iFi XMOS Firmware Upgrade Instructions


1. Make sure you have the latest iFi Windows Driver (2.19 or above) from our download page
2. Download the firmware from the iFi XMOS Firmware page
3. Connect the iFi unit to a USB 2.0 port on a Windows computer (OS X not possible)

Step 1: Run the upgrade program

It can be found inside:
C:\Program Files\iFi\USB_HD_Audio_Driver\iFiHDUSBAudio_dfuapp.exe

Step 2: Load the firmware file

Load the firmware file by pressing the “Browse…” button.

Step 3: Upgrading the firmware

Upgrade the firmware by clicking “Start”.

When it is done, it will say “Firmware upgrade finished successfully.”

After the upgrade, please unplug the iFi unit from your computer and completely power OFF the iFi unit before first use.

Note: On some computers, one needs to perform the upgrade process twice for the upgrade to be successful. After the first go, the firmware version may still report it has the original version (say v3.30), in which case, press “Start” again to perform another upgrade and the firmware version should be correctly upgraded to the new version (for now even XMOS doesn’t know why this occasionally requires two attempts).

If you encounter any issues, please visit iFi Support Centre to open a support ticket and one of our staff will reply to you.