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Creating a one-box-fits-all-headphones amplifier was a challenge. That’s because headphones are a diverse lot. So when our engineers designed the new iCAN, they didn’t start with the amplifier; they started with the headphones.

Unlike traditional headphone amplifiers, the design of the iCAN is based on the whole gamut of headphones. This atypical approach has bestowed upon the iCAN a unique ability to realise the full potential of each and every headphone.

First and foremost, it was designed for the finest sound quality. With XBass you hear deeper, richer and cleaner bass. The 3D Holographic Sound system creates headphone-based music that is free-flowing rather than restricted.

Power Output





Recordings are made for speakers not headphones. This explains the oft-found ‘inside your head’ headphone listening experience. The 3D Holographic Sound system rectifies this to transport the performer from inside your head, to in your room.

We wanted a headphone amplifier that recreates the most vivid music performance to let your imagination run free; similar to a live concert where the group is playing in front of you. Vibrant, dynamic and resolving: the music stirs you. Above all, with the 3D HolographicSound system, we created a truly high-end 3D sound field without the use of any sound-damaging DSP# whatsoever.

The only thing to come close? Only a few of the best professional-grade headphone amplifiers used in international recording studios. The iCAN is in a class of its own making studio-quality audio affordable.

iCAN_text_2_l iCAN_text_2_r
Without 3D HolographicSound WITH 3D HolographicSound


From the instant you connect your headphones to the iCAN, you realise this is exactly how headphones should sound. This Class A TubeState amplification plays a large part; giving an unprecedented level of clarity and authenticity to deliver a ‘living in the moment’ listening experience.

To attain the ultimate sonic quality, our engineers looked to the Golden Age of audio design. The ground-up iCAN design boasts an unconventional Class A TubeState amplification not of ‘hybrid’ but ‘tri-brid’ circuitry; blending the best of Bi-Polar devices, J-Fets and Advanced Discrete components.

With negligible distortion, superior damping factor and excellent transient response, your music simply sounds better than ever. This means perfect-matching of the iCAN to your headphones. Whatever your genre; Rock, Jazz and Classical — music is sweet, vivid, and above all: lifelike.


To achieve the best match to extract the maximum performance from all manner of headphones, our engineers painstakingly tested, measured and auditioned hundreds of headphones.

The end justified the means as the XBass sound enhancement system is adjustable to suit each and every pair of headphones; large and small headphones alike now reach the deepest bass notes like never before.

Like the 3D Holographic Sound system and true to iFi’s high-end audio DNA, the XBass circuitry functions without the use of any sound-damaging DSP# whatsoever.


Our designers left no stone unturned to achieve the finest audio quality. iFi’s DirectDrive technology is directly-coupled for the shortest signal path. It is also more as DriveDrive delivers higher power with lower distortion compared to many USB-powered audio devices.

With real control and sonic authority, the iCAN is 27x more powerful than the Apple® iPod® Touch and 9x more powerful than the MacBook® Air. Saxophones have that golden leading-edge just like the real thing. Vocals have a palpable body and depth. Drums sizzle one moment yet are thunderous the next.

Damping Factor




Gain: 0dB, 10dB and 20dB user-selectable
Signal to Noise Ratio: >117dB(A)
Total Harmonic Distortion(THD): <0.003%(400mV/150R)
Frequency Response: 0.5Hz to 500KHz(-3dB)
Output Impedance: <1 ohm
Output Power: >400mW(32Ω)
Output Voltage: >5V (>600Ω)
Input Voltage: AC 100 – 240V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption: < 4W idle, 10W max.
Dimensions: 158(l)x68(w)x28(h)mm
Weight: 216g(0.48lbs)


User Manual

Please click the below icon to view the FAQs.

If you do not see solution to your query, then please do not hesitate to open a support ticket here: http://support.ifi-audio.com/open.php


The iCan Micro & Pro iCan used during the review of HiFiMan HE-350!


