Accessory – AC iPurifier

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The mains is not the issue,
it’s the noise gremlins.

Covers the upper AND lower
frequencies across the range.

Deploy multiple units…
…to target every noise source.

Ground, polarity and
surge protection.


The mains power supply is the ‘gasoline’ that fuels an audio system. And, whether it is clean or contaminated, it has a material impact upon the quality/enjoyment of playback.

The AC iPurifier is the latest iFi product from the ‘power products’ stable to clean-up noisy mains supplies.

It is no ordinary mains purification product. Technologically advanced, it’s an active not a passive product so it goes above and beyond and cancels far more noise across the frequency range than other passive devices.

This chart compares the AC iPurifier (green line), which is ACTIVE, versus generic mains filters (red line) which are typically passive.

The effective noise reduction difference is as different as night and day.

i.     MUCH better at -40dB and
ii.    Effective across the frequency range. A passive purifier filters only in the very top-end of the frequency range.


Every audio system benefits
The AC iPurifier was designed to be used in ANY mains powered audio system. It is particularly effective at dealing with modern audio systems that have an abundance of generic and varied power supplies (see next section for a more detailed, technical explanation).

Where extension blocks are used, the AC iPurifier can be used to isolate certain types of power supplies for the maximum noise reduction.


AC iPurifier – Features

1.  Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)   Military technology, most advanced noise-cancellation available.
2.  Wireless Purification System   Complex circuit that significantly reduces power-line noise without audible or
  visible side-effects.
3.  Ground/Earth connection diagnostic   Detection of missing Ground/Earth.
4.  Polarity connection diagnostic   Detection of polarity fault.
5.  Audio Earth connection   This adds a solid Ground/Earth with ground-loop prevention circuit built-in.
6.  Overvoltage Surge Protection   Auto-recovery.


Latest purification product to benefit from ANC technology
Since developing Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) in-house, we have utilized it in all the relevant products from the iPower all the way up to the micro iUSB3.0.

The AC iPurifier is the latest product to have onboard ANC. As its name suggests, it ACTIVELY cancels the noise which makes it one of the power accessories, if not the only one, that actively cancels noise.

Wireless Purification System
The Wireless Purification System (WPS) is a complex circuit that reduces power line noise without audible or measured side-effects. This is important because such solutions, while attempting to curb noise, also hamper dynamics. This is not the case with the AC iPurifier.
Modular design to supress noise
With many modern audio systems, there are typically a plethora of mains plugs. All of these add their own unwanted noise issues and pollute the local mains supply.

The design of the AC iPurifier is such that it is even more effective if several are used to ‘contain’ the same type of noisy sources.

You can insert into the AC mains wall outlet that supplies the audio system OR insert into the mains extension block for the audio system. Try both locations to discover which has the greatest impact on improved sonics.

Intelligent Ground connection
There are more than a few AC clean-up devices that add an extra Ground/Earth but only the AC iPurifier has ‘Intelligent Ground’. You can buy the optional extra 4mm ground cable to give the audio system the best possible Ground/Earth but it will ONLY actively provide a Ground/Earth (if it detects the lack of one*. It will not create a ground loop).
‘Smart Polarity and Earth’ detection
When it comes to mains AC, there are two common errors which people can make when setting up a system. The first has to do with polarity and the incorrect orientation of USA and EU type mains pins.

Intelligent Polarity automatically informs you of incorrect orientation by changing to a red LED.

The second error is the a lack of a Ground/Earth.

In a system where there may or may not be a lack of a Ground/Earth, simply insert the AC iPurifier into the system and it will tell you one way or the other.

When the two LEDs (below) light up green everything is in order!

Overvoltage Surge Protection
Last but not least, for the rare instances where there is an overvoltage spike (from a mains electricity surge or lightning strike for example), the AC iPurifier will automatically shut off and stop electricity from passing through your system. This should protect your valuable and highly-sensitive mains equipment from harm.
Noise reduction: > 40dB (> 100x)
Surge Protection: max. 30,000A @ 1,000V/10uS
Operating Voltage: 90V – 265V
Size/Weight: (USA): ø 40mm x 105mm (L)
108 (g) / 0.24 (lbs)
                    (EU): ø 40mm x 115mm (L)
126 (g) / 0.28 (lbs)
Warranty period: 12months
User Manual Tech Note
AC iPurifier – insert, start music and you’re done!

“The overall sound is more harmonious in every respect – in dynamics, in transparency, in naturalness. The AC iPurifier seems to have a positive effect. The background vocalists are relaxed and in total you can hear pleasure again instead of an analytical search for missing sounds.”

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Many thanks HighResMac for your review

AC iPurifier – Inexpensive and it has active noise cancellation built in!

“It is user-friendly. Just insert into the audio mains extension block. It’s unique in the marketplace.This thing is actually worth giving it a try!”

Many thanks George for your wicked review

AC iPurifier – Power Immaculate!

“The pros of the AC iPurifier – clean power, surge protection, improved power, solves grounding issues, pocket-friendly price for a power conditioner, nice design and easy to use. It is a very handy product…very user-friendly solution which can bring serious improvements in sound….one of the best prices for this type of product. We can totally recommend it!”

Many thanks George for your wicked review

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