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Kieran: Dairy, DACs and Data


Me, me, me…

Hi! I’m Kieran, 19 and new (ish). I started at iFi in June, based at the main Southport office, only about ¾ of a mile from the family home I grew up in. I’m an ‘E – Commerce Assistant’, meaning I spend most of my days monitoring and improving Amazon listings, collating Amazon data, working on larger research projects and dispatching orders from our warehouse at the office (which is currently the space that Jake and I call home whilst renovations continue!). Outside of work, football, fitness and learning Spanish occupy most of my time – Aston Villa, if you were wondering.

Product ‘testing’

Prior to starting at iFi, I’m happy to admit that I knew little of the audio industry – the products I used were run of the mill and I wouldn’t have known a good set up if it hit me in the face. After 6 weeks surrounded by brilliant products and equally brilliant people, I’m pleased to say that my stance has been changed. The Aurora in my bedroom takes centre stage and it has barely been off since it came home, my PC is now set up with a ZEN DAC v2 and fingers crossed I get to pinch our latest portable product out at the end of August!

Cheese Connoisseur

I seem to have made a habit out of niche career paths. Before my time at iFi, I worked for 6 years in the family business – an artisan Cheese Shop. I started doing Saturdays as I turned 13 and left as a store manager this past Spring. Working with the public provided me with personal skills, charm and patience that I will carry forward.  Working through the COVID – 19 pandemic was one of the most challenging and rewarding things I have ever done, although it ultimately landed me this job! I built a website, pushed the online orders and taught myself a lot of the day to day stuff that I now do at iFi.

Moving forward

With a big thanks to the team here in Southport, I have settled in better than I ever expected to in such a short space of time. I’m thoroughly enjoying myself. The routine jobs, the more challenging tasks and the unexpected assignments mean that I look forward to getting to my desk in the morning. It’s clear that iFi is moving in a really positive direction and I’m excited to see what my future here will bring.

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