iFi Pro iCan covered at the Japan Headphone Festival!

“Pro iCAN is exhibited in the booth, it was possible to confirm the sound. This unit is a class A design of the headphone amplifier which adopted the discrete circuit. Also a feature that the two systems of amplification stage of vacuum tube and solid-state can be switched by a switch. 2 bottles of “GE 5670” is the amplification stage by the vacuum tube, we have used the four ultra-low-noise J-Fet for the amplification stage by the solid state. Input is provided with only the analog comprises each one system the XLR / RCA. Headphone output is colorful, especially for balanced output to “3pin XLR × 2”, “4pin XLR” “6.3mm phone × 2″ (By using a conversion plug to 3.5mm × 2 corresponding) of current, such as almost all of the terminal It is corresponding. Two systems of 6.3mm stereo standard also for single-ended output, it is equipped with a 3.5mm stereo mini-1 system. Preamplifier functions I have installed.”

Ryo Shimada providing a speech!


Designer for iFi, Thorsten Loesch, shows off the latest Pro iCan!


The Pro iCan with the iDAC2 and iPurifier 2……..enjoy…….


Thanks Takanobu Ozawa, phileweb.com and Top Wing Corporation (iFi:Japan)!