Apple Lossless

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Aurora hip-dac iDSD Diablo micro iCan SE micro iDAC (discontinued) micro iDSD NEO iDSD Pro iCAN Pro iDSD Pro iESL xCan xDSD Zen Blue ZEN Blue V2 ZEN CAN Signature 6xx ZEN DAC ZEN DAC Signature ZEN DAC Signature V2 ZEN DAC V2
Our products will work with the new Apple Lossless streaming software.
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Can my DAC fully unfold MQA?

MQA (Master quality audio)
hip-dac hip-dac2 micro iDAC2 micro iDSD micro iDSD BL micro iUSB3.0 nano iDSD (discontinued) nano iDSD BL nano iDSD LE (discontinued) nano iOne nano iUSB3.0 NEO iDSD Pro iDSD Pro iDSD Signature xDSD ZEN DAC ZEN DAC Signature V2 ZEN DAC V2
All iFi MQA compatible DACs can do the last MQA unfold, thus fully unfold MQA master tracks. MQA renderer DACs do the last unfold and require Tidal etc. to do…
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How do I power it on?

ZEN DAC Signature V2
The ZEN DAC Signature V2 powers on upon either connecting it via USB to a PAC/laptop, or providing 5V from an external power supply within required specs.
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