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Orico High-Power USB Hub: One sure way to feed the Meaty Monster (SmartPower: part2)


Short Answer:
With the micro iDSD switched OFF, the standard USB port will take approximately 24 hours to charge a micro iDSD from 0% (BLUE led lit) to 100% (BLUE led no longer lit).

But for those wishing to not wait so long, we have tested a number of high-power USB hubs.

We have settled on this, the Orico hub model: ORICO UCHA-20W (it is widely available around the world):

http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA1DS14S2066 (UK)


Long Answer:
We have tested the Orico Hub (out of a “few” other hubs):

This brand is widely sold, can also be found on Amazon (USA, EU, etc).
• when iDSD micro is turned off, this hub charges at 2x-3x the speed of a standard USB Port.
• so full charge from flat in appx. 5-6 Hours. It should at the same time also fast-charge a Phone/Phablet/Tablet, due to the 20W PSU, but we have not tested this. So for mobile use, charge Phone/Phablet and iDSD micro at the same time, sadly not also playback, as the Phone must be in host mode for playback.
• In addition this can also charge & play from a PC/Mac. When playing in turbo mode this will charge the battery as fast as a standard USB port with the iDSD micro off, for lower power modes it charges faster.

Finally, with the right DC cable (cannot use the one that comes with iUSB Power) one can also use the iUSB Power to power this Hub, which enables fast charging and Play/Charge from the iUSB Power for the iDSD micro.

The iUSB Power is not BC1.2 compliant, so the iDSD micro does not recognise it as “high-powered charger”.

We will try to get the right cable and do a follow-up with Orico Hub and iUSB Power.

Based on the test results, we also suggest that any major brand USB Hub with a suitably big power supply (>= 10W min) and labeled as BC1.2 compliant should perform equally, but obviously no guarantees.

Thank you.

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