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The iLINK is the ultimate USB to SPDIF converter. Rather than start with the converter chip, we went beyond and analysed the whole transmission and conversion process. Only by doing this fundamental ground-work could we overcome inherent sonic deficiencies seen in mainstream converters.

When a digital signal is converted from one format to another, jitter ensues on numerous fronts. To tackle jitter and related undesirable issues which add up to negatively impact the overall sonic picture. The iLINK is the only converter of its kind with advanced technology not seen in any other converter; Super Digital Output® and Jitter Elimination Technology JET®.

All the while, it is able to handle Asynchronous HD audio up to 24/192. Its unassuming size believes its uncanny jitter-busting ability. The faithfulness to the original recording is simply unparalleled. It is now finally possible to enjoy a totally faithful recording from a Computer Audio Source to an SPDIF-input device such as SPDIF DAC. The iLINK. Completely Re-Linked.

iDAC_text_1_l iDAC_text_1_r
Normal Digital Output: bright, flat and harsh digital sound iLink’s Super Digital Output: solid, full body and natural sound


Jitter Elimination Technology JET® does what no other converter can do. It crucially removes jitter in the audible band to which the human ear is most sensitive. The generic jitter filtering ability is effective only higher up in the range; beyond the audible band. With an appreciation of this ‘blind side’ of existent technology and with the unusual technical know-how to develop jitter filtering lower in the audible band, JET® specifically filters the most troublesome jitter in the critical audible range.

Only in the iLINK do you find JET® combined with the existent filtering to virtually banish jitter. JET® is a major feature of the iLINK and does not exist in others, even ultra-expensive converters.

Output Jitter




Super Digital Output® encapsulates the following array of unprecedented design features: High-Level Output; Galvanic Isolation; True-Balanced output; Perfect Impedance Matching and Ultra-Fast Rise Time.

These were all developed through a meticulous analysis and resulting ground-up re-design of each SPDIF transmission protocol: Optical, BNC and RCA. The end was worth the means as jitter, noise and other issues are reduced to the vanishing point.


Advances in Computer Audio technology have pushed the quality past CD. The iLINK can bring a suitably-powerful DAC bang up-to-date to realise the full, stunning potential from modern High-Definition digital formats – up to 24Bit/192kHz and beyond.

Audio Data Bandwidth




Full-Speed USB 2.0 type-B
Super Digital Outputs (RCA) x 2
• High Level: The ONLY converter to match the other main type of SPDIF receiver; with a
corresponding higher signal output.
• Normal Level: Standard SPDIF output
Optical Output*
*: This transmission standard is inherently limited to 96kHz
Compatible with High-Speed USB 2.0 (24-Bit/192kHz)
Power (max.): < 2.5W
Dimensions: 158(l)x68(w)x28(h)mm
Weight: 265g(0.58lbs)

User Manual

Please click the below icon to view the FAQs.

If you do not see solution to your query, then please do not hesitate to open a support ticket here: http://support.ifi-audio.com/open.php


Rick from Sweden enjoying the iLink Micro!


We’ve just received these very kind comments from a iFi customer via Facebook….

“I’m quite new into the hifi community. I bought a ifi ilink and not expecting very much since I’m quite sceptical and always trust me own ears and never some marketing gimmick or other peoples opinions. However WOW!!! What an upgrade! The cost benefit ratio is through the roof! I said to my local hifi dealer after buying, “now I know what jitter is”. The music is much more precise, its like its more correct now, the accuracy is increased. In other words, less jitter! Also the noise floor is significantly lower, when I raise or lower the volume its ONLY the volume of the music that raises or lowers and not some background noise.
Before having the ilink I used the music player amarra 3.0 on my mac mini for playback of my local flac files. The difference between amarra 3.0 and other hifi software playback programs was quite impressive. Now with ilink there is no difference to speak of between amarra and even streaming with tidal original client. The ilnk improve the signal in such a way that I don’t have to think about what playback program I use! They all sound equally good, streaming, local files and whatever playback method doesn’t matter now and before it was very important for sound quality. Now I exclusively use streaming with tidal since it gives access to so much music and it sounds almost on par to expensive software with when using ilink. Thanks very much for a great product IFI, regards Rick from Sweden”

Thanks Rick!

iLink: Jitter, Noise and other problems are reduced to zero!


“iFi iLink is a USB-SPDIF converter class. Designed to the highest quality signal transmission for those who wish to use your PC with DAC having SPDIF or optical input. Instead of starting with a converter chip developers iFi in his creative impulse went further, analyzing the whole process of transmission and transformation…..Technology jitter Jitter Elimination Technology JET® doing what others can not converters. It significantly reduces jitter in the audible range to which the human ear is most sensitive. Inherently effective jitter filtering just outside of the range, ie, outside the audible range…..Technology Super Digital Output® following encapsulates a number of unprecedented design features: a high-level output; galvanic isolation; truly balanced output; the perfect coordination of the impedance and ultra-fast rise time…….The end result is worth the money because jitter, noise and other problems are reduced to zero.”

Thanks Doctorhead.ru and Qvinta audio (iFi:Russia)

Translated with Google



iLink: Great sound for a great price!

