iFi USB Technology – comparison table

iPURIFIER2-300x249nano iUSB3.0Micro iUSB3
With the launch of the micro iUSB3.0, the nano iUSB3.0 and the iPurifier2, to answer questions about the comparatives features, we have produced the following pdf for you to read.

If your USB DAC is:

1) USB dac >US$5k eg DCS/AMR = micro iUSB3.0.

2) USB dac US$500 to US$5k eg iFi/Chord = nano USB3.0.

3) USB dac < US$500 eg nano DSD = iPurifier2 ( ie. no need for mUSB3.0 or nUSB3.0 ).

But if you are thinking of upgrading in the future your DAC, then the nano USB3.0 is the ideal one as it is half the price of the micro USB3.0 flagship but has 85% of the performance/features. It does need the mains from the iPOWER so is not portable like the iPurifier2 which is USB-powered.

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