192kHz files are not playing?

Operating systems
Typically those albums are encoded as 48kHz MQA file. Meaning TIDAL will perform the decoding to a 96kHz audio stream with the MQA renderer handling the further decoding which has…
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3D, is it a cross feed?

Analogue DAC General Lifestyle
Aurora micro iCan SE micro iDSD micro iDSD BL Pro iCAN Retro Stereo 50 xCan xDSD Zen DAC
Here is some information regarding the 3D effect inside our products; The bottom line is that all classic ‘cross-feed’ systems produce, with well-recorded music with a natural rendering of space,…
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4.4mm outputs

The ZEN DAC sports Pentaconn 4.4mm balanced outputs at both the front (for headphones) and back (for output into another amplifier via 4.4mm to dual XLR). We’ve used a balanced…
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6.3mm to 4-pin XLR

Pro iESL
Could a 6.3mm to 4-pin female adaptor from an un-balanced amplifier be plugged into the rear balanced connection? Answer: Yes.
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Absorption foam

LS3.5 speaker
The foam we use is quite unique. At low frequencies (where the reflex system operates) it has nearly no effect. So bass is not damped but by the time we…
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All format LED’s remain lit?

General Operation
Retro Stereo 50
When all the 3 LEDs light up and you’ve excluded the tubes by using the supplied extra tube, then this means the front PCB gets no signal or there MCU is…
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Alternative apps

General Operation
Pro iDSD
For iDSD Pro, use a hardline network for playing High-Res, Wifi is not that reliable in this case. The iDSD Pro supports UPNP/DLNA. UPNP support means a wide range of…
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