xDSD – Have You Heard the ifi xDSD Hi-Res Bluetooth Portable USB DAC?

“This thing is incredible,” our 30-something year old son said handing the little ici xDSD Hi-Res Bluetooth Portable USB DAC and Headphone amplifier back to me while pulling off a pair of headphones. “With that and a decent pair of headphones, you’d have a really good portable audio system to travel with.” He travels frequently and had just gotten home from a multi-day cross-country trip, so that was on his mind. He went on to add that this little DAC would be great for other situations where a full audio system just wasn’t possible. And, having traveled over an hour each way to the city for my job for about 15 years, I know it would be great for commuters.

I discovered this product in April in the Market Hall at AXPONA where it was being shown for the first time, and I asked for one to review. Recently, I’ve been reviewing CDs, and I wanted something that would improve the sound of music downloaded to my iPhone. Yes, I realize that music ripped to an iPhone is about the lowest quality there is, and that’s why I wanted something better.


Many thanks J ack for your review