iFi audio DAC products

Standalone source. Streamer. DAC Amp.

Standalone source. Just connect disk drive with music.
Streamer. Play Tidal, Spotify via wireless or wired.
DacAmp. Remaster Hi-Res to DSD1024.

micro iDSD BL by iFi audio
Say it loud.

Our top-rated desktop digital to analogue converter injects a kick-ass supercharged edge into your tunes. Say goodbye to flat, dull music.

xDSD by iFi audio
xDSD. Your music. Just better.

EISA Best DAC Amp 2018-2019

Sleek, stylish and sexy, the xDSD boasts both wired (USB/SPDIF) and wireless (Bluetooth) connections. It has the power to drive your headphones and improve the sound of your music.

nano iDSD BL by iFi audio
Take centre stage.

The nano iDSD Black Label is our first DAC to include MQA as well as PCM and DSD file formats. With lots of features packed into its compact chassis, it’s the only portable DAC to give you so much control over your listening and put you centre stage.

nano iONE by iFi audio
Best things come is small packages.

With USB, SPDIF and Bluetooth® connections, the nano iOne connects to everything, which means you can stream Spotify, listen to your TV, home stereo system and mobile devices in natural hi-res audio. There is only iOne.