iFi micro iDSD: The beast of DACs / portable and stationary Amplifiers says Rafaelpernil of reproductormp3.net!

“here are my reviews of the best DAC / amp I’ve ever tasted…The beast !!! So I call it. It’s a real bug filled with circuits that transform any digital audio, ANY, analog audio, lifetime, quality and apart, amplifies like no other portable amp….The sound of this device is very good, natural, defined, controlled, precise , detailed, up….Regarding the DAC, saying that its properties allow you to process DSD512 8x 32bit 768kHz PCM !! We may choose the digital filter to use in the format (DSD or PCM DXD) to determine the accuracy of processing. Also, if you use USB, the filter iPurifier will eliminate background noise that can ruin this true audiophile experience….A DAC / amp with these features, built-in battery and compact size for 500 € is a real bomb. No hesitation in recommending it. In fact I liked it so much that I need one. Perfection exists and manufactures iFi.”

Thanks Rafaelpernil, reproductormp3.net and Zococity (iFi:Spain) (for loaning)!


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