Micro iPhono: The Little Giant!


“The sound presented from the little iPhono surprised me. The highs were detailed and distinctive, vocal was transparent and smooth without any fuzz. The mids were balanced and not forward sounding, with great clarity and good stereo imaging…..The iPhono amplification is design based on their proprietary Class A TubeState amplification, a tri-brid of Bi-Polar devices, J-Fets and Advanced Discrete components. The iPhono enable user to adjust the MM and MC load across a wide range of cartridges with up to 66db of gain. This handy feature makes the iPhono one of the most versatile phono stages in the entry analogue equipment list……Many would ask if this is a good starter phonostage to own? I would have to say at that budget price range, the iPhono could kick those devices double or triple of its price…. the iFi micro IPhono is definitely a little giant that can do wonder to your entry-level analogue setup. Be sure to audition this little miracle if you are considering your first vinyl setup, their appeal level is max in both its price and performance level.”

Thanks Kriz Tan and HiFiSenses!


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