nano BL – “Just excellent. Could not be more satisfied”.

Received yesterday. Downloaded the firmware 5.30 upgrade for my 2015 MBP. Got the magenta color indication for Tidal Master MQA. Perfect. No firmware issues. Loud with my Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro, and Massdrop 6XX. Plenty of power for me. Love the volume dial. Hard to admit and, I have hard time saying so, but this DAC sounds better on both non MQA and MQA tracks on Tidal than the Meridian Explorer 2, and the Dragonfly Red. Ella and Basie sound great. So does Oscar Peterson. This is the best of the bunch. I wish the USB connector cable were a tad shorter as I use my MBP on my lap but I can definitely live with that. Very, very happy, and very, very impressed with this device. Excellent online reviews as well. Tops in my book!”

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Many thanks you ByRichardon for your review

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