A well written review about the HiFiMan HE-350 by Head-fi user, moedawg140, who used iFi products to evaluate his findings!

iCan Micro SE: “The micro iCAN SE is an amp that produces a defined and resolute sound signature, especially when coupled with the QP1R. Detail is palpable, and the micro/macro detail of the HE350 truly shines. The “3D HolographicSound” setting helps add in a little more forward, rich and transparent sound field perception.”

iCan Pro: “I wanted to try out the HE350 with a balanced amp, so I used my HE1000 balanced cable with the HE350, connected to the Pro iCAN I had on loan for a couple of weeks…….The Pro iCAN is connected to the QP1R as the source. The resulting sound is utterly transparent, fluid and the smooth presentation is resounding. Delicate, yet full of depth and dynamic in nature. Seriously blissful sounding and truly brings out every last drop of the technical capabilities the HE350 is able to emanate. The GE 5670 brings out the warmth of the HE350 with no inherent brightness, just a more clear view of the treble as it has been softened to seemingly refresh the senses.”

Thanks for using iFi moedawg140!



thatonenoob tries out the iCan Micro and SE!


” I personally found that the iCAN SE was more closed, intimate, and fuller sounding, whereas the iCAN standard was more strident and airy. It’s more a matter of personal preference, but I found both amplifiers to be very agreeable with most headphones……I did enjoy my time with iFi quite a lot. It’s a great amplifier, and its features are truly well implemented and do provide a meaningful value added. If you’re looking for a new headphone amplifier, I’d heartily recommend the iCAN. It’s discrete, well-built, and most importantly, sounds excellent. I must say that a purchase to test out the 3D functionality alone would be warranted. Put simply – there’s a lot going on at a highly reasonable price point, and iFi did a job well done with this amplifier.”

Thank you Ken and thatonenoob of Head-fi!


iCan Micro: ‘Special tuned’ says Phileweb!


“In addition to adopting the discrete circuit “Class A Tube State” that has developed the amplification technique of vacuum tube as a model, to eliminate the coupling capacitor of the final output stage, in addition to technology, such as DirectDrive to maintain the purity of sound, by DIP switch delicate gain adjustment function is also equipped. Power in the AC adapter supply, also are available 3D mode and bass boost function to perform a three-dimensional out-of-head play. Headphones to the Audio-Technica “ATH-MSR7”, was listen by using the Astell & Kern “AK380″ to the player, a gloss well smooth, such as a tube amp, it was possible to obtain a high-density sound. Orchestra instrument to hear the rich sound of moisture well Hari, vocal extends well naturally expressed. Jazz piano drew a warm touch, wood-based feel the gloss of thick plump and the overtone. Good tone per ear.”

Thank you Takashi Iwai and Phileweb!


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hxos eikona gets the first look at the iCan Micro Special Edition!


“First global report hxos eikona show 2015 is the new headphone amp iCAN Special Edition of iFI. This is a Class A headphone amplifier with all the care of iFI. O young man has a greater output level in order to drive the most demanding … headphones.”
First look: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=caneI-5j3GA
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Thanks Hxos Eikona!
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iCan Micro: Unlike traditional amplifiers


“Headphone Amplifier iFi iCAN. Unlike traditional amplifiers, iFi iCAN has the ability to sound quality with the full range of headphones. Creating a universal headphone amplifier iFi iCAN was a challenge because of the wide variety of headphones.Therefore, creating iFi iCAN, the developers did not start with the amplifier, and a headphone jack. This unusual approach has provided iFi iCAN opportunity to unleash the full potential of all without exception headphones. Firstly, it is designed to transmit high-quality sound….With technology XBass heard a deep, articulate bass and clean. Technology 3D Holographic Sound generates phenomenal sound perspective…..After connecting the headphones to the iFi iCAN, you will understand exactly how high-quality headphones should sound.Strengthening Class A TubeState plays an important role, providing an unprecedented level of transparency and authenticity when listening.”

Thanks Doctorhead.ru and Qvinta audio (iFi:Russia)

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Ken from the iClub, reviews and pairs the iCan Micro with the iDSD Micro….Good results!

Ken is an iFi customer who won his entry into the iClub during the Christmas holidays and uses the iDSD Micro as both a desktop and portable device. He recently enquired about demoing the iCan Micro as a headphone amp compared to the iDSD Micro’s headphone amp. The results are in and all is good! Does he favour one more than the other? What are his thoughts? Find out for yourselves……..

Unboxing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M7gxzmVDhf0

Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RlpQidbvdDQ&feature=youtu.be

Thanks Ken!


iCan Micro receives 5 stars for Musicality!

