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SupaNova Power Cable by iFi audio

Oftentimes, cables are disregarded as a technique to enhance the sound quality of music. They have the ability to subtly shape the frequencies heard and reduce interference, thus allowing listeners to hear the nuances in even the most complex musical pieces. By using cables with high quality materials and sound engineering designs (capacitance, inductance, resistance, dielectric, shielding, material characteristic, bandwidth etc.), one can effectively protect and preserve the signal, attenuate unwanted noise and boost clarity and articulation for an enhanced listening experience. With all this in mind, it is easy to see how the right kind of cable can go a long way towards supplying clean, balanced sound reproduction – a boon for any avid music lover!

But don’t just take our word for it, check out these reputable sources!

The tech in our cables. What makes it different? What makes ours better?

Source: PowerSight

This is how a typical mains power line appears; in order to battle the noise, we made sure that our cables utilised the best available iFi technology, including Ground Zero, ANC, OSP, as well as additional features.

So let us look at the power cables themselves. Our cables (Nova and SupaNova) both incorporate five conductors, each made from heavy-gauge, continuous-cast OFHC (Oxygen-Free High Thermal Conductivity) copper, arranged in a geometrically balanced configuration. Two pairs of live and neutral conductors are arranged either side of the earth conductor, which is positioned at the centre of the cable. A further pair of air-dielectric delineators are arranged either side of the earth conductor, keeping the two pairs of live and neutral conductors apart whilst improving the cable’s overall dielectric performance and constructive solidity. No snake oil included.

As a result of all this, there is no residual magnetic field being applied to the centre-ground conductor, and no unwanted induced voltage on the Ground conductor- we call this design Ground Zero.

This sounds like a lot, right? But our cables are not bulky and expensive like most Passive systems that use large capacitors to be truly effective.

So, here is the good part. What do we have that most power-conditioning products do not? Well for one, our SupaNova has iFi’s Active Noise Cancellation (or ANC for short). This active system uses inverse noise current to cancel out the noise in the mains signal. Noise in the mains supply occurs at different frequencies, depending on the cause. Our ANC II technology enables a power-conditioning device that is highly effective at reducing noise consistently across the entire frequency spectrum, yet sufficiently compact and lightweight to position within the mains cable itself.

One thing that people love about our SupaNova cable is the Over-voltage Surge Protection (OSP). Should it detect an excessive power surge in the mains electricity it will automatically cut off. If this issue persists, it will not reboot and will protect your equipment from harm.

Having our own technology incorporated into these power cables, separates us from the rest!

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