iUSB Power and the iPurifier. Lee wrote, “It makes sense if you think about it. Cleaning up USB level power has the same effect as a dedicated power line and a good line conditioner. All three provide the best possible foundation. As you lower the background noise, you hear more across the board – bass, midrange, and high frequency. The iFi “iUSB” Power Conditioner is well built, has a beautiful sparkly finish, and comes packaged like a well-designed Apple product. Pretty amazing for the under $300 price point. I’m impressed and will be keeping these in the system for better digital.”

Thank you Lee and we hope you enjoy the pair for many years to come!



As Dung of PCWorldVN reviews iFi!

“Now, people can listen to the sound of his “circle from the heart”, pure from the input device to device and wire FIs iUSB Power Gemini FIs with an investment budget is not too high…when adding the first move i-purifier, music became smoother. When using additional wireless USB Cable Gemini, more music more smooth, round berry guitar sound better…And finally configured with transit from your computer to the amplifier includes a USB cable, electromagnetic interference filters i-purifier, and wireless devices iUSB Gemini Power USB Cable, heard the sound becomes completely natural, scrumptious.

Thank you As Dung!



Windwolf howls out for the iUSB Power!

This is a short video but second from WindWolf (Head-fi username, Airy Fidelity on youtube) who highly recommends the iUSB Power as it improved his setup by 20%!



iUSB Power: Marvelous new upgrade for USB-powered DACs says George of Computeraudiophile!

“the bottom line is that the original power source is the computer, or perhaps a powered USB hub; not the most prepossessing of power sources….The USB output of my laptop (which I use as a music server) fed into the input of the iUSB, and the DragonFly plugged into the “Music + Power” USB “A” output of the iUSB power supply. From then -on everything else was as before…I couldn’t believe the difference! The DragonFly v.1.2 was noticeably quieter – especially through ‘phones. But through speakers, the soundstage opened-up, image specificity became more precise, the bass tightened-up noticeably, and the top end became even smoother, and more open, with more “air” around the instruments. This is a dynamite upgrade to already great sounding DAC. I recommend that you try to hear it for yourself!”

Thanks George AKA gmgraves2@comcast.net of computeraudiophile.com!



Positive Feedback Online – iUSB Power a Writers’ Choice 2013

21 February 2014, Somewhat late as we missed this award but a customer pointed out to us:
“I’ve used the iFi iUSB power supply with seven different USB DACs (CEntrance DACport LX, iFi iDAC, HRT Music Streamer II, Audioquest Dragonfly, Wyred4Sound mDAC, Headroom Total BitHead and the USB input of the great new Wyred4Sound mPRE preamp) and three different notebook PCs over the past year and truth be told, it made every one of them sound clearly and substantially better. The improvements in overall quality are profound enough that I can’t imagine running a USB DAC without it. You just don’t realize how noisy and congested a USB DAC might be when powered straight from a PC’s USB port until you hear one running noise free powered by this clean dedicated power supply. To paraphrase Joni Mitchell, you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone. Simply put, an essential part of a USB based computer audio system.”
thank you Steve Lefkowicz!



iUSB Power and iTube elevates the Dragonfly DAC+Audio Engine speakers

14 January 2014, ”There is an important question – how much does it cost, and is it worth to buy? ……….If you ask me, the short answer is yes. The three devices together produce a very detailed, dynamic, analog-like sound, that was the privilege of the premium DACs costing 800-1000 EUR or above until now, without the tube buffer. I think, that the flexibility of the further development of the system is also a very important advantage.” Thank you Lacas!



Size doesn’t matter…not when it comes to iFi

13 December 2013, Reviewer Max Delissen penned an extremely complimentary and thorough review of the iFi micro range from the iUSB Power right through to the iPHONO.
“The Micro series and the associated cables iFi has a wonderful range of highly affordable and (sometimes very far) above their price-performance products put down…iFi is beautifully designed audio bonbons, audiophile delicious candy that can be consumed. unabashed in quantities And that’s a good thing, because it is just as addictive as ‘real’ candy …” Thank you Max!



