K-1000 – got hungry headphones, willing to travel


There is no portable DAC/Headamp on the market like the micro iDSD.

In Turbo mode, it has the drive to handle even the AKG K-1000! (albeit not to its max but very usable for on-the-go enjoyment).

This collector’s headphone is no longer in production but is known for being one of if not THE most difficult headphone to drive EVER.


It was rated at 74dB for 1mW by AKG.

Well in our test lab, we use this along with the HiFi Man HE-6 and by comparison, The K-1000 makes the famous HE-6 able to be driven like a normal headphone!

Sonically, the “ear speaker technology” of the K-1000 makes it sound like no other headphone and is truly deserving of the “ear speaker” descriptor.

We hope you enjoy the pictures as it is not something you see everyday!

micro iDSD: 1st & Original Crowd-Design Project
Octa-Adopter outside gates of Burr-Brown TI!
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