nano iDSD BL – Firmware

MQA and iFi audio have iFi XMOS firmware version 5.3C ‘RC2’ ready for public download for the nano iDSD BL.

Setup Required
For those who have TIDAL (on computer) and/or MQA compatible music files and playback software (eg Audirvana), please download the USB firmware to run MQA on your nano iDSD Black Label.

For this firmware version, only the WINDOWS DFU is supported at this stage. The final release will include Mac OSX support.

How to get the MQA firmware
This latest firmware v5.3C RC2 works only on the nano iDSD BL.

Do not attempt to flash this firmware on any iFi product other than the iDSD nano Black Label.

Non-iFi customers should NOT download this firmware for other non-iFI XMOS devices. This firmware is proprietary XMOS firmware and is for iFi-specified products only. You risk damage to your machine if you attempt to flash your non-iFi XMOS dac with this firmware.

For the nano iDSD Black Label:

No. Version Date Description Windows Download MAC Download
3 5.3C RC2
(MQA Release Candidate 2)
27 Nov. 2017

Minor Optimisations. Similar to v5.3C but with:
• MQA compatibility with Magenta LED.
• With PCM, LED is white as it is Upsampled 8x (Minimum Phase and Minimum Ringing filters).

download download
2 5.3C
(MQA Beta)
16 Nov. 2017

Minor Optimisations. Similar to v5.2 but with:
• MQA compatibility.
• Note: LEDs do not directly correspond to the Sampling rate but this is
   purely cosmetic. TIDAL confirms MQA is playing.

download download
1 5.2 2 Nov. 2017

• the original version

download download

Note: As with all such firmware upgrade, there is a risk of bricking your iFi product if something went wrong during the upgrade. If your iFi product is bricked, you need to send it back to the dealer/distributor for repair.

Hence we do not recommend the user to upgrade or downgrade the firmware just for fun. Only do the upgrade or downgrade when necessary.


Follow the upgrade instructions here.