• Product category: DAC
  • Usage:

    Portable Battery-Powered Headphone DAC/Amp with xMEMS Support


  • Inputs:

    USB-A 3.0

    Separate USB-C for charging

    SPDIF 3.5mm Optical/Coaxial

  • Supported Formats:

    DSD 512/22.6MHz

    DXD 768 kHz

    PCM 768 kHz

    MQA Decoding

  • Outputs:

    SE 6.3mm headphone out

    Balanced 4.4mm headphone out

    Balanced 4.4mm

  • MQA:

    MQA Full Decoder

  • Options:

    Modes to adjust power and gain: xMEMS / Turbo / Normal

    xMEMS Support

    iFi iTraveller case inluded

    iFi 4.4mm to XLR SE included

    iFi iPower2 Power Supply included