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The USB transmission standard was not designed for high-quality audio: audio/power/ground are all ‘lumped into one’ cable for printers, hard-disk drives and the like. In the pursuit of the highest-quality of USB audio playback, this is akin to placing dedicated audio interconnects and high-current power cables together, which is clearly far from ideal.

Electro Magnetic Compatibility (EMC) issues inevitably arise, characterised by a harsh, edgy sound.

The iPurifier does one job and one job only; it cleans and filters audio + power at the end of the digital chain; just prior to the digital signal entering the DAC .

The specially-designed circuit restores the ‘signal waveform’ and puts the ‘analogue’ back into USB audio for a true, life-like presentation.

Future-proofed, it is able to handle high-resolution PCM/DSD and DXD at all levels. A: all DACs gain a sonic uplift.


One of the main bugbears of computer audio is EMI noise. The noise is generated by the raft of generic switch-mode power supply units scattered throughout the computer being in close proximity with the audio path. This is an unwanted distraction to the point of being downright annoying. The residual noise floor is heard most patently between tracks.

Taken directly at the computer’s USB port, EMI noise is typically some 39dB. With the iPurifier in place, this noise drops by some 5dB to 34dB.



At iFi, we already develop cutting-edge, advanced audio converters. Given this pedigree, the iPurifier is naturally prepared for all PCM/DSD/DXD formats, without restriction.

Rest assured, the iPurifier once auditioned, will stay in and will grow with your system over a very, very long time.


The signal passes through connector. Therefore, the connector must be as exceptional. Most USB connectors are of the moulded plastic variety. Plastic cannot shield the high frequencies present in the USB data link, so noise will radiate out. Durability is also compromised.

The iPurifier is of the same fastidious design as the iFi Gemini USB cable matching the 90ohm impedance standard. The FINAL USB connectors provides impeccable end-to-end RF shielding, being machined entirely from solid aluminium. Gold-plated connections make for years of steadfast service. It is literally, built and functions like no other.


iFi drills down to the fundamentals like no other. To reach the absolute zenith in USB audio quality, after the computer, we recommend the iUSB Power (to supply pure, clean power) and the Gemini cable (for separate audio + power transmission). Coupled with the iPurifier to filter audio+power just prior to entering the DAC, this setup is simply unparalleled when it comes to attaining the quietest and smoothest music playback from computer audio. There is no competition, period.

For further reading on the iPurifier and technical aspects of other iFi products:

PurePurification® technology removes unwanted EMI from USB audio + power.
iPurifier removes DC offset and rebalances the USB audio for perfect transmission.
Compliant with USB Audio Class 2.0 (handles PCM/DXD/DSD).
High-Speed USB Audio Class 2.0 (384kHz and beyond supported)
Impedance: 90 ohms
Connectors: FINAL machined alloy connectors
Dimensions:62(l) x 19 (w) x 18 (h) mm
Weight:32g (0.07lbs)

User Manual

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If you do not see solution to your query, then please do not hesitate to open a support ticket here:


unnamed gives the iPurifier 4.5 stars all round!
“Jitter reduction and interference suppression between computer and DAC: the IFI Audio iPurifier2 is a real find……It’s about the USB connection between PC and DAC, which, as we have learned by now not only simple bits and bytes reaches further, but certainly is of sonic relevance….. The iPurifier2 shall now do so again much more effective and on top of that fight jitter the same……To eliminate interference, iFi Audio uses a technology that we know of noise cancellation….The IFI Audio iPurifier2 brings much more than it costs”


USB powered

easy to install


Value Relation excellent
Danke Roland force!

Hakancez Stereo Mecmuasi Reviews iFi iUSB 3.0, Gemini Cable and iPurifier
“Final words
iPurifier: it doesn’t matter what DAC you have ipurifier does the job……inexpensive but very reasonable and effective upgrade
Gemini: very high quality USB cable, you can hear the enormous differences right away. I know it is hard to believe usb cable can make a huge difference but believe me Gemini has that power…..if it is pricey for you you should try the mercury cable.
iUSB3.0: tested with 3 different DAC’s ( iFi Nano DSD, Goldnote DAC7 ve Matrix X-Sabre ) and heard the same effect on all. To be honest iFi Nano was the cheapest one but with the iUSB 3.0 it became a totally different unit. This unit might be pricey for entry level DAC users but if you are looking for best USB solution this it it.”