“Immediately, the iCan reveals a perfectly rendered register across the full width of the bandwidth with some rigor. No party is put forward, no vanity in the high end or abnormal swelling serious to note. It oscillates between smooth and precise with a lot of micro-detail returned. On the other hand, the iCan is obviously very dynamic, lively with very good very balanced tonal balance while not being in the lace so far…..This gives a pretty amazing sense of presence with a stereo wide and airy image. We feel that this is a headphone amp designed by audiophiles research audio truth, especially on his qualities of dynamism and impulse response. A great surprise for its price both for its embedded technologies and for its musical results.”

Thanks Pierre-Yves Maton and On-mag!



iCan Micro: Class A amp for a Class A guy!

“Going back to the iCAN Micro. A lot of people will ask why one would even need the iCAN if you have already got iDSD Micro which has a very capable headphone output. After adding the iCAN Micro after iDSD Micro the sound becomes sweeter and warmer….I think it might have something to do with its Class A circuit. I am a Class A guy. My main stereo has a set of Pass Labs XA60.5 Class A mono amps, and i also use First Watt J2 Class A amp for my desktop system. To me a class A amp (well designed of course) just sounds more musical and more effortless. It brings you closer to the music. iCAN did exactly that. I also enjoyed the 3D and Xbass feature. For 90% of the time i listen at Xbass Mid setting and 3D Max setting. I really like iFi’s implementations with both as their effects are subtle….I am currently using this set as my office setup. I am completely satisfied and have no intention to make any change, nor do i think that i can do any better without spending significantly more money. I highly recommend this combo to anyone who is looking for a good and flexible desktop setup as well as with some portability.”

Thanks Eric / Blankdisc!



Lior of Dtown.co.il reviews the iDAC and iCAN Micro!

” the iDAC very detailed and successful submission, he manages to show the layers of music, with relatively rich serving…. the detail in iFi is one level better. I really liked the feel of the sound….separation actually performs electrical audio signal, so that the power to iDAC not come from the computer with the accompanying noise…..very successful as a converter. He provided the expected added value and gave him the “scent of the HiFi” I had expected…..Both devices offer a high level of finish and quality of sound that suits her and to my mind it body shape and long narrow more practical be placed on a desktop.”

Thanks Lior Koren, dtown.co.il, Ofer and Maestro Audio (iFi:Israel)


iCan 1

Micro iCAN: A Great surprise!

We received this PDF from our distributor for France, Elite Diffusion.

“This small amplifier that sounds very well….. Immediately, the iCan reveals a perfectly rendered register across the full width of the bandwidth with some rigor….It oscillates between smooth and precise with a lot of micro-detail returned. On the other hand, the iCan is obviously very dynamic, lively with very good tonal balance while not being in the lace so far….This gives a pretty amazing sense of presence with a stereo wide and airy image. We feel that this is a headphone amp designed by audiophiles research audio truth, especially on his qualities of dynamism and impulse response. A great surprise for its price both for its embedded technologies and for its musical results.”

Translated by Google.

Thanks Elite Diffusion (iFi:France) & ON Magazine!




HiFi Choice says micro iCAN gets perfect 5 starts

HiFi Choice (Poland) gives the diminutive micro iCAN a perfect 5 stars and lavishes praise on it, “has a big heart and lots of class” and “This puppy played well with both 1 000 and 3 500 PLN headphones, and in the latter it wasn’t actually bottlenecking sound quality.” Thank you iFi Poland (Moje Audio) and of course Mr Dyba of HiFi Choice!



iCAN is confirmed as an all rounder amp!

“The iFi iCAN Micro is a gorgeous looking piece of kit that packs a lot of features into a small form factor.”

“Besides having quite competent sonics the iCAN also provides a very well done bass boost that’s well controlled and, generally speaking, clean. It also utilizes a type of cross feed circuit that when used will help expand sound stage which comes in handy if you happen to own headphones that sound claustrophobic. If that weren’t enough the iCAN delivers enough juice to easily drive high impedance 600 ohm headphones but can also drive highly sensitive IEM’s by utilizing power output switches, located on the bottom of the amp, which reigns in the juice.

Overall, the iCAN is a good all arounder sort of amp which is fun to play around with if you like to experiment with its various boosts on different gear. A good buy for the new enthusiast looking to get his feet wet whose seeking out their first desktop amp.”

Thanks for the video Arly Borg of Youtube!



Micro iCAN impresses customer Louis!

