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Bailey: From helicopters to hip-dacs


Who am I?

My name is Bailey and I’m a fairly new member of the iFi team. I am a former US military member, serving with HSC-84 in operation Eager Lion and multiple CRE missions while forward deployed in the Middle East. My primary work was as an electrician on SH-60H helicopters. After serving for 5 years, I’ve done everything from bartender to comic bookstore manager to insurance salesman for an unnamed reptile. Now, my adventures have brought me to the wonderful world of audiophiles and iFi.

How do you go from helicopters to hip-dacs?

In a way, they have a surprising number of transferrable skills, believe it or not. I spent a decent amount of time soldering microcircuits for everything from power control units to FLIR (Forward Looking Infrared), and those skills have greatly assisted me in repairing customer units we receive here at the US office. I’ve been able to use my knowledge of electricity and really learn WHY things make sound and it’s been an awesome experience so far.

Enough about me…or is it?

Now that my background has been established, let’s get to know each other personally. I am an avid gamer, music enjoyer, shower singer, and massive American Football fan! (Go Panthers!) My personal battle station is something I believed to be perfect before I discovered the angelic audio that iFi unlocked for me. I have our iconic Zen CAN/DAC stack for all of my music and gaming needs. With analogue control of volume, deep and smooth bass, and crispy clear highs, the stack really steps up an experience I didn’t know had so much room for improvement.

The Beast

Ok sure Bailey, you have all this cool gaming stuff but what happens when you have people over and cannot make them all wear headphones to hear the angelic notes of Lil Jon and his foray into nightlife?  Or the sultry voice of Eddie Murphy declaring that his girl, does in fact, like to party all the time. HAVE NO FEAR, THE BEAST IS HERE. Equipped with more audio technology than many even knew existed, this thing will blow your socks off. Whether you enjoy listening to smooth jazz and relaxing or want to shake the foundations of your house with some deep bass, the Aurora will absolutely deliver and then some. Daily I use it to play all my favourite tunes in the kitchen while I’m cooking for my family and it will soon be attached to our television every Sunday to give us great sound for the games.

We get it, you like iFi

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time here and can’t wait to help more and more people enjoy the quality products that we make. Music has always been such a big impact and influence on my life and entering the audiophile community has been so nice and welcoming. I look forward to seeing you all at conventions soon!




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