Members wanted to test drive the latest iFi driver!

If you are in the iCLUB, please contact one of our concierges so that we can send you the password to download the latest iFi (by AMR) HD USB Audio driver. Go to iCLUB CRM

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This V2.23.0 driver update contains improvements and bug fixes, including:

• Improvements

  1. Stream startup optimized to reduce startup latency. Startup delay is reduced from ~100ms to ~20ms
  2. DFU GUI utility: status output revised, improved support for resizeable dialog, another firmware upgrade now requires to restart the application, ESC key doesn’t close the application
  3. Subdevice creation is more generic now: a subdevice will be created for any IAD or interface that is not claimed by Audio, MIDI, DFU
  4. Stream formats (alternate settings) parsing is more flexible now. PCM and RAW/DSD formats can be placed in any order

Automatic uninstall of earlier version from 2.0 upwards

• Bug fixes

  1. ASIO streaming stops unexpectedly if control panel defers closing a handle of an already removed device
  2. On device add/remove ASIO Reset was unnecessarily issued to all ASIO host instances including those attached to another device instance
  3. Control panel app: – close handle on device remove, even if the app is hidden
  4. DFU wizard app: – ‘ready’ status not displayed before the firmware was specified
  5. Control panel app: focus was caught after PnP events when minimized to Systray
  6. Audio Control descriptor parsing for MIDI was not working for all UAC 1.0 devices