Works wonders with DC Purifiers and iPurifier 2, January 18, 2017
Paul D. Bul
After trying ifi audio iPurifier 2 and DC Purifiers with success, I was inspired and decided to give iSilencer a shot. Not expecting much, I found the latter works very well with the formers but on the other end of the USB chain. Highly recommended!

Audio chain: AudioPC > iSilencer > Curious RUR link > W4S RUR (with DC Purifier plugged in) > Curious RUR link > iPurifier 2 > DAC.

5/6/2017 update: audioPC => iSiencer3.0 plugged into spare USB port; audioPC => iDefender3.0 => Curious short USB link => iPurifier2 => Nano iUSB3.0 => Curious short USB link => DAC. Music playback takes on a holographic, detailed, full body, clear presentation.

Thank you Paul D. Bul for your review.

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