“IFI iLink has a single USB port type B, which you use to connect to a computer or alternatively with IFI iUSB, which provides a “cleaner” power over USB for external converters….In the meantime, however, I must say that the IFI iLink for me is more interesting…IFI iLink is quite compact box, which relies on the same design as in the case of other products IFI.To use the iLink USB / SPDIF converter you need no power adapter because they could get by with power directly from the USB. It is for me a significant advantage….IFI iLink also has a switch that activates or deactivates called. (JET Jitter Elimination Technology). To what extent would eliminate jitter works.

Thanks Petr Štefek of Svetaudia and Exaudio.cz (iFi:Czezh Republic)!



iLINK pays off for welborne of review33.com!

“Today I listened to Touch + ifi iLink more and concentrated on high pitch female vocal and violin solo recording. I am using only the usb cable that comes with the iLink, and use Normal spdif output mode. There are a few album which I found v annoying before and now I could listen through and could not detect those ringing that my ears are quite sensitive to. I guess the reclocking at iLink has paid off. I will borrow a iUsb Power + gemini twin head usb cable from a friend and hear for any improvement (yes a lady, a dj who does music for our tango party and under my introduction she bought iFi’s dac, iTube and iUSB Power etc) :)”

Thanks welborne of review33.com! And not forgetting your lady friend for loaning you her ifi gear :-)!



Absolute area of audio OTO-TOY-LAB / Takahashi Atsushi Takahashi Kentaro

2 March 2014, In the first of a series by audio engineer Kentaro Takahashi whose music distribution site OTOTOY, is working on hi-res & DSD in his “OTO-TOY-LAB” blog, th nano IDSD , and iLink are featured. The “Audio absolute area of Atsushi Takahashi” series of Phile-web also sees the nano iDSD featured. Recording engineers and DJs alike are getting in on the iFi product range – grrrrreat. Yoroshiku Ryo-san and iFi-audio.co.jp!



Computer Audiophile customer ‘Liam from Ireland’ concludes the iLINK is a keeper!

3 February 2014, “In the last week I added the iLink in place of the Hiface2 converter, preferring to use the spdif input in the m2tech Young dac over the USB input. The iLink brings further soundstage clarity, space, and depth, divorcing elements that tended to locate nearer the speakers more into what I accept as their more rightful place in the recording further back with a perception of space around. Again gains in the likes of piano tone and naturalness of voices, noticeable in choirs. Base articulation and tunefulness is improved.”



Size doesn’t matter…not when it comes to iFi

13 December 2013, Reviewer Max Delissen penned an extremely complimentary and thorough review of the iFi micro range from the iUSB Power right through to the iPHONO.
“The Micro series and the associated cables iFi has a wonderful range of highly affordable and (sometimes very far) above their price-performance products put down…iFi is beautifully designed audio bonbons, audiophile delicious candy that can be consumed. unabashed in quantities And that’s a good thing, because it is just as addictive as ‘real’ candy …” Thank you Max!



Music Emotion says ‘Less is More, with 6 iFi components!’

12 August 2013, Music Emotion, one of the most esteemed audio magazines in the Netherlands had this to say about the full ifi system, “Well, how do you summarise such a test of six different but each still as strong the other in an appropriate manner? In any case, by saying that the iFi Micro series without exception is beautifully built and each is a great sounding device for very interesting prices and even as your system changes over time.” Many thanks to Music Emotion and Daluso (ifi: Netherlands).


iLINK, iUSB Power and Gemini makes Yoshidaen very happy


3 August 2013, With thanks to Ryo-san (iFi Japan) and Google translate: “I listen DD converter in the UK iFi-Audio, USB regulator, a USB cable. It was well done, but any, iUSB Power is particularly recommended. Used for the purpose of connecting between the DA converter and the PC, to block noise from the PC. The effect is high, improvement of S / N ratio, expansion of the range, quality improvement, such as a fundamental amount of information raise is possible.



HiFi711.com User’s Triple iFi System

23 July 2013, With thanks to ‘The Countrymen’ on HiFi711.com and Google translate. “In short, this iLink digital interface to listen carefully he found that the sound is very delicate, there is a good sound cultivation. This section iLink interface supports up 24Bit/192kHz HD digital music player….this will undoubtedly sound better than a few hundred dollars, because the general is “a sub-price goods” is wrong, especially authentic products designed by a knowledgeable German.” We certainly get the gist that the iFi trio was well-liked. thanks!



J-Fi: iLINK with iUSB Power boosts Teac DSD

29 June 2013, Who says DSD cant be improved? The £700 Teac UD-501 is already a good machine but the iUSB and iLINK took it up a few notches: With thanks to Learnchords and Google translate: “Resolution increases, the sound quality, now hear more accurately the sound of individual instruments. Perspective is easy to understand, the sound was gently ringing in the background is now also more clearly. It has a sound engine JPlay is within, but sometimes there was that when playing over the high load to the PC, the sound is interrupted by the tone of the PC, but it is a bit strange, but it is no longer most iLink after insertion . It is not lost at all, I’m happy bonus. I think the effect was so large and very iLink iUSB Power, to be not exclude from the system anymore.”


iFi USB Audio Driver Installation & Download