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ClieOS pens a very technically proficient review of the nano iDSD/iCAN/iPurifier


It is not every day that one comes across a reviewer who knows what he/she is measuring as well as being able to pen an exceptionally thorough review. Well ClieOS from inearmatters.net has done just that.

In addition to the very nice review on the sonics and features, we do like reading about the technical measurements and the fact that the nano series measure just fine.

“On the nano iDSD however, I’ll say you are getting a hell lot more of a DAC than an amp…

How did iFi do it then? Well, they were able to dig up some hidden features that are designed into the chip but not officially documented. Then they develop a custom XMOS solution to enable all those extra stuffs that you won’t find on any other DSD1793 implementation outside of iFi. The result is a sub$200 USB DAC that has features than usually belong to DAC that is priced in the thousands….

The degree of refinement is something I haven’t experienced on EQ from another brand of portable amp…

…. iFi Audio has managed to pack in some unique features to both nano iDSD and iCAN to make them stand out from the sea of portable amps and DAC in the market, while still makes sure they stay competitively priced. That’s no small feat on its own.”

We would like to thank ClieOS for taking the time to listen, measure and dig deep down into what the nano iDSD, nano iCAN and iPurifier all do. A big thank you. We will definitely refer to you if we need independent measurements on any iFi or non-iFi products!


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