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A fantastic dynamic range means more of everything. More detail, more musical, and most of all: more fun. When it’s relaxation time – your ears will be treated to a rarefied, luxurious sound. All your music will sound striking on the iDAC.

Resolution matters. Yet the realism of playback matters more. These are all determined by a number of factors — like the USB interface technology, power supply quality, and the analogue output stage. The iDAC uses a highly-advanced Asynchronous/Jitterless USB interface (trickle-down technology from AMR’s high-end audio equipment) to give not just good but perfect audio transfer.

With 3 dedicated internal power supplies, they provide a clean environment for the DAC to produce high-resolution audio. Augmented by the ESS Hyperstream Chipset — typically reserved for expensive high-end audio equipment, music reproduction is startling realistic.

iDAC_text_1_l iDAC_text_1_r
Computer audio:low resolution, noisy, lacking clarity and boring sound iFi iDAC: improved resolution and clarity, much more engaging and enjoyable sound


Advances in Computer Audio technology have pushed the quality past CD. Only a DAC that is capable of replaying the highest-quality recordings unhindered can realise the full, stunning potential from modern High-Definition digital formats – up to 24Bit/192kHz and beyond.

These recordings are almost all exclusively available as downloads for replay via computer. To accept anything less from a DAC designed to partner computers for music replay is to accept a compromise in sound quality. For iFi, this was not an option.

Audio Data Bandwidth



The ESS Sabre is one of the highest-quality DACs bar none. That’s because the ESS Sabre chip’s advanced Hyperstream technology provides up to 10x better signal-to-noise ratio, superior dynamic range, and unrivalled jitter rejection making it audibly superior to the competition.

Music is incredibly clear, virtually tangible. Bass lines are sharper and more powerful than ever, music is life-like.


Realism and resolution matter. These and other qualities are determined by a number of factors — the USB interface technology, power supply quality, and the analogue output stage. The iDAC uses an advanced Asynchronous/Jitterless USB interface to give the best audio data transfer possible.

With 3 dedicated internal power supplies, they provide the purest environment for the DAC. In conjunction with the discrete analogue stage — found in high-end audio equipment — the iDAC reproduces the most faithful and musical high-definition music ever.

The Asynchronous USB audio connection is now commonplace and lauded as the cutting-edge. This was only the starting point for iFi; the iDAC has a super low-jitter Asynchronous USB connection with Bit-Perfect technology. Before the iDAC, this superior technology was reserved for AMR’s expensive high-end DACs. Our engineers bring these advanced technologies to the iDAC at a truly remarkable price point.

Jitter Rejection Ratio



DirectDrive technology (which originated from top-end studio equipment) has negated the need for coupling capacitors to offer a purer, shorter signal path. Behind this technology is direct-coupling and more; resulting in greater power output and lower distortion than most USB-powered audio devices. Headphones are responsive across the frequency range; to give the most undistorted, uncoloured sound. Your ears will be enthralled by the iDAC’s audible superiority.


Signal to Noise Ratio: >111dB(A)
Dynamic Range(-60dBFs): >111dB(A)
Crosstalk: <-102dB(1KHz)
Total Harmonic Distortion(THD): <0.005%
Jitter: Below measurement limit
Frequency Response: 3Hz to 33KHz + 0.1dB/0.3dB


Headphone section:
Output Power: >150mW (15Ω)
Output Voltage: >3.3V (>100Ω)
Signal to Noise Ratio: >97dB(A) (400mV/300R)
Total Harmonic Distortion: <0.003% (400mV/300R)
Output Impedance:(Zout): <1Ω
Power Consumption: < 2.5W
Dimensions: 158(l)x68(w)x28(h)mm
Weight: 265g(0.58 lbs)

User Manual

Please click the below icon to view the FAQs.

