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Panagiotis Karavitis takes the smooth-sounding iDSD Nano on vacation!


“How do you listen to music when you plan a long-term vacation? let me say this straight up, it’s an amazing combo for the money: HTC’s one M8 mini 2 feeding the iFi nano iDSD DAC and headphone amp, with a pair of Superlux 681 evo headphones….the iDSD DAC can play all sorts of audio formats, including quad rate DSD (11.2MHz) and DXD, thanks to the Burr Brown DAC chip that lies inside.Output is 80mW/16Ohm, 130mW/32Ohm, not bad for its small size and weight (163gr) especially considering the fact that it runs on Lithium batteries that outlast my HTC phone. Other interesting features are the precision analogue potentiometer, a pair of RCAs for analog output, and even an SPDIF RCA output that supports 24/192 PCM! All this will set you back less than $200 which makes it a bargain in my book any day of the week….How did the HTC/UAPP/iFi/Superlux combo perform? Amazingly well, smooth-sounding with good resolution.”

Thank you Panagiotis Karavitis!

Check out that snap of the iDSD Nano! Great scenery!


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