Thanks Hakancez and!

“From Earth moon to Jupiter, iFi iPurifier takes USB audio further”


“iFi Audio is the daughter company of Abbingdon Music Research (AMR) and since its inception in 2012 has become well-known for its small, robust and sophisticated series of “Micro” devices, marked by letter “i”…..The iPurifier will (more likely than not) improve the sound of your digital audio system in almost every respect: more resolving, wider and deeper soundstage, airy on good quality records. That sums to greater emotional wallop and more comfort. I remain astonished by one human being’s genius to create such miniature thing with an ability to change the sound to such a degree. Highly recommended, especially for use in an entry-level system between DAC and computer! Worth the US$99? You know it.”

Thanks Sergii Dybov & Digital Audio!

iPurifier: This kid cleans the sound!


“This week we have been told about our miniature novelty from iFi Audio, USB-filter called the iPurifier, this kid cleans the sound. Filter keeps incidental “dirty” power flowing into the digital information. iPurifier eliminates DC offset, aligns and adjusts a balanced line of USB. Compliant with USB Audio Class 2.0 (PCM / DXD / DSD)”

Thanks and Qvinta audio (iFi:Russia)

Translated with Google


Bravo iFi! Petr of Svetaudia reviews the iDSD Micro, Gemini, iPurifier and iUSBPower!

“IFI iDSD Micro is one of the best equipped D / A converters, as regards support audio formats. Add to that the battery power, headphone amplifier, and suddenly we have a very interesting product for those seeking excellent cost to performance….Price performance ratio is excellent and IFI Micro iDSD becomes my references in the price range to 15,000…All three products from the portfolio of IFI deserve in their categories utmost attention. When you combine all three products together, to 25 000 CZK get enough quality reproductive system to play music on your PC or Mac that to subdue you have to dig into your pocket probably much deeper….IFI Bravo!”

Thanks Petr Štefek of and!


iPurifier: Brilliant little device says Michael Liang!

We just received an email from Michael who we met whilst at RMAF.

“Man, the iPurifier works really well. I’m using it with my Apogee Duet and wow! the sound is much more natural and the edge on some songs are smoothed out. Brilliant little device! Love this little magic adaptor!”

Thanks Michael!

Be sure to check his Twitter page out!


headphone guru

Headphone Guru finds iUSB/iPurifier makes digital more analogue and are a keeper!

Lee Scoggins of Headphone Guru penned the following very nice review of the iUSB Power and the iPurifier. Lee wrote, “It makes sense if you think about it. Cleaning up USB level power has the same effect as a dedicated power line and a good line conditioner. All three provide the best possible foundation. As you lower the background noise, you hear more across the board – bass, midrange, and high frequency. The iFi “iUSB” Power Conditioner is well built, has a beautiful sparkly finish, and comes packaged like a well-designed Apple product. Pretty amazing for the under $300 price point. I’m impressed and will be keeping these in the system for better digital.”

Thank you Lee and we hope you enjoy the pair for many years to come!



As Dung of PCWorldVN reviews iFi!

“Now, people can listen to the sound of his “circle from the heart”, pure from the input device to device and wire FIs iUSB Power Gemini FIs with an investment budget is not too high…when adding the first move i-purifier, music became smoother. When using additional wireless USB Cable Gemini, more music more smooth, round berry guitar sound better…And finally configured with transit from your computer to the amplifier includes a USB cable, electromagnetic interference filters i-purifier, and wireless devices iUSB Gemini Power USB Cable, heard the sound becomes completely natural, scrumptious.

Thank you As Dung!