If you do not see solution to your query, then please do not hesitate to open a support ticket here: http://support.ifi-audio.com/open.php


Hisoundfi of Head-fi says “The total package… The iFi Audio micro iDSD DAC/amplifier, iUSB 3.0 and Gemini Cable” – 5 stars!
​- Very versatile DAC/amplifier

– All in one DAC/amp solution for home and away

– Ideal driving power for all types of earphones

– Great sound quality

iUSB3.0 nano: “I really like this device when paired with the micro iDSD (via the Gemini Cable which I will cover next) and feel it justifies its asking price…..The most beneficial thing regardless of what DAC you have is how silent the noise floor is. When combined with the micro iDSD, the noise floor is pitch black, even with my most sensitive in-ear monitors. There is no hissing or signal noise that I noticed whatsoever…..Truth be told, the nano iUSB and Gemini cable is the ultimate compliment to an already awesome DAC/amplifier from iFi. It adds to the micro iDSD (or any DAC for that matter) both in terms of functionality and performance.”

iDSD micro: “Once the sampling rate was maxed out, it was time to grab my HD600 and fire up some DSD files. Even upon first listen I had perma-grin. To my ears, without flipping any switches on the unit, the micro iDSD is true to any recording and plays it with a level of resolution and detail that is very, very impressive!…..I could ramble on and on about the sound about the iDSD, but in a nutshell the iDSD plays music with no added color to its presentation. The iDSD will play your music the way it should be heard. It is a very revealing sound thanks to its very accurate sound reproduction.”

Conclusion: ” The various output powers and sound adjustment switches made me revisit earphones I gave up on in the past and find new life in their sound. It may not be the only DAC/amplifier I will ever need, but for now I can say in all honesty that the iDSD offers just about everything I need to enjoy my entire collection of music and earphones.”

​Thanks Hisoundfi!



Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee! iDAC & iUSBPower packs a punch!

“iFi iDAC – that’s what it was about. IFi Company strongly recommends to connect all its products through its proprietary power supply iFi iUSB Power…..The first track, which was launched by iDAC Allan Taylor Colour to the moon in a format flac. Then there was a whole set of Sting, Iron Maiden, Alessandro Safína and of course Duft Punk – Get Lucky (where the same without him). DAC handled excellently! All sounds very decent and nice. With good detail and portrayal. Good attack only stressed the detail when you feel the spinal cord, as the drums run around the room and Sting sings to you in the right then the left ear. In general, the evaluation is very good.”

Thanks Victor Kosteniuk & Avero.com.ua!



Lior of Dtown.co.il reviews the iDAC and iCAN Micro!

” the iDAC very detailed and successful submission, he manages to show the layers of music, with relatively rich serving…. the detail in iFi is one level better. I really liked the feel of the sound….separation actually performs electrical audio signal, so that the power to iDAC not come from the computer with the accompanying noise…..very successful as a converter. He provided the expected added value and gave him the “scent of the HiFi” I had expected…..Both devices offer a high level of finish and quality of sound that suits her and to my mind it body shape and long narrow more practical be placed on a desktop.”

Thanks Lior Koren, dtown.co.il, Ofer and Maestro Audio (iFi:Israel)



Micro iDAC: Surprising!

We received this PDF from our distributor for France, Elite Diffusion.

“iFi Audio has released a line of products housed in the same enclosure light, of small dimensions, made of extruded aluminium….Indeed, the micro iDAC receives digital audio data from the USB port of the computer, the asynchronous mode. It also uses the + 5V USB to feed, with the exception of any other form of spring energy. Output can be connected to a stereo converter input amplifier or active speakers, by means of a pair of RCA connectors. A 3.5 mm jack delivers sufficient power to power stereo headphones….the USB port accepts PCM up to 192 kHz at a maximum resolution of 24….Then the signal is converted by a Sabre ESS chip, highly recognized brand. The analog stages, cared for, do not include series capacitors on the outputs. This product, which is also miniature its price, demonstrated a highly satisfactory musicality as on line outputs on the front jack socket, the audio performance result of a perfectly controlled technology”

Translated by Google.

Thanks Elite Diffusion! (iFi:France)



iDAC & iUSBPower: Beautiful musicality!

