iFi’s Zen Range — Enlightened Audio at Down-to-Earth Prices

The ZEN Series from iFi packs in a bunch of the latest audio technology to produce high-performance sound at a price point that’s accessible to everyone.

Don’t believe us? — Just check out some of the reviews and awards they’ve won in the short time since their release and read the full specs below.

Zen Blue

ZEN Blue

The ZEN Blue is a Bluetooth receiver unlike any other. For a start, it’s the first to support all the latest high-definition, 24-bit Bluetooth audio formats, including aptX Adaptive, aptX HD, LDAC and HWA – this means that whichever smartphone, tablet or computer you’re streaming from, you can be sure you’re getting the very best sound quality.

The ZEN Blue incorporates Qualcomm’s latest Bluetooth processing chip, coupled to a high-performance ESS Sabre DAC chip, plus top-quality analogue circuitry including a balanced output stage; all wrapped up in a sturdy, desktop-sized aluminium enclosure. If you’re looking to add high-definition Bluetooth streaming to your audio system, nothing compares to the ZEN Blue’s amazing combination of features, performance and value-for-money.



Housed in the same compact aluminium enclosure as the ZEN Blue, the ZEN DAC replaces Bluetooth reception with a USB input and adds an integrated headphone amp. Designed for home use – on a desk, perhaps, or in the living room – it connects to PCs and Macs, or smart devices such as tablets or phones, and delivers excellent sound quality across all manner of digital formats including hi-res PCM up to 32-bit/384kHz, bit-perfect DSD and MQA.

This eminently affordable USB DAC/headphone amp can be used as a pure DAC in a home audio system, with the option of fixed or variable output, while headphone users can make use of its excellent amp stage with PowerMatch drive control – this ensures superb sound with all headphone types, from in-ear monitors to larger on- and over-ear designs.

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