CYMBACAVUM ‘percolates’ a very stylish review of the iUSB Power

2 October 2013, “Think of the difference between an $8000 espresso machine and an Aeropress: if you use the Aeropress, you’re bound to get some stray coffee grinds inside your brew, and even though the taste might be nice, it’s no match for a perfect, 9 bar, pumped espresso……Overall, I found the iUSBPower from AMR iFi Audio to be quite a useful desktop companion for portable devices. It does indeed provide a very clean power supply and rejects power spikes from the computer…and find out whether power management may be the source of your hiss, hum, or even resolution and transparency issues.” With thanks to Tom, editor at CYMBACAVUM. We’re off back to our Gaggia Classic….



Stereohead Italia find the iUSB+iDAC more than run of the mill

29 September 2013, “The iDAC despite being powered by a usb dac presented a performance by small sample , making it very neutral and with a high level of detail, although not resulting cold or tiring. In addition to quality as dac, even the ‘headphone output has a good performance with low-impedance headphones , IEM for less with the problems of hiss. Excellent value for money. The IUSB has instead left us less open-mouthed . If you have a ‘usb output good and free from problems is a purchase that you may very well avoid given the price not really low and not in line with the improvements, while it can be really useful if you have problems with interference on your usb sockets that with this object will be totally eliminated.” Grazie to editor: Matteo Turotti and ProAudio (iFi: Italy)!



Klub audio stereo raves about iDAC/Gemini and iUSB Power

29 September 2013, Using Google translation: “Admittedly Gemini at a lower price offers very similar ceiling for external power supply in terms of growth, but only listen complete “troika” allows you to appreciate the luxury of an all black and noiseless background it provides iUSBPower. appearance on the market IFI I consider to be one of the most interesting debuts of recent months and I strongly urge you to listening, as these beautifully made devices offer unmatched in its price range sound quality while offering portability so that leaving in the short or For longer trips do not have to give up the association with really high quality sound.” With thanks to editor: Marcin Olszewski for the very nice article and Moje Audio (iFi: Poland) for arranging the review.



iFi Triple review – works like a charm and somewhat sonically similar to the far more expensive…

24 September 2013, HiFi Music of Israel reviewed the iFi triumvirate and said, “This may sound a little wishful thinking, but with the iUSB Power and Gemini cable – the iDAC reminded me more than any other product I know of the series – 777 of AMR reviewed here previously. CD and amplifier.” High praise indeed. Thank you very much Mr Golan and Ofer at Audio Maestro (iFi: Israel)!



Enjoy the Music competition to win iFi components!

29 August 2013, To celebrate the launch of the magical iTube which is taking the market by storm, we are excited to announce that EnjoytheMusic.com is running a competition to win a number of iFi components. Just click on the link and follow the instructions….best of luck to you all! This is a global competition. The winner to collect his/her iFi prize from their nearest stockist. (Please note: one entry per person and this competition is not open to anyone affiliated to iFi or AMR)



Philippines young head fiyers getting jeepney with iFi

26 August 2013, “iDAC: For me, this is the best product in the product line…A big addition to the iDAC‘s plus points is with how it can simply be powered through the USB. Truly portable indeed. Power on top is also impressive by being able to power 600 ohms through the high gain. Pairing the iDAC to a warm amplifier was ethereal. Bliss filled enjoyment indeed! Making the iDAC my favorite product from the line!”
Thanks to Cholo at When in Manila!



StereoSound’s Fu-san ADDS the iUSB power and Gemini D-H USB Cable to his reference system

21 August 2013, Fu-san is one of the most well-respected writers for the venerable Stereo Sound audio magazine (Japan). Fu-san’s system now includes the iFi iUSB Power+Gemini D-H cable! Brief write-up here: https://www.facebook.com/nobuyuki.fu/posts/357545924373887 iFi in StereoSound?…watch this space and as always, yoroshiku Ryo-san!



Music Emotion says ‘Less is More, with 6 iFi components!’

12 August 2013, Music Emotion, one of the most esteemed audio magazines in the Netherlands had this to say about the full ifi system, “Well, how do you summarise such a test of six different but each still as strong the other in an appropriate manner? In any case, by saying that the iFi Micro series without exception is beautifully built and each is a great sounding device for very interesting prices and even as your system changes over time.” Many thanks to Music Emotion and Daluso (ifi: Netherlands).



iLINK, iUSB Power and Gemini makes Yoshidaen very happy

3 August 2013, With thanks to Ryo-san (iFi Japan) and Google translate: “I listen DD converter in the UK iFi-Audio, USB regulator, a USB cable. It was well done, but any, iUSB Power is particularly recommended. Used for the purpose of connecting between the DA converter and the PC, to block noise from the PC. The effect is high, improvement of S / N ratio, expansion of the range, quality improvement, such as a fundamental amount of information raise is possible.