” For this, the British manufacturer has created a new brand by the name of iFi-audio, it does not take away the fact that they remain entirely designed by AMR….The iFi iDAC is really a nice surprise, which intelligently combines listening pleasure and good quality / price ratio. It offers a beautiful versatility, since we are talking of a self-powered DAC-compatible 192/24….A beautiful musicality and beautiful stamps…..Dynamic range, THD + N and cleanliness of amazing signal (with iUSB Power)….The price / quality ratio”

Thanks Pierre Dubarry & hdfever.fr!



Turrican2 of Head-fi re-discovers their music collection using the iDAC!

“I first heard the iDac at the April 2013 head-fi meet in London. It was part of the full ifi stack (at the time) consisting of iUSB, iCAN and iDAC. I was amazed at the quality of the sound from this miniature setup and knew right there and then that I was going to own at least some of this gear…I have the iRack also, the iDac fits perfectly into my stack, that’s one of the things I love about iFi, their gear looks as good as it sounds…First thing I noticed was the BASS!…I’m hearing things I’ve never heard before with very familiar tracks. I find electronica in particular is a lot more musical with the iDAC leading to much longer listening sessions. I do love listening to gear which invites me to re-discover my music collection…the iDAC has a real authority about the sound which I love.”

Thanks for review Turrican2 of Head-fi.org!



The iFi Audio Gemini USB Cable – One Cable to Rule Them All?

7 March 2014, The IDAC sounds very realistic. Dynamically it is there, all in moderation and without a sense of losing frequency range. We’re trying to look for certain features that you might miss during testing, but I can not say any. Simply it has everything, open Stereo, even on headsets on both microscopic dab details are there. Many of you know the (excellent subwoofer test) Massive Attack – Angel -t, which is now realized that in addition to a lot of deep, seemingly randomly scattered small hibácska, crash, thump away. Absolutely it’s like a sound coming out of the wall?
Who likes to be on the lips of the singer during fejhallgatózás dobhártyájától millimeters away, the will love the IDAC. Eliane Elias 96 kHz/24 bit up to ( I Thought About You ) was an opportunity to delight in this, the piano and the bass has excellent resolution, accompanied with subtle vocals. The effects distanced themselves from each other, not for one moment we could feel the typical, simple DAC blurred presentation thereof. Another interesting fact is that even with a low quality 320kbps Coldplay one can discover the electric guitar and the “authenticity”, all enveloped in a gaseous, digitally compressed curtain … but what we have heard, it seemed alive. And the Youth sound of music not only benefit the La Grande Bellezza c. Italian films such as well-defined dialog voices and spacious sound field we heard the madárcsicsergéstől Roman morajáig public transport.
Thanks to A&V Online of Hungary and to Pixel for organising the review!



Qobuz does a thorough teardown of the iDAC and the sonics aren’t bad either!

6 March 2014, Qobuz is a hi-res music streaming service from France. Well, they also publish audio product reviews. They have carried out a very tear-down and thorough analysis of the parts quality of the iDAC. Which is a bit different from the norm. Sonically, then does the iDAC deliver? It sure does:
“Masters in Studio version 24-bit 192 kHz, the Allegro from The American Suite by Dvorak Festival Orchestra conducted by Ivan Fischer Budapest rutile all its colors with a good presence of the triangle, and its flights are dynamic undergo any stress while the impact of the timpani comes stir eardrums….The famous Hotel California the Eagles in his Masters Studio version 24 bits at 96 kHz, sounds brilliantly, with a very present through the iDAC while in the singer’s voice and the bass guitar is a little less pronounced see that in normal times, which to our ears is not necessarily worse, sharpness of this piece sometimes seeming a little pronounced…..We also appreciate the reproduction through the IDAC song The Origin Of Love taken from the eponymous albumMika sings with good humor and a communicative enthusiasm by providing an extra bit of sunshine, it’s very nice. The headphone output, there are sound pleasantly soft and light typical to this unit and it may be noted that the amplifier does not lack power and easily responds to the dynamics of the music.”
Merci to Qobuz and to Elite Diffusion (iFi: France)!



