nano iGalvanic3.0 – “YOU GOTTA HEAR THIS THING!”

It made a HUGE difference in my system and an absolute joy to listen too.

YES, YES, YES! Bought his to use with my iFi Micro iDSD Black Label DAC/AMP. You’re not aware of the grit, grain, and electronic hash coming from your laptop via USB cable. I mean this iGalvanic3 took my DAC/AMP to another level. It mattered not the source. I mean even music off YouTube sounds amazing. Streaming Tidal Master Class is incredible too. I was thinking to myself, “So this is what the high-end sounds like….wow.” I thought this would replace the iFi iPurifier2 but come to find out, I was able to leave that in the chain with the iGalvanic3 and get even better sound than the iGalvanic3 by itself. However the iGalvanic3, by itself, does 75% of the difference. I’m just using el-Cheapo blue USB cables too–still incredible.

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Many thanks you S. WATSON for your review

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