The perfect companion.

Connect the Ear Buddy between your headphones and your audio device to cut background noise and improve sound quality. The simple and easy way to rediscover quality music at its max.

Gemini USB cable by iFi audio
Two heads are better than one.

The Gemini dual-headed cable is for those discerning users who prefer their music as interference-free as possible. It separates the signal and power cables to minimise interference from RFI and EMI while having superior conductivity for maximum signal transfer.

iFi audio hip-dac
Trendy tunes on the go.

Our mini DAC/headphone amplifier, the hip-dac, can go with you wherever you go. Improved music on the move. Looks great. Sounds even better.

Defender of the earth.

Multiple plugs and ports produce separate earth points, creating an unwanted chain of buzz and distortion. The iDefender3.0 plugs into your USB port, injects super clean 5-volt power and creates a single earth point for faster, cleaner sound quality.

The perfect iEMatch

Connect the iEMatch between your headphones and your audio device to cut background noise and improve sound quality. Rediscover quality music at its max.

ifi audio iSilencer3.0
Enjoy the silence

Plug the iSilencer3.0 into the USB port of any device and the signal and power noise is removed instantly, which means you’ll hear your favourite tunes and videos in perfect audio clarity for the very first time.

Mercury USB cable by iFi audio

The Mercury cable is for users for whom quality music is a must. Minimum interference. Maximum signal transfer. The iFi Mercury cable separates the signal and power cables to minimise interference from RFI and EMI while having superior conductivity for maximum signal transfer.

iFi audio micro iDAC2
She loves you…

Connect the micro iDAC2 via USB or SPDIF to your laptop, Mac or music system to return natural ebb and flow to your music. Sound becomes stronger and musicality returns. This is the DAC of your dreams.

micro iDSD BL by iFi audio
Say it loud.

Our top-rated desktop digital to analogue converter injects a kick-ass supercharged edge into your tunes. Say goodbye to flat, dull music.

micro iPhono2 by iFi audio
Hit your groove.

The micro iPhono2.0 is a phono stage that changes the way you listen to vinyl recordings. Hiss and background noise is replaced with an unmistakable clear sound that makes it hard to believe you’re listening to the same LP.

micro iTube2 by iFi audio
Add personality to your playlist.

A tubed output stage, preamp, buffer and impedance matching device rolled into one. The micro iTube2 adds depth, bass and loads of personality to your playlist. This is high-end audio as it was meant to be heard.

micro iUSB3.0 by iFi audio
Total USB Solution

The micro USB3.0 is a total solution for all the USB noise generated via computer audio. Get clearer, cleaner music in an instant.

nano iDSD BL by iFi audio
Take centre stage.

The nano iDSD Black Label is our first DAC to include MQA as well as PCM and DSD file formats. With lots of features packed into its compact chassis, it’s the only portable DAC to give you so much control over your listening and put you centre stage. Roon tested.

nano iDSD LE by iFi audio
Never miss a beat.

The nano iDSD LE is a portable pocket rocket with enough thrust to blow the competition away. Our beginner level, portable DAC removes distortion and jitter from music, and with up to 8 hours of battery life, you’ll never run out of music on the go.

nano iGalvanic3.0 by iFi audio
One-stop USB audio improvement system

The nano iGalvanic3.0 plugs into any USB port via your DAC. It creates a new signal, eliminates noise and jitter and unleashes your home computer’s full potential.

nano iONE by iFi audio
Best things come is small packages.

With USB, SPDIF and Bluetooth® connections, the nano iOne connects to everything, which means you can stream Spotify, listen to your TV, home stereo system and mobile devices in natural hi-res audio. There is only iOne.

Pro iCAN by iFi audio
Flagship amplifier

The Pro iCAN is our flagship amplifier that can drive anything from the most sensitive to the hardest to power. It is sonically superior and will knock your socks off.

Standalone source. Streamer. DAC Amp.

Standalone source. Just connect disk drive with music.
Streamer. Play Tidal, Spotify via wireless or wired.
DacAmp. Remaster Hi-Res to DSD1024.

Pro iESL by iFi audio
Electrostatic headphones with the Pro iESL

The Pro iESL delivers the extra-high-tension voltage needed to energise electrostatic headphones, meaning your high-spec electrostatics produce the ultimate in musical nirvana.

ifi audio Retro LS3.5
Pure organic sound.

Our LS3.5 speakers are made from bamboo which removes distortion to create a cleaner, more natural sound. We know how much you love music, and we go to great lengths to produce pitch-perfect audio.

Classic hi-fi. Contemporary style.

The Retro Stereo 50 is classic hi-fi quality fused with contemporary tech in a compact, retro package.

Refresh your SPDIF audio signal

The SPDIF iPurifier plugs straight into your SPDIF port and solves audio caused by poor quality signal transmission. TV, games and movies sound refreshed.

xDSD by iFi audio
Your music. Just better.

EISA Best DAC Amp 2018-2019

Sleek, stylish and sexy, the xDSD boasts both wired (USB/SPDIF) and wireless (Bluetooth) connections. It has the power to drive your headphones and improve the sound of your music.

Zen Blue - the ultra-affordable DAC from iFi audio
The art of ZEN

A stunning hi-res Bluetooth streamer. Relax at home or in the office. Listening to music has never been as hassle-free. Bluetooth® from your laptop or smart device and let the ZEN Blue improve your music enjoyment.

ZEN DAC — DAC/headphone amplifier
DAC to the future.

A gorgeous DAC/headphone amplifier to chill out to. At home or in the office. Simply connect via USB to your Mac or PC and enjoy the superior sound.

ZEN DAC Signature from iFi audio

The ZEN DAC Signature is a pure performance home DAC from iFi audio.