English Sound Performs demo of iDAC with Uber System with AMR Computer Audio Source

18 February 2014, We admit our Russian is somewhat rusty but from this system comprising of AMR CAS + iFi iDAC + Brinkmann + Auratone 5C speakers it seems to really soar and the listeners seemed to agree too.
Even on You Tube, there is a sense of the spaciousness which is quite neat.
Not too shoddy for a Euro299 DAC in a Euro7k system!
We would like to thank English Sound of RUS/UKR for arranging the demo. Nice tunes guys…”
A big thanks to “Hydra” and iFi India for this very thorough and positive review of the iDAC!



iFi India breaks ground with glowing customer review of the iDAC

15 January 2014, “If I were starting out to build my digital system now, and if I had a budget under Rs.25,000.00, I would definitely pick up an iDAC up and use it with a PC or laptop as the source. Also, I think I’d be sending a far better source signal to an amplifier than I would, had I been using an entry-level CD Player, or DAC available in India at this range.
The iDAC is a very portable device and can be used with a laptop directly, without external power. If used with a headphone and laptop, one could have a high-quality listening experience without the need for a single power outlet. With a pair of active speakers, the rest of this setup would be a very nice office system, or a great option for a frequent traveller, or for a student in a hostel.”
A big thanks to “Hydra” and iFi India for this very thorough and positive review of the iDAC!



Size doesn’t matter…not when it comes to iFi

13 December 2013, Reviewer Max Delissen penned an extremely complimentary and thorough review of the iFi micro range from the iUSB Power right through to the iPHONO.
“The Micro series and the associated cables iFi has a wonderful range of highly affordable and (sometimes very far) above their price-performance products put down…iFi is beautifully designed audio bonbons, audiophile delicious candy that can be consumed. unabashed in quantities And that’s a good thing, because it is just as addictive as ‘real’ candy …” Thank you Max!



Stereohead Italia find the iUSB+iDAC more than run of the mill

29 September 2013, “The iDAC despite being powered by a usb dac presented a performance by small sample , making it very neutral and with a high level of detail, although not resulting cold or tiring. In addition to quality as dac, even the ‘headphone output has a good performance with low-impedance headphones , IEM for less with the problems of hiss. Excellent value for money. The IUSB has instead left us less open-mouthed . If you have a ‘usb output good and free from problems is a purchase that you may very well avoid given the price not really low and not in line with the improvements, while it can be really useful if you have problems with interference on your usb sockets that with this object will be totally eliminated.” Grazie to editor: Matteo Turotti and ProAudio (iFi: Italy)!



Klub audio stereo raves about iDAC/Gemini and iUSB Power

29 September 2013, Using Google translation: “Admittedly Gemini at a lower price offers very similar ceiling for external power supply in terms of growth, but only listen complete “troika” allows you to appreciate the luxury of an all black and noiseless background it provides iUSBPower. appearance on the market IFI I consider to be one of the most interesting debuts of recent months and I strongly urge you to listening, as these beautifully made devices offer unmatched in its price range sound quality while offering portability so that leaving in the short or For longer trips do not have to give up the association with really high quality sound.” With thanks to editor: Marcin Olszewski for the very nice article and Moje Audio (iFi: Poland) for arranging the review.



iFi Triple review – works like a charm and somewhat sonically similar to the far more expensive…

24 September 2013, HiFi Music of Israel reviewed the iFi triumvirate and said, “This may sound a little wishful thinking, but with the iUSB Power and Gemini cable – the iDAC reminded me more than any other product I know of the series – 777 of AMR reviewed here previously. CD and amplifier.” High praise indeed. Thank you very much Mr Golan and Ofer at Audio Maestro (iFi: Israel)!



Little Big iDAC

19 September 2013, Nope, not the PS3 game but the iDAC. Stereo & Mono put the iDAC through its paces and concluded: ‘…(the) future is actually here in it’s bizarre form. We might be smacked with the punch of industrialization and globalization on each steps our lives, but we’re also blessed with the benefits of high-tech being at the reach of our hands. And i-Fi iDac is a little big messenger of these times. Highly recommended.’ Thank you Stereo&Mono!



