Accessory – iEMatch2.5

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High or Ultra sensitivity

Gold plated 2.5mm
Balanced Connection

6N Silver/Copper
matrix wiring

FINAL 6063-T5
Al-Mg alloy casing


Why iEMatch2.5®?
Following the success of our original iEMatch®, which improves sound quality and dynamics for headphone users listening to music sourced from their smartphones, tablets or laptops, iFi is proud to announce the arrival of iEMatch2.5 for those with dedicated hi-res digital audio players (DAPs).

Like the iEMatch®, the iEMatch2.5 significantly reduces background noise and widens dynamic range to enable headphone listeners to enjoy the full openness of a recording without having to turn the volume of their music players down to an comfortable level. Lowering the volume reduces audio quality (resolution). With the iEMatch2.5 users can up the volume on their DAP to gain back the ‘bits’ lost with digital volume control but still maintain a comfortable listening level.



So, what’s new with the iEMatch2.5®?
Well, it the same principal, with one key difference. Whereas smartphones and computers tend to have unbalanced 3.5mm outputs for headphones as standard, many DAPS and headphones/IEMs at the higher end of the digital hi-fi market offer a 2.5mm balanced output as well as the choice of single-ended and/or balanced 3.5mm output ports. The iEMatch2.5® has a gold-plated 2.5mm connector for music lovers who have invested in those high-quality DAPs and expensively sensitive IEMs and/or headphones.
What’s the advantage of iEMatch2.5®?
When listening to music, you want to hear everything from the high-pitched jingle of a tambourine to the deepest rumble of a kettledrum. In other words, you want a wide dynamic range. Having great DACs, DAPs and headphones to deliver this to your ears is all well and good but there’s a problem – the sound of EVERYTHING will be boosted, including the self-noise of the source AND the sound level. Plus some higher end headphones and IEMS add to this by being sensitive themselves.
To build a system around an expensive high-resolution headphone amplifier and then use it at a comfortable (not to mention safe) listening level means you have to turn the volume down to about 60% of its capacity and this will decrease both its dynamic range and audio quality. Basically, it’s like watching HD TV with some of the pixels from the screen missing. You will also have lost around two bits of resolution.
This is where the iEMatch2.5® comes into play. It ‘attenuates’ the volume and safely enables you to crank up the digital volume on your DAP without painful consequences! This equals more music information being conveyed, the best dynamic range and your missing bits back for the full high-resolution music experience! At the same time it works on that background noise, allowing little or no interference with your enjoyment.

From modern high-resolution recordings down to MP3 files, the difference is there to be heard!

Click here for more information on the original iEMatch®

Ultra (-24dB) & High-Gain (-12dB) sensitivity adjustment
6N silver/copper matrix wiring with FINAL6063-T5 aluminium-magnesium alloy shell
Gold-plated printed circuit board with audiophile components (eg MELF resistors)
Gold-plated 2.5mm male/female connectors
Input Impedance: 16 Ohm
Output Impedance: < 2.5 Ohms (High-Sensitivity)
< 1.0 Ohms (Ultra-Sensitivity)
Weight: 12.2g
Total Length : 116mm
Warranty period: 12months
User Manual Tech Notes
iEMatch2.5 – “It works well and keeps the depth of sound where intended.”

A great product. Nothing in the market rivals what this will do for your listening experience. If you are usin a balanced Headphone and a dac/amp or amp, this will take all of the hiss and crackle out of your sound. Amps have been known to add a hiss and crackle to your music. At the same time you are also gaining some volume and depth to the sound source. This is a problem that can be alleviated with the iematch 2.5. I’ve also use non-balanced version of this product, it too works well for what it is. They do not take anything out of your audio except for the hissing and cracking an amplifier will produce when amplifying your audio. I’d buy it again if I needed to but it seems this does the job very well. Using with CEntrance BlueDAC and a set of closed back Sennheiser 598 cs.”

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Many thanks REX for your review

iEMatch2.5 Accessories
• Soft-foam contoured ear plug (-37dB)
• Fabric travel pouch