How to make Headphones louder on your iPhone, Android or PC

How to make headphones louder

How to make headphones louder on your iPhone, Android or PC is a question we get asked all the time, here at iFi audio. To answer this, we have a range of products that easily solve the problem (and you can read about them further down in this article) but first let’s start by looking at the cause of the problem.

Why are headphones not loud on iPhone, Android or PC?

How to make headphones louder

So, you have all the latest expensive gadgets including powerful headphones and an iPhone, Android phone or PC and you’re hoping for louder and better sound. But, when you crank the volume up, it just doesn’t get louder or better.

It’s like asking someone on a bicycle to tow a caravan — there just isn’t enough power and technology in some music devices to get the best out of a decent set of headphones.

At iFi audio, we are audio technology experts and we understand the fundamental issue and how to address them.

The poor old iPhone/PC is not up to the task. Imagine asking a single-skilled person to build a house… Of course they won’t do the job as well as three specialists — a builder, a plumber and a roofer!

It’s the same scenario when we try to do the same with audio from our phones because while it can carry out task number one (below) quite well, it’s a big fail when it comes to tasks two and three. Let’s take a closer look:

  1. Stream/Storage of the music — Spotify or MP3 files need to be played through the phone/PC
  2. Convert the digital signal to sound waves — so that the human ear can hear music.
  3. Sound waves need to be amplified — because the phone/PC has no real power to drive the headphones

So what’s the answer to ‘How to make headphones louder on iPhone, Android or PC?’

Louder and better music from headphones can only happen when the phone or PC works with a digital-to-analogue converter and headphone amplifier — also known as a DACamp..

At iFi audio we have a comprehensive range of portable and desktop ‘DACamps’ ranging from £100 to £2,750 that covers every music enthusiast.

With an iFi DACamp, just connect the phone or PC at one end and the headphones at the other. And voila! (Just don’t turn the volume knob to 11)

Take a look at some of the range below…

nano iDSD BL by iFi audio

Entry level

nano iDSD BL

Our entry-level DACamp. Rechargeable, battery-powered and portable. The size of a small pack of cards. It uses a wired connection from phone or laptop.

  • Hi-Res audio. Connect via USB (from laptop or phone)
  • 285mW of power to drive headphones/amplifier
  • Battery (>10hrs) or USB-powered
xDSD by iFi audio

Mid-range mobile


Our award-winning mid-level DACamp. Bluetooth from the phone/or connect via USB from laptop. Rechargeable battery. Similar size to a pack of cards. Best for those on-the-go.

  • Streams Hi-Res via Bluetooth or USB
  • 500mW headphone output power
  • Analogue volume control with 3D and XBass
micro iDSD BL by iFi audio

Mid-range portable

micro iDSD

Transportable DACamp for headphone connoisseurs. The ultimate device for discerning listeners. Just like taking your home system on the road.

  • Hi-Res audio. Connect via USB (from laptop or phone) >12 hrs
  • DSD512/PCM768/MQA
  • 4,000mW headphone output power


Pro iDSD

Top-of-the-line DACamp for professional audio systems. Standalone/Streamer or DACamp. This is the endgame of all DACs.

  • Streams Hi-Res. Remasters up to DSD1024 via FPGA
  • Headphone power output 4,000mW
  • Switchable Tube/Solid-State modes
The new ZEN Series
USB connectors – does one size fit all?
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