Enjoy the Music competition to win iFi components!

29 August 2013, To celebrate the launch of the magical iTube which is taking the market by storm, we are excited to announce that EnjoytheMusic.com is running a competition to win a number of iFi components. Just click on the link and follow the instructions….best of luck to you all! This is a global competition. The winner to collect his/her iFi prize from their nearest stockist. (Please note: one entry per person and this competition is not open to anyone affiliated to iFi or AMR)



Philippines young head fiyers getting jeepney with iFi

26 August 2013, “iDAC: For me, this is the best product in the product line…A big addition to the iDAC‘s plus points is with how it can simply be powered through the USB. Truly portable indeed. Power on top is also impressive by being able to power 600 ohms through the high gain. Pairing the iDAC to a warm amplifier was ethereal. Bliss filled enjoyment indeed! Making the iDAC my favorite product from the line!”
Thanks to Cholo at When in Manila!



Music Emotion says ‘Less is More, with 6 iFi components!’

12 August 2013, Music Emotion, one of the most esteemed audio magazines in the Netherlands had this to say about the full ifi system, “Well, how do you summarise such a test of six different but each still as strong the other in an appropriate manner? In any case, by saying that the iFi Micro series without exception is beautifully built and each is a great sounding device for very interesting prices and even as your system changes over time.” Many thanks to Music Emotion and Daluso (ifi: Netherlands).



iDAC and iCAN alive and neutral!

8 August 2013, With thanks to DE Audio.eu (and Headphoniaks iFi Spain for arranging), “The iDAC / iCAN are very good quality, with a restrained price (300 €) but not exactly cheap, it improves the other competitors in this segment of average quality. You can improve, have very good things and some design aspects for improvement but do not make it impossible to use…The iCAN is an amp that I liked a lot, with my headphones I enjoyed it very much, not being analytical. If you have a headset the €500 will give you a good without doubt.”



The Little Boxes That Could’ The Absolute Sound

18 July 2013, With thanks to Steven Stone and Avatar Acoustics (ifi: USA)… “I suspect that many audiophiles will purchase iFi products with the intention of using them in a portable, traveling, or desktop system. But after trying any one of these little wonders, you might be tempted to move them into your main system. That could be a mistake. Why? Because once you hear the iFi iDAC, iCAN, and iUSBPower in your main system, you may be forced to buy a second set, because they won’t be coming back out. That’s how well the iFi gear performs.”



Sound & Vision ‘LIKES’ the iDAC+iCAN

30 May 2013, Sound & Vision, sister of What HiFi here in the UK had the following to say ‘While manufacturers of affordable audio devices often face difficult choices when it comes to components (it’s hard to get to those low price points without taking every opportunity to save a penny), worry not — AMR’s engineers have been careful not to skimp where it counts in the iFi line…..the iFi rig feels like it has more headroom, and the front panel mode switches (which I’d initially figured I’d never touch) proved surprisingly handy….If you really want depth-charge bass, it pairs quite well with headphones that can really deliver the lows cleanly, like the Audezes and the HE-500.’ Thanks Michael Berk!



Stereophile Hot on Heels of TAS in praising iFi.

1 May 2013, Art Dudley like the combo, ‘The iFi Audio iDAC performed without flaw, playing music files with exceptional clarity, a natural-sounding tonal balance, and fine color and texture. It was detailed and pleasantly dramatic and forceful, the latter qualities serving not only the high-resolution examples described above, but bog-standard MP3s, too…’ After seeing off like priced peers, it also compared favourably to more higher priced gear. Thank you Stereophile and Art Dudley.



Enjoy the Music praises the iFi Triple Combo

1 May 2013 ‘You could easily spend two to five times the cost of the iPhono and iDAC + iUSBPower and not gain much or any sonic benefit.’ Punchy and succinct. Thank you ETM and Clive Meakins!