” I have not heard such good equipment, so moderate (budget) price, which is high-end inclinations….What’s more, there’s this wonderful state of juiciness and saturation of sound, the feeling of his weight and a high concentration of tonal richness…..iCAN has an easy ability to generate artistic, attractive and extensive sound, light in the word, but solid feel….By the way, I will write that the 3D option is best for listening to music realized in the last 10 – 15 year period, with a large presence of electronic instruments – the degree of spatialization (and realism) is the highest and most suggestive…..iCAN iFi is a multifunctional headphone amplifier that offers rich sound – saturated and fresh. This remarkable device in its moderate price less than 1 100 zł. Full recommendation-excellent amp! “

iFi iCAN was borrowed from the Polish distributor of the brand – the company My Audio from Wroclaw.

Thank you Louis Hegel and mojeaudio.pl (iFi:Poland) for this great review!



Sound Perfection concludes the micro iCAN as Sonic Perfection with 10/10

23 January 2014, “So there we have it, an excellent amp that is transparent and has added features over the O2. It is no surprise that this is now ranked #1 in the Desktop amp section of Head-fi, it has been getting a lot of good reviews and this is another, the only thing I would change is putting a on/off switch on it. Sound Perfection Rating: 10/10 (pairs well with everything and has many great features)”
Thanks Oscar Stewart of Sound Perfection, we couldn’t have put it better ourselves.



micro iCAN is no1 rated HP amp on Head-Fi!

16 January 2014, With thanks to the customers who have reviewed and enthused over the micro iCAN, we are proud to announce that the micro iCAN is the no.1 rated headphone amplifier on Head-Fi. Having spent time at no.3, it has jumped to no.1 with the last week or so. Thank you guys and girls. This really means a lot to us. We are very touched.



hifiphilosophy pens eloquent, yet exhaustive 7-page review of the iCAN…

30 September 2013, Probably one of the most thorough reviews of the iCAN yet. From one of the most highly regarded pure headphone reviewers in Poland, Piotr Ryka of hifi philosophy: “For 1 000 PLN the iCAN is first class. This amplifier can play at a really outstanding level and give lots of joy…With the iDAC it outplayed the Asus Xonar Essence soundcard….I can’t go into someone’s own skin and guess whether and to what degree two iCAN regulators will be helpful, but their involvement is very audible, and changes are diametrical. Those (3D/XBass) knobs are a promise of good joy, and that joy is served well indeed.” Dziękuję Piotr, editor and to Moje audio (iFi: Poland)



Enjoy the Music competition to win iFi components!

29 August 2013, To celebrate the launch of the magical iTube which is taking the market by storm, we are excited to announce that EnjoytheMusic.com is running a competition to win a number of iFi components. Just click on the link and follow the instructions….best of luck to you all! This is a global competition. The winner to collect his/her iFi prize from their nearest stockist. (Please note: one entry per person and this competition is not open to anyone affiliated to iFi or AMR)



Philippines young head fiyers getting jeepney with iFi

26 August 2013, “iDAC: For me, this is the best product in the product line…A big addition to the iDAC‘s plus points is with how it can simply be powered through the USB. Truly portable indeed. Power on top is also impressive by being able to power 600 ohms through the high gain. Pairing the iDAC to a warm amplifier was ethereal. Bliss filled enjoyment indeed! Making the iDAC my favorite product from the line!”
Thanks to Cholo at When in Manila!



Music Emotion says ‘Less is More, with 6 iFi components!’

12 August 2013, Music Emotion, one of the most esteemed audio magazines in the Netherlands had this to say about the full ifi system, “Well, how do you summarise such a test of six different but each still as strong the other in an appropriate manner? In any case, by saying that the iFi Micro series without exception is beautifully built and each is a great sounding device for very interesting prices and even as your system changes over time.” Many thanks to Music Emotion and Daluso (ifi: Netherlands).


iDAC and iCAN alive and neutral!


8 August 2013, With thanks to DE Audio.eu (and Headphoniaks iFi Spain for arranging), “The iDAC / iCAN are very good quality, with a restrained price (300 €) but not exactly cheap, it improves the other competitors in this segment of average quality. You can improve, have very good things and some design aspects for improvement but do not make it impossible to use…The iCAN is an amp that I liked a lot, with my headphones I enjoyed it very much, not being analytical. If you have a headset the €500 will give you a good without doubt.”



