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Aurora Hip-dac iDSD Diablo micro iCan SE micro iDAC (discontinued) micro iDSD NEO iDSD Pro iCAN Pro iDSD Pro iESL xCan xDSD Zen Blue ZEN Blue V2 ZEN CAN Signature 6xx ZEN DAC ZEN DAC Signature ZEN DAC Signature V2 ZEN DAC V2
Our products will work with the new Apple Lossless streaming software. More information will follow once Apple releases the software sometime in June!
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Can my DAC fully unfold MQA?

MQA (Master quality audio)
Hip-dac micro iDAC2 micro iDSD micro iDSD BL micro iUSB3.0 nano iDSD (discontinued) nano iDSD BL nano iDSD LE (discontinued) nano iOne nano iUSB3.0 Pro iDSD xDSD ZEN DAC
All of our DACs at iFi (except the Pro iDSD and NEO iDSD) are MQA renderers only and will require software such as Tidal to perform the decoding. Whereas the…
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Frequency response for all iFi DSD DACs

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Aurora Hip-dac micro iDAC2 micro iDSD micro iDSD BL nano iDSD (discontinued) nano iDSD BL nano iDSD LE (discontinued) nano iOne Pro iDSD Pro iDSD Signature Retro Stereo 50 xDSD ZEN DAC
All iFi DSD playing DACs have a -3dB point for around 75kHz / 90kHz (depending on the precise model) if the sample rate is > 96khz. At sample rates lower…
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What is Burr-Brown MultiBit?

Hip-dac iDSD Diablo micro iDSD BL micro iDSD Signature nano iDSD BL nano iOne NEO iDSD xDSD ZEN DAC
The Burr-Brown True Native® chipset means file formats remain unchanged or ‘bit-perfect’. This means you are listening to music as the artist intended in the format in which it was…
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