Bluetooth Firmware

It is currently only possible to complete this update with an Android-based smartphone or tablet.

Important notes:

The firmware versions aurora_BT_v.2.06 and zen_blue_BT_v2.09 are ready for public download.

They are unified and work ONLY on the following machines:

  • Aurora
  • ZEN Blue


  • Sleep mode – removed
  • LED indication – double click for ON/OFF
  • Minor bug fixes

Step 1:

Step 2:

Please download your Bluetooth Firmware update(s) files:

Step 3:

Use your device’s file manager to find the gaia.apk app that you have downloaded.

Step 4:

You may have to enable ‘Install Unknown Apps‘ on your device. You can do this by selecting ‘Settings’ and checking the ‘Allow from this source’ box.

Step 5:

Once your phone has the right to install unknown apps, you may install the Gaia Control app.

Step 6:

Once this has been installed, load up the app and allow the Gaia Control app to access photos, media and files on your device. This is how it will find the firmware update.

Step 7:

When you open the app, you can search for the unit you wish to upgrade.

If your unit is not there, then hold down the pairing button on your ZEN Blue until the LED is flashing red and blue.

Once in pairing mode, swipe down on the app to refresh the search.

When you find your unit on the app, select it and click ‘Connect BR/EDR’.

Step 8:

Once you’ve paired it with your device, you can check what firmware is installed by clicking on ‘iFi Hi-Res Audio’, top right.

Please ensure that if you are using the ZEN update, as you are updating the ZEN Blue.

This can be checked in the project name.

Step 9:

After you have checked what firmware is out of date, select “Upgrade” from the home screen and find where you have stored your file (if you have downloaded from your phone, check downloads). =

Select the ‘zen_blue_BT’ update and click ‘Start Upgrade’.

Step 10:

Once the upgrade has started, it will take up to 5 minutes to update. This is due to the update being done over Bluetooth.

Step 11:

Once the upgrade has been loaded onto your ZEN, you will be prompted with two messages.

For the first one and second message, press ‘Continue’ and once you see that the upgrade is complete, press ‘Ok’.

Step 12:

Once the upgrade is complete, you can verify that your unit has been updated by going back to the home page and clicking the info on the top right.

Here you can check that your unit now has the latest software installed.