The Little Boxes That Could’ The Absolute Sound

18 July 2013, With thanks to Steven Stone and Avatar Acoustics (ifi: USA)… “I suspect that many audiophiles will purchase iFi products with the intention of using them in a portable, traveling, or desktop system. But after trying any one of these little wonders, you might be tempted to move them into your main system. That could be a mistake. Why? Because once you hear the iFi iDAC, iCAN, and iUSBPower in your main system, you may be forced to buy a second set, because they won’t be coming back out. That’s how well the iFi gear performs.”



Sound & Vision ‘LIKES’ the iDAC+iCAN

30 May 2013, Sound & Vision, sister of What HiFi here in the UK had the following to say ‘While manufacturers of affordable audio devices often face difficult choices when it comes to components (it’s hard to get to those low price points without taking every opportunity to save a penny), worry not — AMR’s engineers have been careful not to skimp where it counts in the iFi line…..the iFi rig feels like it has more headroom, and the front panel mode switches (which I’d initially figured I’d never touch) proved surprisingly handy….If you really want depth-charge bass, it pairs quite well with headphones that can really deliver the lows cleanly, like the Audezes and the HE-500.’ Thanks Michael Berk!



Justin, editor of Musical Musings relished the iCAN…

28 May 2013, I like the iCAN. I like it quite a bit. It has a flat frequency response, ample power and gain for just about any headphone you can think to throw at it, a slightly warm and pleasing sound and a couple of sound enhancements that don’t compromise resolution when active….There isn’t much to say about the iCAN’s performance. It sounds like a quality desktop amp, no buts about it. “ Thank you Justin, you hit the nail on the head. Thanks!



Noble audio finds iCAN Impressive

7 May 2013, Noble HiFi penned a very nice review of the iCAN, ‘I found the iCan’s sonic attributes to be very nicely balanced. It has an impressive authority to the low frequencies without feeling bloated, there’s a nice feeling of delicacy to the detail and a smoothness which brings very little fatigue. Even with these enhanced abilities turned off the iCan’s sound is powerful, engaging, delicate, spacious and smooth.’ Thank you Edd Noble!



Part Time Audiophile’s Brian (AudioHead) relaxes with the iDAC+iCAN

26th April 2013, ‘Both the iCAN and iDAC deliver a very lean-back-and-listen type of richness to the desktop experience.’ We certainly concur, iFi is not for those in pursuit of the last drop of detail. We want our listeners to relax to the music! Thanks to Brian and Part-Time Audiophile



HiFi Man HE-6 with the iCAN… “In practical terms, the little amp proves to have the heart of a lion…”

HiFi+, 8 April 2013, Chris Martens, the HiFi+ headphone expert said, “Well, I’ve got what may be shocking news for those accustomed to pre- judging components by their price tags. The good people at iFi Micro have – with the help of the design team at Abbingdon Music Research –
created a £225 headphone amplifier called the iCAN that flat out demands to be taken seriously, and for all the right reasons…As you listen to the iCAN, then, you might feel – as I did – that its sound would be praiseworthy in an amp two to four times its price. It’s that good.” Thank you Chris for putting the iCAN through its paces with the HiFi Man HE-6s!



iFi Bewitches at the National Audio Show’s Headzones 2012

November 2012, I can’t recall hearing anything quite like this before from headphones, not even from a pair of Jecklin Floats which are well-known for presenting music in front of one’s head. Not in it. To say I was excited is putting it mildly.



Hi-Fi+/TAS Can-Jam 2012 Report – Part 1

23 Oct 2012, Chris Martens of AVguide.com report on the iFi micro from RMAF: “But don’t be misled by the affordable pricing, though; the beautifully finished iFi Micro components are very serious both in intent and in the sonic results they achieve.”



iFi from Avatar Acoustics & AMR

Oct 17, 2012 Stephen Mejias of Stereophile report on the iFi micro from RMAF: “Michael Lavorgna went home with the iDac, Michael Fremer went home with the iPhono, “



RMAF 2012 iFi

Oct 13, 2012 Michael Lavorgna of Stereophile report on the iFi micro from RMAF and brought one home: “The iDAC is small enough to easily fit in a backpack just like the one I carry around audio shows (hint).”



National Audio Show 2012

September 2012, The Audio Beat at the National Audio Show 2012: “These products all fit within very compact cases and prices start at £99. Though small they are designed to offer high-end sound and plenty of features. “