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Audirvāna Studio x iFi audio


On Sunday 9th May, at 6pm Paris time, Audirvāna hosted their first-ever Facebook Live event in a partner radio station. Founder and CEO, Damien Plisson unveiled the new Audirvāna Studio, a complete overhaul of his HD audio playback software, enriched with numerous new features. It will be available on 16th May and will be constantly evolving and improving. The previous version 3.5 of the software will no longer be available.

Here at iFi, we’ve recently renewed our partnership with Audirvāna. We will be working alongside Audirvāna to ensure selected iFi products are optimised to work with the eagerly anticipated new platform.

Learn more about Audirvāna Studio

Always at the forefront of audio performance on a computer, Audirvāna Studio now offers Kernel streaming mode on Windows 10: an incredibly transparent playback mode, as close as possible to the machine language. This avoids all intermediate software layers. Mac users are not left out as Audirvāna Studio is already natively compatible with Apple Silicon and makes the most of Apple’s latest generation of processors in terms of audio performance. An additional oversampling algorithm, “R8Brain”, has also been added to allow users more options in optimising the interaction with their system and converter.

The user experience and interface have also been thoroughly redesigned, taking into account the numerous suggestions received by customers during a major survey conducted last year.

Many new features have been added, including:

  • Mixed favourites and playlists, combining local music and music from streaming services
  • An access to more than 120,000 Internet radio stations and podcasts
  • An enhanced metadata editor including an online metadata recovery function
  • A unique playlist editor for easier navigation
  • Faster and more intuitive smart search in all sources
  • A playback console giving an overview and access to all advanced audio settings
  • In-app assistance explaining all possible settings
  • An HD track profile checker to evaluate files of presumed high-resolution quality
  • A new version of the Remote application for mobile devices (iOS and Android)
  • As well as many others, waiting in the new app.

The history of Audirvāna

Founded in Paris in 2011, Audirvāna is a French company that publishes and markets software of the same name – “the best way to play music from a computer”. Over time it has developed and improved into a unique technology, becoming the ultimate digital audio playback software for all music professionals and enthusiasts. It helps you manage and organise your music whether it comes from a local music library or an HD streaming service (such as Tidal or Qobuz). Software is available for macOS and Windows 10 and comes with a free mobile Remote app compatible with iOS and Android devices.

To mark the opening of a new chapter in the brand’s history, its visual identity has also evolved. Audirvāna is now spelled with a “long A,” like Nirvāna in Sanskrit, emphasising the original meaning of the name and the quest for perfection and absoluteness that it embodies. The new logo, simpler and more readable, is accompanied by a symbol that is both technical and spiritual, freely inspired by the “ajna” and its mantra “Om”: the original sound.

Watch this space for more updates on our Audirvāna Studio partnership.


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