Part Time Audiophile’s Brian (AudioHead) relaxes with the iDAC+iCAN

26th April 2013, ‘Both the iCAN and iDAC deliver a very lean-back-and-listen type of richness to the desktop experience.’ We certainly concur, iFi is not for those in pursuit of the last drop of detail. We want our listeners to relax to the music! Thanks to Brian and Part-Time Audiophile



HD Fever finds the iUSB/iDAC Haute Couture

15th April 2013, “The iFi iDAC is really a nice surprise, which combines intelligent listening pleasure and a good price/quality ratio. It offers a great versatility, since it is a self-powered DAC-compatible 192/24, where most are still levelled at 96/24, one more function is the headphone amp which is not simply there to look pretty.” Pierre, merci beaucoup.



Adventures in High Fidelity Audio amazed by the wonderful iDAC and iUSB

10 February 2013, Neil K, editor of Adventures of High Fidelity Audio was quite smitten by the iDAC and iUSB Power, ‘…there are times when one knows that one is in the presence of something special, but it wasn’t until I had these units in my own system that I got the full sense of how good the iFi products are.’ When we say put the iDAC up against more costly competitors, we didn’t mean THE DP-777! Seriously, we wish to thank AiHFA for taking the time to thoroughly audition the iDAC and iUSB Power.



iUSB AND iDAC awarded ‘Greatest Bits’ by AudioStream

26 December 2012, Editor Michael Lavorgna pushed the iFi Duo hard…”This was another review where it was mostly all fun from the first to the last notes played through the iFi duo. Like the Halide DAC HD ($495), Wadia 121 ($1,299), and Resonessence Labs Invicta ($3,995), I enjoyed every musical minute.” Running with the big guns.



iFi Audio Micro iDAC / iUSBPower REVIEW

14 Dec 2012 We were most pleased to find that Mr Gary Pearce of Witchdoctor awarded the iUSB + iDAC 5 stars outta 5! ‘Purchased on its own the iDac is a killer piece of computer audio gear. ……Add the iUSBPower and it really soars above the 2+ in terms of performance with stunning sound.’ Many thanks Mr Pearce.



iFi Bewitches at the National Audio Show’s Headzones 2012

November 2012, I can’t recall hearing anything quite like this before from headphones, not even from a pair of Jecklin Floats which are well-known for presenting music in front of one’s head. Not in it. To say I was excited is putting it mildly.



iFi Audio Micro iDAC / iUSBPower REVIEW

14 Dec 2012 We were most pleased to find that Mr Gary Pearce of Witchdoctor awarded the iUSB + iDAC 5 stars outta 5! ‘Purchased on its own the iDac is a killer piece of computer audio gear. ……Add the iUSBPower and it really soars above the 2+ in terms of performance with stunning sound.’ Many thanks Mr Pearce.



Hi-Fi+/TAS Can-Jam 2012 Report – Part 1

23 Oct 2012, Chris Martens of AVguide.com report on the iFi micro from RMAF: “But don’t be misled by the affordable pricing, though; the beautifully finished iFi Micro components are very serious both in intent and in the sonic results they achieve.”



Avatar Acoustics’ Multiple World Premieres

Oct 17, 2012 Jason Victor Serinus of Stereophile report on the iFi micro from RMAF: “I was especially seduced by the system’s compelling warmth in the midrange and correctly proportioned bass. But really, everything in this room sounded really good.”



iFi from Avatar Acoustics & AMR

Oct 17, 2012 Stephen Mejias of Stereophile report on the iFi micro from RMAF: “Michael Lavorgna went home with the iDac, Michael Fremer went home with the iPhono, “



RMAF 2012 iFi

Oct 13, 2012 Michael Lavorgna of Stereophile report on the iFi micro from RMAF and brought one home: “The iDAC is small enough to easily fit in a backpack just like the one I carry around audio shows (hint).”



National Audio Show 2012

September 2012, The Audio Beat at the National Audio Show 2012: “These products all fit within very compact cases and prices start at £99. Though small they are designed to offer high-end sound and plenty of features. “


iFi USB Audio Driver Installation & Download