ClieOS pens a very technically proficient review of the nano iDSD/iCAN/iPurifier

It is not every day that one comes across a reviewer who knows what he/she is measuring as well as being able to pen an exceptionally thorough review. Well ClieOS from has done just that.

In addition to the very nice review on the sonics and features, we do like reading about the technical measurements and the fact that the nano series measure just fine.

“On the nano iDSD however, I’ll say you are getting a hell lot more of a DAC than an amp…

How did iFi do it then? Well, they were able to dig up some hidden features that are designed into the chip but not officially documented. Then they develop a custom XMOS solution to enable all those extra stuffs that you won’t find on any other DSD1793 implementation outside of iFi. The result is a sub$200 USB DAC that has features than usually belong to DAC that is priced in the thousands….

The degree of refinement is something I haven’t experienced on EQ from another brand of portable amp…

…. iFi Audio has managed to pack in some unique features to both nano iDSD and iCAN to make them stand out from the sea of portable amps and DAC in the market, while still makes sure they stay competitively priced. That’s no small feat on its own.”

We would like to thank ClieOS for taking the time to listen, measure and dig deep down into what the nano iDSD, nano iCAN and iPurifier all do. A big thank you. We will definitely refer to you if we need independent measurements on any iFi or non-iFi products!



iDSD Nano and iPurifier makes an impression on Christian of Hifitest!

“From the sound, I was actually quite surprised and impressed immediately. This little thing delivers a dynamic that throws you. Clear, clean, with a beautiful directness and dynamics can describe the character….The IDSD is a very big tip for the high-ended PA go. Whether or smartphone from laptop, this little DAC brings out every detail…”Active USB Power Purifier” stands on it and thus gives an indication that there is a little device that the usually quite dirty USB power cleans and passes in an unadjusted form to the transducer. So what is always useful and sonically rewarding. I’ve just snapped colleagues, played with and without the little thing music and let them say what was better. The answer was always on the variation with iPurifier in the entrance. This confirmed my impression.”

Thanks Christian Rechbach and Hifitest!



iPurifier: Well worth a try says Matt_A of!

“I’ve often been a little worried about the reliability and performance of the USB connection from the interface to the mac. I came across this little device, the iUSB IPurifier….. I’ve been using the IPurifier now for a number of weeks with good results. With the IPurifier inline there is always a consistent noticeable improvement in instrument seperation and top end. I guess its effects with other audio interfaces may be similar. Well worth a try!”

Thanks Matthew!



Pro-audio based puts the iPurifier through its paces

17 March 2014, We are grateful to HDPhonic’s technical review of the iPurifier. With their pro-audio background, they were able to run the technical ruler over the iPurifier:
“We have to say that since the beginning its insertion in our listening chain, it has improved the sound clarity of the entire source making the noise less pronounced. The middle frequencies have been given greater definition and at the same time have become more balanced, while the low frequencies showed even greater accuracy. Also, high frequencies maintained and gained in naturalness. The sound stage is thus improved in its entirety. The source appears to be more precise both as regards focus and the separation between the two channels. We also enjoyed a slight but decisive improvement of transient articulation especially at low frequencies. When used with a dedicated power supply for the USB signal, the small iPurifier is surprisingly successful…Only in this way, as we have learnt from experience, the iPurifier’s role can be decisive even in a very high quality and refined audio listening chain. Its presence can make a difference, rendering the listening to USB sources virtually free from any interference and at their fullest potential…..To conclude, if you are looking for a small accessory with great potential you certainly won’t be disappointed when purchasing it. I can sincerely say that it’s a product that I would highly recommend.”
Thanks HDPhonics!



iPurifier cleans up in the recording studio

3 February 2014, From Francesco Campbell in Italy:
“ i promised you here are some pictures of my little mastering studio where your iPurifier plays a big role!!! For sure it’ll be reviewed by me in the next weeks and my review will be published on my website. The iPurifier has improved image focus transient articulation. I’ll be more detailed for sure in my article about the iPurifier! thanks!!!” Grazie Francesco Campbell! More details here: