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iEMatch – Put this in your CIEM survival kit!

November 29, 2016
I was skeptical of this finally solving an issue that I’ve had, which is finding a DAP or DAC/ that wouldn’t hiss using my Ultimate Ears Reference Monitors. Unfortunately, many audiophile DAPs and DAC/amps are designed for full sized headphone power, which doesn’t work well for custom in ear monitors. I have used this little thing on a Herus, my audio interface, and can enjoy a black background with less gain, so I can actually fine tune my volume. Another positive for this device is that it isn’t another impedance adapter, which would affect the frequency response of multi-BA IEMs. iFi did some magic with this, and made the ultra level under 1 ohm impedance!

I would say this is a near required purchase for anyone with sensitive in ear headphones or CIEMs.


Thank you Brian for your review.

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