Harada’s Famous ‘Recording Room’ favours iUSBPower and Gemini !

30 July 2013, We would like to thank Harada-san for ‘trying’ and ‘liking’ the iUSB Power and Gemini D-H USB cable and subsequently adding them to his reference recording equipment. Harada-san is one of the most famous recording engineers in Japan and beyond. Having done work for labels such as EMI/Toshiba, CBS/Sony, OnAir, and Victor. Recorded albums included Al Jarreau and Herbie Hancock! We are seriously bowled over. Thanks to Ryo-san and iFi: Japan for arranging this.



The Little Boxes That Could’ The Absolute Sound

18 July 2013, With thanks to Steven Stone and Avatar Acoustics (ifi: USA)… “I suspect that many audiophiles will purchase iFi products with the intention of using them in a portable, traveling, or desktop system. But after trying any one of these little wonders, you might be tempted to move them into your main system. That could be a mistake. Why? Because once you hear the iFi iDAC, iCAN, and iUSBPower in your main system, you may be forced to buy a second set, because they won’t be coming back out. That’s how well the iFi gear performs.”



e-earphone goes ga ga over Gemini iUSB Power

9 July 2013, With a system of: MacBookPro ⇒ FURUTECH GT2 ⇒ iFi-Micro iUSB POWER ⇒ iFi-Audio GEMINI ⇒ RATOC RAL-24192UT1 ⇒ PS AUDIO NuWAVE DAC ⇒ Marantz PM8004 thanks to e-earphone and google translate: “The wonder really good at this? (^ ^; . listening to sound while considered . You hear a reduced white noise at once and the unpleasant noise is lost surprisingly. I feel resolution is improved with less noise. With the NuWAVE DAC is a DAC wide sound field very, I felt localization became better. When I heard with the speakers in particular, localization is firmly in the center. I felt the sound was smooth With that said,. was I introduced the USB cable + isolator that you want to use a set”
We have no idea what iFi has with jet planes at Narita!



J-Fi: iLINK with iUSB Power boosts Teac DSD

29 June 2013, Who says DSD cant be improved? The £700 Teac UD-501 is already a good machine but the iUSB and iLINK took it up a few notches: With thanks to Learnchords and Google translate: “Resolution increases, the sound quality, now hear more accurately the sound of individual instruments. Perspective is easy to understand, the sound was gently ringing in the background is now also more clearly. It has a sound engine JPlay is within, but sometimes there was that when playing over the high load to the PC, the sound is interrupted by the tone of the PC, but it is a bit strange, but it is no longer most iLink after insertion . It is not lost at all, I’m happy bonus. I think the effect was so large and very iLink iUSB Power, to be not exclude from the system anymore.”



Digital Audio Review picks iUSB as a No brainer and iDAC as not bad either!

14 June 2013, With many thanks to Digital Audio Blog, ‘This has some serious implications for the deluxe music server sector. Why spend $2-3k building a bespoke PC or buying off-the-shelf megabuck servers when a $200 appendage will soothe EMI/RFI nerves on ANY device with a single clunk-click?…At that price, EVERY serious digital audiophile should have one. A round of applause, please.’ Apologies for this review from January which slipped through our review net.



K-Fi Waxes Lyrical about the iUSB Power

29 May 2013,With thanks to Headphone World and Naver for reviewing the iUSB Power… “British luxury hi-fi audio brand, AMR bring their trickle-down technology in the synonymous low price combination of iDAC + iUSBPower which is very enjoyable. The iDAC is possible for personal use. It is very satisfying despite the computer’s power supply noise without the iUSBPower. But if you want good sound beyond the standard computer power supply, let’s clean! With the iFi Audio iUSBPower.”



Stereophile Hot on Heels of TAS in praising iFi.

1 May 2013, Art Dudley like the combo, ‘The iFi Audio iDAC performed without flaw, playing music files with exceptional clarity, a natural-sounding tonal balance, and fine color and texture. It was detailed and pleasantly dramatic and forceful, the latter qualities serving not only the high-resolution examples described above, but bog-standard MP3s, too…’ After seeing off like priced peers, it also compared favourably to more higher priced gear. Thank you Stereophile and Art Dudley.